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Thank Rand Paul For Suing Barack Obama

Senator Rand Paul is a Republican with a nasty pro-corporate libertarian ideology. When he campaigns for President in 2016, he won’t have my support. Still, today, Rand Paul has my thanks.

Why? While most members of Congress are sitting on their hands rather than take action against Obama’s abusive and unconstitutional National Security Agency program to spy on Americans’ private electronic communications, Rand Paul is filing a lawsuit against Obama to stop the NSA spying.

Some Democrats will observe that the lawsuit is unlikely to succeed and is likely a publicity stunt. These criticisms have a point, but they ignore the fact that most Democrats in Congress haven’t even taken symbolic action to shut down the NSA. If there was a superior Democratic plan in place, I might join the dismissal of Paul’s suit. However, the Democrats have been a nearly total disappointment on this issue, and are in no place to criticize Paul’s action.

I say thank you to Senator Rand Paul.

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