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Exterminate The Dalek Commemorative Coin?


Most nations are happy to put the face of a national leader or an iconic animal on their currency. Not New Zealand.

The Kiwis have chosen to place the image of a cybernetic monstrosity that seeks to kill all humanity on their money. They have minted an official Dalek commemorative coin, including, as you see here, the Dalek catch phrase: Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!

For publicity, it’s a good move, but I wonder about the ethics of the choice. What about the children?

Also, though the Dalek coin is the first ever Doctor Who monster coin, it won’t be the last. New Zealand says it will make more. Are they going to make a Weeping Angels coin? Haven’t they heard that any image of a weeping Angel becomes a weeping angel?

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