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What is the Matthew 4 Protocol, and Can it Cure Cancer? (Fact Check)

Editor’s Note: for an update on these cancer claims, see the March 9 2014 article, “What Connects the Matthew 4 Protocol to Dr. Mark Stengler?”

What is the Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol — and can it really cure cancer?

If you’ve found this web page, it’s likely because someone has sent you a link proclaiming to have found a cure for cancer… the “Matthew 4 Protocol”. I’ve looked into it. Let me tell you what I’ve found.

Yesterday I received an e-mail solicitation from GOP USA, a mailing list for Republicans that apparently markets against atheists, declaring that it had breaking news of a health discovery that No Atheist Can Explain:

GOP USA sends advertisement regarding a miracle cancer cure that no atheist can deny

Is this a scam?

Some scamsters earn money through fraudulent lawsuits, so let me be clear about what I mean when I use the word “scam.” A scam is an enterprise using sly tactics to convince people to buy products when there is no solid proof the products can do what they’re supposed to do. When I look for a scam, the first thing I try to figure out is whether those who are hawking a product are clear and above-board or are elusive and secretive. The second thing I try to figure out is whether the purveyors are clear about what their product is supposed to accomplish. The third thing I try to figure out is whether there is any proof that the product actually accomplishes what advertising says it will accomplish.

Let’s get started by looking at this message. What exactly has been discovered? We can’t tell right away from the announcement. Usually when a big, meaningful and verifiable discovery happens there’s no pussyfooting around about it. People come right out and say “Life On Mars” or “Conclusive DNA Identification of Bigfoot Confirmed” — or not, which is how we know that the discovery hasn’t happened. The people who have propped up this web page are elusive about exactly what they mean by “defeating some of our worst diseases.” This is Indication #1 of a Scam.

Instead, there’s some vague reference to a “Bible Code.” You have not read any newspaper articles trumpeting the breaking of a “Bible Code” lately, have you? If it were an obvious breakthrough, you’d have heard about it in the newspapers. This is Indication #2 of a Scam.

All three links in the advertisement lead to the same web page: a subpage of healthrevelations.net, a website claimed to be run by one “Brian Chambers” but actually registered to “Jason Pell.” This is Indication #3 of a Scam.

If you try to load the home page of healthrevelations.net, you’ll be redirected to besthealthnutritionals.com, another website claimed to be run by one “Jenny Thompson” but again actually registered to “Jason Pell.” This is Indication #4 of a Scam.

At the bottom of the besthealthnutritionals.com web page, the owner of the website is identified as “Health Revelations” and attaches the following disclaimers:



“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

In other words, never mind anything else they say about curing cancer or your Auntie’s lumbago. They don’t actually mean any of it. This is Indication #5 of a Scam.

The title of the web page besthealthnutritionals.com is “Dr. Mark Stengler’s Best Health Nutritionals – Official Site.” But “Dr. Mark Stengler” is not a medical doctor — he’s a “naturopath” who has not gone to medical school or been board certified in real medicine. Besides, if Dr. Mark Stengler were actually involved in this website and had actually found a cure for cancer (and heart disease, and aching joints) involving the “Matthew 4 Protocol” or the Crown of Thorns plant, don’t you’d think you’d find reference to this amazing accomplishment on his website, markstengler.com? Go ahead: search markstengler.com for any reference to the “Matthew 4 Protocol” or the “Crown of Thorns plant.” You won’t find a single one. Visit “Dr. Stengler’s” Facebook page: no mention of any amazing “Matthew 4 Protocol” or “Crown of Thorns” cure. That’s quite curious for such a breakthrough discovery, one that so many thousands of cancer patients would be happy to spread the news about, and one that any doctor would become famous for discovering. If “Dr. Mark Stengler” is really involved in the discovery and sale of this amazing “cure,” why wouldn’t he be trumpeting the fact to the hills, or at least modestly mentioning his accomplishment somewhere on his highly promotional website? That’s all absent from markstengler.com. This is Indication #6 of a Scam.

What do you encounter when you’re directed to that first web page at healthrevelations.net? You’re stuck watching an interminable embedded HTML5 video (25 minutes long) that poses the following questions:

Could an ancient Holy Bible contain the secret to eliminating the worst disease facing mankind?  Did our Creator encode a cancer cure on the 859th page of an ancient Bible?

Am I a Mexican jumping bean? Is Britney Spears the secret President of East Kentucky? You see, anyone can ask a question. You’re meant to think that the answer is, “Why, yes!” But actually, if you listen to that 25 minute video, you’ll never get an answer to either question. This is Indication #7 of a Scam.

The closest you’ll get is a pitch, that to find the answer you should read a book about the “Matthew 4 Protocol,” a book supposedly getting around to identifying instructions for curing cancer in the Bible’s Book of Matthew Chapter 4, King James Version.

To get an infallible cancer cure... order a book on the Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol?

Go ahead: Read Matthew Chapter 4 in the King James Bible. There is no information in Matthew Chapter 4 about what one should do to cure cancer — other than be the Son of God and perform supernatural miracles, that is. I don’t think that’s a reasonable aspiration for most of us. This is Indication #8 of a Scam.

The other vague connection you’ll hear in the 25-minute movie, with no connection made to any “Bible Code”, is that an extract from the Crown of Thorns plant is somehow connected to the Bible, which has a code, which will kill all cancers. Is the Crown of Thorns plant extract the Matthew 4 Protocol? The video doesn’t exactly say that — but it does imply it (And in case you’re wondering, neither the Crown of Thorns plant nor Jesus Christ’s crown of thorns is referenced in the Book of Matthew Chapter 4. I have no earthly or heavenly idea what the connection is between this plant and the mysterious “Bible Code.”). The video does declare that the Crown of Thorns plant will end heart disease, fix your aching joints and more. All that from one plant extract? Sounds fishy, doesn’t it? This is Indication #9 of a Scam.

But wait, you say, the cure has been “verified by independent research from the University of Southern California, Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Chicago, and University of South Florida”! It says so on the website! With all that research behind it, the “Matthew 4 Protocol” must be legit, you might be thinking. But does the website provide any links to this “independent research”? Nope. Search the University of South Florida (usf.edu), Mt. Sinai Medical Center (sinai.org), and University of Southern California (usc.edu) websites for references to “Matthew 4″ or the “Crown of Thorns Plant” and you’ll find nothing about any confirmed or prospective cure for cancer, heart disease or joint pain. Head to scholar.google.com and search for “crown of thorns” or “euphorbia milii” (its Latin species name) and “cancer” — you will find no peer-reviewed papers in any journal of large or small significance finding any anti-cancer properties of the substance. You will find research showing that the plant kills molluscs and shows signs of being a carcinogen — a cancer-causing agent. This is Indication #10 of a Scam.

The bottom line is that there is no proof of this website’s claims and every sign of an exploitative fly-by-night operation.

I could be wrong, of course. Maybe there is a magic cure-all “Matthew 4 Protocol,” even though the protocol is not specified by the end of the video. Maybe the Crown of Thorns plant has actually been shown by university research to cure cancer and heart disease and Uncle Joe’s bum knee in clinical trials… that have been hidden away by everyone in some secret nook. If that cure exists, I only issue the most reasonable request: show me the direct evidence of the cure. Show me the clinical trials. Show me the peer-reviewed reports. That’s what you should be asking for, too.

They’ll never show you, just like they’ll never show me. Why? The most straightforward explanation is that the cure does not exist.

155 comments to What is the Matthew 4 Protocol, and Can it Cure Cancer? (Fact Check)

  • Tom

    Useth thou not the man-made heat of the sun to ease your life and thou avoidest a deadly temptation. Toil and sweat is our life, thus attempts to maketh it any less arduous must be avoided for consequences will surely ruin the world. Finally, keepeth thy progeny to a minimum, if any at all, else we’ll become as numerous as the insects and food will become scarce.

    Nobody read that part.

    • karen park

      Where are you reading that from? Not Matthew chapter 4.

    • Steven Tilsner

      Mr. Anderson…..or if you don’t mind, Eddie, do I sense a little hostility? You have obviously studied the old testament and probably not by choice. Parents Catholic? When Moses wrote the text, on orders from God, the Israelites were the first of a new civilization. First teach the law , and enforce it strictly, and after a while the law becomes natural. Like teaching children. We are Gods children. While we live under his roof, we follow his rules. You gotta admit they really do make societal sense. These rules make for a healthy society.

  • Tom

    In the “better living through chemistry” department:


    Children Exposed to More Brain-Harming Chemicals Than Ever Before
    A new report finds the number of chemicals contributing to brain disorders in children has doubled since 2006
    In recent years, the prevalence of developmental disorders such as autism, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and dyslexia have soared. While greater awareness and more sophisticated diagnoses are partly responsible for the rise, researchers say that the changing environment in which youngsters grow up may also be playing a role.

    In 2006, scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai identified five industrial chemicals responsible for causing harm to the brain – lead, methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (found in electric transformers, motors and capacitors), arsenic (found in soil and water as well as in wood preservatives and pesticides), and toluene (used in processing gasoline as well as in paint thinner, fingernail polish, and leather tanning). Exposure to these neurotoxins was associated with changes in neuron development in the fetus as well as among infants, and with lower school performance, delinquent behavior, neurological abnormalities, and reduced IQ in school-aged children.

    Now the same researchers have reviewed the literature and found six additional industrial chemicals that can hamper normal brain development. These are manganese, fluoride, chlorpyrifos, dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane, tetrachloroethylene, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers. Manganese, they say, is found in drinking water and can contribute to lower math scores and heightened hyperactivity, while exposure to high levels of fluoride from drinking water can contribute to a seven-point drop in IQ on average. The remaining chemicals, which are found in solvents and pesticides, have been linked to deficits in social development and increased aggressive behaviors.

    The research team acknowledges that there isn’t a causal connection between exposure to any single chemical and behavioral or neurological problems – it’s too challenging to isolate the effects of each chemical to come to such conclusions. But they say the growing body of research that is finding links between higher levels of these chemicals in expectant mothers’ blood and urine and brain disorders in their children should raise alarms about how damaging these chemicals can be. The developing brain in particular, they say, is vulnerable to the effects of these chemicals, and in many cases, the changes they trigger are permanent.

    “The consequence of such brain damage is impaired [central nervous system] function that lasts a lifetime and might result in reduced intelligence, as expressed in terms of lost IQ points, or disruption in behavior,” they write in their report, which was published in the journal Lancet Neurology. [read the rest]

  • Tom

    From a business standpoint, it wouldn’t pay to cure cancer since there’s so much money to be made in treatments. So, like the Breast Cancer people urge – go and get some exposure to radiation in perfectly healthy breast tissue, year after year (knowing radiation has no safe lowest dose and that it is the accumulation in the body that CAUSES cancer) to “fight cancer.” Yeah, that’ll work . . .

    The dental care industry has everyone brushing with fluoride which causes problems (not to mention the practice of root canals), doctors have us taking pharmaceuticals that have side effects (but no one wants to hear about that) and they don’t practice preventive medicine here in the U.S., factory farming robs us of the nutritional value in the foods we eat (from depleted soil and use of chemical fertilizers to make up for it), while electricity production fouls the air and water with particulates and radiation (see Fukushima along with the other 400 and counting plants and the decades of waste which is not being dealt with), and then we wonder where all the diseases and cancer come from. Must be an ‘act of god.’

    • Karen T.

      Tom, you read my mind with your Feb 16/ 7:56 a.m. post! Yup, cancer societies, and other societies run on money, acclaim, and they folks that need employment. Think they will help arrange their own demise? The naive foolishly think so! No wonder we get fooled and end up electing a prez who can’t even prove his citizenship– those who ask for proof are told they are the ones with a problem. Also, liked your “pseudo-biblical” tongue-in cheek quote earlier too. Even fooled another poster! Peace. K.

      • Jim Cook

        1. Obama did prove his citizenship.
        2. Medicine has successfully altered the prognosis of many cancers from quick death to long survival.

        • Thundertone

          Jim you’re an idiot…Obama has proven only two things: 1) He’s a tyrannical dictator in the making and 2) He’s a habitual liar. He has not proven he was born here and made the boast he wasn’t in his run in 2008 in Chicago. And symptomology treatment of any disease is a joke and is only a filler of pockets of doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and robs us of life. There has been EXPERIENTIALLY proven methods of healing cancer for years and the medical industry has INTENTIONALLY ignored and attemtped to eradicate them because they don’t make money for them and the pharmaceutical industry. So get your facts straight before you make an idiot out of yourself publicly.

        • PREZ Did NOT Prove His Citizenship!!!!

      • James

        You really think we live in a country that would not perform a background check on a presidential elect?

        • DaveT888

          James, do you have ANY facts of ANY vetting of BHO, before or after the election(s)? Do you also drink Kool-Aid?


          • Jim Cook

            Try adding another exclamation point, if it makes you feel better. I encourage you to keep asking yourself questions like those: how indeed could you take God out of school if a) he created everything, b) he is all powerful, and c) he didn’t want it to happen? That is a real poser there, I agree.

            • Jim

              God’s Souvernity means “the most high God” He has given this earth to man and put it under his authority. God does not involve himself in many things that happen on the earth. Many thing are not what he wants to see happen or even caused by him. But for believers he promises to fix things that he did not do or even want to happen. We blame Papa for many things that we caused or we blame the the devil. In the old Testiment Papa worked with a contract usually a blood agreement and that gave Authority. Papa cherishes your free will.

              • Bill

                “Papa cherishes your free will.” As long as you don’t, you know, actually use it. If you do, and you guess wrong, yer goin’ to Hell for eternity, buddy.

                Some Papa. Some will.

      • Bill

        Karen, I suggest you take the time to actually meet and get to know some cancer researchers, and review the statistics on greatly improved cancer survival rates…and even cures…over the last couple of decades. Your suggestion that cancer scientists are ghouls intent on living off the suffering of patients is not merely offensive, it’s deeply ignorant.

  • Gladys

    Thank you for saving me money on the book by DR.strengler ( or what ever his name is!!!

  • mike

    You can get the book for free at spam://healthrevelations.net/HTML5/Encode_S_OL/?pco=E6BHQ2AS&efo=HRV131111A&xco=X6BHQ2AS&a=2&o=77491&s=86779&u=6499389&l=286762&r=MC&g=102. Maybe you should get a copy and just give it a try.

    • Bill

      Because I’m totally sure that registering for the “free” book won’t bring on an endless stream of spam from its author….

      • Search Engine Fanatic

        it’s not really “free”. to get the “gift” you have to subscribe to 12 months of some sort of newsletter or whatever, which requires a $75 credit card payment with reoccuring charges. in otherwords, the site owner wants more than your email. basically you have to pay for the spam in this case. if you try to leave that page, there is also a 6 month trial for “only” $19 plus monthly charges, but this comes with a different e-book gift.

  • Mary Jo Hodge Shnell

    I have stage 4 breast cancer. I am willing to look, so I’ve ordered the free book. Thanks for relieving me of listening to the WHOLE 25 minutes of hype. I will let you know if I find anything that looks hopeful.

    • karen park

      Good luck Mary Jo. Let us know how it goes :-)

    • Texrox

      Best of luck Mary Jo. This may be a scam but I can tell you with certainty that healthy eating is the secret to longevity. My Dad got pecticide poisoning in 1963, he couldn’t eat anything and was so sick, dying in fact. My Mom, who was a nurse, got him on “health food” back then before it was cool or readily available like at Whole Foods. He gained his health back by starting with yogart, the real yogart not the fun stuff in grocery stores. She threw out all the sugary cereals and white bread, everything. We ate bread and peanut butter from the health food store, I as a youngster was embarrassed by my lunches, but am so thankful and grateful to my Mom. She had her own garden, juiced everything and she and my Dad advocated against floride in the water and won! My parents today are at 82 both in full time privte practice, Mom a psychologist and Dad an architect. They ride bikes, swim, attend every possible event for their grand kidz and Texas A&M. They take supplements from Life Extension and neither one need to take any drugs for anything such as blood pressure etc. They travel, Mom lectures at the medical school and Dad heads several environmental organizations. They look like they r in their late 60′s. All that to say – there is most definately something to eating and drinking organically. I encourage you to explore this avenue. Again, the very best to you as you beat back your cancer!

    • Bill Lynch

      Mary Jo, I KNOW a fellow cancer survivor that was taken to Mountain View Baptist Church, Winchester, VA. in 1998 and is alive today without cancer. He was considered dead in 6 weeks, but with a baptism in this Church, he was cured….not saying it will happen to EVERYONE, but God saw fit to do this for him. God made this body and just as a mechanic can repair a broken engine, God can fix this body, but it will be for the good of God and not that He wants to please man. BTW, that man I spoke of…he is a Deacon in that Church and the pastor was John Doughty. I pray you will KNOW this same God and find Him a healer and Savior to your soul.

    • Robert McDonald

      Mary Jo…….You need to read the Book ” One Minute Miracle”. I have a copy of it for you. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is the answer. Peroxide is water with extra atom of oxygen in it. H2 O2 instead of H2O. The word Holy Spirit means Holy Breath. God breathed life into us….therefore breath (oxygen) is life in the physical world. The Holy Spirit spiritually is the Word of God. Cancer can not survive in an oxygen rich environment. The book will explain. Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide can be found at your local health food stores. It is cheap to purchase…about $12 for a pint…which is plenty to do the treatment. The book will explain the treatment schedule for using the peroxide. I used the treatment plan for another ailment several years ago and haven’t had the same problem since.

    • Danielle

      Dear Mary Jo: IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR YOU. There is hope that you and others with cancer can be totally cured. I know you must be in a state of “what am I going to do?” But, there really is hope. I usually never go on websites and reply to anything. But, I believe that the Lord led me to give you the following information about how to truly cure your cancer. I know that there are several other contributors on this website who meant well as they shared their reply to your post. But some of it really was in error.

      But, the best way for you or anyone else to fight cancer is to use a number of natural remedies, and to hear the testimonies of people who cured their cancer with natural remedies. You can hear such testimonies every Thursday night at 9:00 PM, EST, on the only one of its kind Internet program called, “Cancer Winners.” which can be accessed by the following: http://www.cancerwinners.com or www. talkshoe.com. Each program features a courageous person who describe how they truly beat their cancer from all natural remedies. The Cancer Winners website also lists archived programs of people who had different forms of cancer and who got 100% healed of terminal cancer through natural remedies. This program gives real hope and life changing information to cancer victims from Cancer Winners.

      CANCER: STEP OUTSIETHE BOX by Ty Bollinger. You can also learn about around 25 real cancer cures that are discussed in this book, numbers of which you will hear about in the weekly Cancer Winners program.

      It all boils down to diet as you will hear. We will keep you in our prayers.



    • Michelle

      Cancer has affected so many close family and fru ends of mine. Will you please keep in touch with me? Are you a believer?

    • Jennifer

      So, Mary Jo, you ordered the info? Can you please summarize what it says? Firmly believe there’s no sense discussing the promo without knowing what the info actually says.

  • Jeanna

    What screamed SCAM to me: it says the page number the information is included on before mentioning the actual scripture reference. PAGE NUMBERS HOLD NO VALUE IN SCRIPTURAL RESEARCH. What if my bible has large print? Why would this code only be included in the KJV of the Bible? Why not the original language and subsequent translations as well?

    Also- I’m no scholar, but I wouldn’t consider Matthew an ancient part of the bible. New Testament, around 2,000 years old. Old Testament, sure, I would consider some parts as “ancient.” That’s not a concrete term, very vague. And, the KJV Bible is not considered ancient by any means. Where did they find this “ancient” KJV Bible? KJV was completed in the early 1600′s- again, not ancient.

    I don’t like it when people mess around with the hopes of the suffering.

  • Keith

    Mary Jo Hodge Shnell you might also take a look at http://www.carnivora.com/ (Carnivora Immune Defense) I wish you the best in your FIGHT!

  • David

    I think it’s a scam too. However, I was curious and wanted to know about the protocol? So I found your site. Unfortunately, you don’t know what the protocol is either. I think it’s funny that you pontificate about the fraudulent nature of the protoco but haven’t bothered to find out what it is! How hypocritical! Drawing conclusions based on assmptions. Youre no better than they. Very scientific indeed.

    • Jim Cook

      David, the 25 minute video trots out Crown of Thorns extract explicitly as a cure for all cancers and plenty more besides.

      The truth is, there is no Matthew 4 protocol. There is no miracle Bible code. The whole point of the scam is to smother that truth under tons of suggestive, empty talk leading the hopeful to pay out the nose.

      I never said my post was science. I’m telling you the “Matthew 4 Protocol” isn’t.

      • Search Engine Fanatic

        To clarify, in the advertisement, Crown of Thorns is hyped as a cure for heart disease not cancer.

        Frankincense is hyped as a cure for arthritis (as long as you buy it from their distributor).

        As for the cure for cancer…

        Ultimately you have to hand over your credit card info to find out their loose interpertation of the bible.

        Otherwise, I agree these guys appear to be snakeoil salesmen interested soley in profiting from other’s desperation.

        There may be a hint of truth, but it has been sensationalized and obscured to the point of ridiculousness.

        • Jim Cook

          Hi, Search. That is a possible interpretation, but not what I heard. If you watch the whole video, you’ll hear an incredible amount of suggestive vagueness.

    • Bill

      David scolds Jim for pontificating “about the fraudulent nature of the protocol but you haven’t bothered to find out what it is! How hypocritical! Drawing conclusions based on assmptions.” OK, so, first off, drawing conclusions based on assumptions is what we (rightly) do every day. There’s nothing hypocritical about it; it’s how our brains work. I assume that a cinder block falling on my head would hurt a lot and do great damage (I have to assume this, since I’ve never done the experiment). My conclusion is to stay out from under falling cinder blocks. This assumption/conclusion process is called “using your head” or “having the good sense God gave a goose.” If David finds this process despicable I hope to hell he’s not a parent or a teacher.

      It don’t take a rocket surgeon to recognize snake oil.

  • abner frazier

    Maybe this sight is a scam of the Devil? I would be willing to bet that you are a lefty who hates God, self reliance and God fearing people. Maybe it works maybe it does not. I am not one of those who is going to follow the word of a self anointed expert like a lot of sheeple do. If it is proven not effective, I apologize. If it proves effective, I doubt you will do the same.

  • Steve Joy

    I know there are codes in the Bible, several actually, but I was surprised to learn that with all this hype, there certainly too many reviews of this product helping people. I am quite certain that if in fact it were true and possibly did work, wouldn’t you grab yourself a website and publish it? Who is going to tell you to take it down? Certainly not the hosting company that taking your money! So where are all the wonderful reviews of this product? It reminds me of Lipozene and I have to laugh, backed by the Obesity Foundation of some crazy name like that, in California. I google earth the address of the registered foundation. Of course, you already know that I am going to tell you that it is a home, in a multi million neighborhood. They have since moved by the way. I am personally insulted at the degree of stupidity these scammers go after something like the most devastating diseases like cancer. Why because if you had one month to live, chances are you would spend your very last dime to get yourself cured and that where these companies come in, to very graciously accept your last dime, well at least until the credit card companies cuts off your limit and closes your card after you’re death. I would think, most people would look up the owner of the website and start from there, then checking out creditials. It surprises me how gulible americans are truly. But in an act of desperation, certainly by all means .. look to something worldly to cure and not to your creator. I think we have this all wrong.

  • Search Engine Fanatic

    The closest information i have found so far related to possible dietary cures for cancer as alluded to in the “Matthew 4 Protocol” advertisement is the “ketogenic diet”.

    One may find a loose parrallel in “fasting for 40 days and 40 nights” and “man can not subsist on bread alone”, but i believe this is more of an instance of preconcieved bias super-imposing an idea on the information rather than it being a actual source of information.


    “Because tumour cells are inefficient in processing ketone bodies for energy, the ketogenic diet has also been suggested as a treatment for cancer, including glioma. As of 2008, there is insufficient evidence to support the use of the ketogenic diet as a standard treatment for these conditions; however, clinical trials for many of them are ongoing.”


    “Almost all cancers (80–90%) are caused by environmental factors, and of these, 30–40% of cancers are directly linked to the diet. While many dietary recommendations have been proposed to reduce the risk of cancer, few have significant supporting scientific evidence.”

    One may search for [ "ketogenic diet" cancer ] to find an abundance of free information regarding these topics from much more reliable resources such as the mayo clinic and national cancer institute.



    • Bill

      Shhh…don’t tell! It’s a secret!

    • Plebeian


      • Dan Heisner

        What bible? Mine says, “by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified.” “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” Good luck with that. You are a pharisee who thinks he is good enough but it is the tax collector who went home justified before God. Get out of your heretical church and read the Bible.


    • Jim


      I read where Jerry Garcia and Elvis Presley are still alive and running a donut shop on Ventura Boulevard. I went under search and checked it out and sure enough the story is there, all over the internet.

      Does that make the story true?


    • Bill

      Lauretta, I certainly agree with you that God put everything we need in this universe (although I suspect you and I would differ greatly on the definition of “God”). But I feel compelled to point out that nothing is as simple as “God gave it to us, so it’s good.” For instance, there’s evidence that inappropriate use of estrogen can cause breast cancer, heart disease, and stroke. And of course, inappropriate use of testosterone, as we’ve seen with ‘doping’ athletes, can also have serious medical consequences. We exhale carbon dioxide and plants inhale it (i.e., God gave it to us), but the huge amounts of carbon dioxide from petrochemicals (which God also gave us) that we’re spewing into the atmosphere is killing our planet.

      God also gave us arsenic, plutonium, Ebola virus, and Justin Bieber. It appears He has something of a strange sense of humor. It’s also clear that he expects us to use our heads, and not just mindlessly spout chapter and verse.

      • Jim Cook

        We’ll said, Bill.

        If God exists, he also gave us a number of cognitive biases that make us vulnerable to claims that take half-truths and trivial truths and string them together into disastrous health care fads. That’s why good medicine is based on clinical trials, not common sense.

        Where are the published, peer-reviewed clinical trials for the miracle cancer cures vaguely described as the “Matthew 4 Protocol”? It’s not snooty or hateful for me to ask that question, Lauretta. It is irresponsible and exploitative of the Protocol’s hawkers to fail to provide this information, apparently because such information does not exist, apparently because the Protocol is a scam.

        • to all who read what i typed about this topic
          GOOOOD BYE …. I’M OUT OF HERE……

          • Jim Cook

            Goodbye, cruel world for disagreeing with me… alack!

            • Leehigh

              JIM you are an ASS. Not because of your beliefs, but because of your pompous know it all attitude. Do us all a favor, and STFU.
              Thank you

              • Jim Cook

                1. So I’m an ass. No skin off your nose. There are a billion asses in the world, and I’m one of them…
                2. But far worse than an ass is a person who uses drama to manipulate other people’s fear and hopelessness to make a buck…
                3. And I won’t let anyone off the hook who tries to use their own drama to cover for that kind of sick, sadistic, cruel, inhuman bullshit.

                So I’m an ass. At least I’m not trying to make a dollar off someone’s desperate misery.

      • Michelle

        Looking for honest opinions since I haven’t researched myself and you seem like an out of the box kind of guy. What do you think? Do you believe in the bible first of all and if so could the answers be in there? I mean the dr or whatever that supposedly found this to be true is still a doctor and may be just his cross to bear that he’s greedy too? Maybe they really did figure out something but they need a way to fund it? I’m not stupid but I am faithfull and believe the bible EXACTLY as it is written. God made the universe but yet we question how he could do something so much more difficult like parting a sea or changing an element that he already created….ok back to topic.

        • Michelle

          That comment was for Bill btw if your still lurking ;-p

        • Bill

          Hi, Michelle. Whether or not I “believe in the Bible” is, I think, beside the point (for the record though, I’m confident the Bible exists, and as a Christian I have read and studied it for more than half a century, so I guess you could say I believe in it). The important point is that you believe in it, “EXACTLY as it is written.” So, have you ever seen a verse in there that says anything like “OK people, here’s the cure for cancer!” Yeah, me neither. End of story.

          I know that my God wouldn’t play a game like hiding the cure for cancer in some silly code. Would yours? Well there you go, then.

          • Bill

            I’m a scientist. I happen to believe that God made scientists for one reason: to bring the many blessings of science to mankind. If there’s a cure for cancer, it will be revealed by science, not by pretend-doctors like Spengler (he’s not a physician) who offer to ‘decode’ the Bible for you for a price.

        • Edward Andersen

          which bible are you referring to? I have read several and as an atheist I asm floored with the unimaginable contradictions and bad advice (any Leviticus will do for example) such as :
          Don’t let cattle graze with other kinds of Cattle (Leviticus 19:19)

          Don’t have a variety of crops on the same field. (Leviticus 19:19)

          Don’t wear clothes made of more than one fabric (Leviticus 19:19)

          Don’t cut your hair nor shave. (Leviticus 19:27)

          Any person who curseth his mother or father, must be killed. (Leviticus 20:9) Have you ever done that?

          If a man cheats on his wife, or vise versa, both the man and the woman must die. (Leviticus 20:10). I wonder if Dr. Laura would like that one to be enforced?

          If a man sleeps with his father’s wife… both him and his father’s wife is to be put to death. (Leviticus 20:11)

          If a man sleeps with his wife and her mother they are all to be burnt to death. (Leviticus 20:14)

          If a man or woman has sex with an animal, both human and animal must be killed. (Leviticus 20:15-16). I guess you should kill the animal since they were willing participants. Are they crazy?

          If a man has sex with a woman on her period, they are both to be “cut off from their people” (Leviticus 20:18)

          Psychics, wizards, and so on are to be stoned to death. (Leviticus 20:27)

          If a priest’s daughter is a whore, she is to be burnt at the stake. (Leviticus 21:9)

          People who have flat noses, or is blind or lame, cannot go to an altar of God (Leviticus 21:17-18)

          Anyone who curses or blasphemes God, should be stoned to death by the community. (Leviticus 24:14-16)

          THAT BIBLE??
          $10,000 says you do not follow your bible’s rules at all. just a couple convenient laws that help you discriminate against gays, obama, and what else you hate.

  • An alkaline diet should work. Cancer cannot live in an alkaline body.

  • Kirshab

    cannabis cures cancer – do your research on that

  • David Stenberg

    DaveS > Bill, I had heard the alkaline claim as well. What is the best PH balance for us ?
    Is it more acidic or more alkiline, maybe PH is important ? ( or was that irrelevant and a tease for a product as well ?)

  • Bill

    David, there’s no questioning the fact that pH is critically important to life…so much so that your body is a finely tuned machine designed to make sure that it is always maintained in the proper range, regardless of what you do or don’t do. Proponents of fiddling with your pH to achieve better health basically don’t know what they’re talking about, for various reasons:

    1. There’s no one pH value that describes you. Your body is comprised of numerous different fluid compartments, each of which has its own proper pH value. Your stomach’s contents range from about pH 1 to 3 (extremely acidic). If it were otherwise you wouldn’t be able to digest food. Your blood’s normal pH is 7.4; if it were otherwise you’d rapidly become unconscious at best, or dead at worst.

    2. Like I said above, your blood’s normal pH (which is probably what most proponents are talking about) is 7.4…ever so slightly alkaline. Your kidneys and lungs work overtime to regulate that value very tightly. If it drops below 7.35 (acidosis) or rises above 7.45 (alkalosis) you’ll rapidly end up in the hospital in critical condition.

    3. Fortunately, there’s precious little you can do to intentionally alter your blood pH. You can eat all the acidic or alkaline foods you want, and your blood pH won’t budge; your kidneys and lungs will just work harder to maintain that critical value of 7.4. All you’ll accomplish is changing the pH of your urine (as the dumping ground for all wastes, urine is the one body fluid whose pH can change a lot). Here’s an example of the genius of our bodies: as you probably know, a person having a panic attack tends to breathe too rapidly. This causes them to exhale too much CO2, which tends to raise blood pH (since CO2 is acidic, and you’re losing too much of it). There are a couple of quick fixes for this: (1) the natural one: you quickly lose consciousness due to elevated blood pH, which alleviates your panic, so your breathing slows and your blood pH is restored, or (2) somebody tells you to breathe into a paper bag, which causes you to recirculate more CO2, which causes your brain to force your breathing rate to slow (your brain has CO2 sensors it uses to adjust your breathing rate), which restores your proper blood pH.

    4. Evolution has had 4 billion years to work out the proper pH values for life, and to design highly reliable systems to carefully maintain those values. If somebody wants to listen to some guy on the intertubes who disagrees with those values…well, best of luck to ‘em.

  • Laurie

    Completely agree with the 10 indications that this is a scam. I think the site uses Mark Stengler’s name because people have heard of his article on the use of Mistletoe as part of cancer treatment. Therefore, they hope someone will experience name recognition and think there is research for supporting the use of crown of thorns.

    I am a stage 4 breast cancer patient and have done extensive research on trying to look for natural remedies. Simply put, there is just no evidence that there is a natural “silver bullet” to cure cancer. I do take tumeric, Vitamin D, Bio DIM and Omega 3 supplements as research does point to their aid in health -however, I don’t expect these alone to cure my disease.

    We do seem to be able to point to contributors to cancer – especially those that are hormone based. Our food sources have been compromised with added hormones and hormone inducing agents. We have also added soy into everything as a cheap source of protein and or preservative. Chemicals in household cleaners hinder the body’s ability to metabolize hormones. BASF and Monsanto create Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs). People in the U.S. have increase cases of gluten intolerance as the body doesn’t recognize some GMOs as “food.” Europe has the most stringent restrictions on GMOs – probably because they have socialized medicine and pay for disease. The U.S. makes money on disease. While oncologists have the best of intentions, cancer research really is funded by big pharma. This is why we see such an emphasis on drug therapy. Right now though drug therapy is the only proven method and it is keeping my cancer at bay. I am trying to remove GMOs, added hormones, etc. in my diet and add in natural foods to give my body the best chance. Prevention should be emphasized more here in the U.S. and we should demand healthier foods from food manufacturers. When cancer occurs, natural practices should be integrated with the traditional pharmaceuticals. However, as explained on this web page….beware of snake oil salesman touting miracle cures..

    • Anna

      Gerson therapy and Budwig protocol check out Tamara St John’s testimony, she too had endstage breast cancer/ believing Gods word for you concerning healing

      • Jim Cook

        One of the trends in this comment thread that interests me is the reliance on individual testimony. “Check out Tamara St. John’s testimony…” and so on. In the face of not knowing so much, the idea of hidden secrets to be found in individual people’s stories seems to be of significant comfort to some people. The catch is that while it is difficult to disprove an individual’s story (how do you definitively prove that a miracle did not occur?), there is no way to prove individual accounts of miracle cancer cures either…

        … except through clinical trials. Where are the clinical trials?

        Gerson therapy (juice): no clinical trials, and retrospective case studies by the NIH conclude no benefit.

        Budwig protocol (flaxseed oil and cottage cheese): no clinical trials, and no data to support the contention other than individual stories.

        These treatments are unproven, Anna.

    • Look up essiac my uncle had stage 4 cancer and given 6 months to live, that was 7 years ago. His wife makes the tea for him and he drinks it3 timesa day. You can find it hear http://www.herbalhealer.com I’m not affiliated with them or nothing, I just know it works.

  • Bill

    Laurie, I am so pleased to find so much in your post that I agree with strongly. I work in a branch of therapeutics that has enormous promise (stem cells), but that is also riddled with more than a few shameless charlatans and snake-oil salesmen. It breaks my heart to see patients with chronic, debilitating, or even life-threatening diseases desperately throwing their money at those clowns and criminals. It’s a real pleasure to meet a patient like you, who still thinks critically and doesn’t clutch as illusory straws held out by con men.

    Not surprisingly, you and I differ on a few points. I don’t happen to agree that current GMO foods are any threat to our health, and I strongly disagree, based on decades of first-hand experience, with your statement that “cancer research really is funded by big pharma.” Compared to the research funding provided by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (your tax dollars at work) plus the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and patient-focused organizations such as the American Cancer Society (private philanthropy led by folks who would love nothing more than to see an end to cancer), research funding by the pharmaceutical industry is an insignificant drop in the bucket. These great funding organizations are all focused on results…if your research isn’t really moving the ball steadily down the field you get dropped like a hot rock. I’m not a big fan of pharma executives…some of them really are ghouls and sociopaths…but they’re not the reason why cancer research seems to progress too slowly. Rather, it’s because cancer isn’t one disease, it’s hundreds of diseases, and these turn out to be about the most complicated diseases known to man. It really is rocket science.

    But mostly I just wanted to write to say how much I admire your spirit and your intelligence. God bless you.

    • anna

      check out your research, GMOs kill, and cancer rx is linked to big pharma, follow the money trail….
      clearly you have never lost anyone to this disease, and the cause IS the cure…they know the cause but it will decrease their bottom line

      • Bill

        “cancer rx is linked to big pharma” So, you’re saying you find it shocking that cancer drugs are made and sold by drug companies? Would you prefer…what…Starbucks?

        “clearly you have never lost anyone to this disease” Clearly, you don’t know me from Adam. Jump to unsupported conclusions much?

  • Carolyn

    I dont think God is going to hide any cure why would he hide info. Truth is always simple and through scripture and prayer God will lead any individual to health if that is his will.

  • Radical Ed

    I wonder how God knew that the Aramaic scripts the stories of the Bible were edited from were eventually going to be translated into modern English so he could insert some kind of secret code in there? Mind blown. *rolls eyes*
    I also wonder how he expected indigenous people from the Arctic, Africa and South America to get their copies translated into Yupic, Khoisan and Chibcha, among thousands of other languages spoken by people who have no idea who Jesus is.

  • billly


  • Scott

    God has a plan for all of us from the day we were born and only he knows what it is. After reading all the posts of opinions I must say that this forum has a lot of really intelligent individuals, but with very different views. My prayers go to Mary Jo to have the strength to make it through this horrible disease and I respect her hopes of finding something so she does not pass sooner than she wants to. Mary Jo was the only one to express that she was looking for some hope or miracle and everybody else just put each others thoughts down like they knew everything. Put yourself on deaths bed and then ask, is it worth taking a shot. And I know that is how scams make their money, if it is a scam, but just thinking of the chance of dying when your not ready. I am 50 and have noticed a little slowing down and an ache here and there. I was always active when I was younger with sports but more active with physical work once I had to take care of a family. I know people that are 70 and older that look great, go to the gym, play golf, vacation, and party like they were 20. I also knew people that took good care of themselves, exercised, lived a healthy lifestyle that passed at a young age, cancer, tb, accidental death. I guess what I’m trying to pass on is that we should take care of our body with healthy eating and exercise and in turn it will take care of you, unless God has chosen a different plan. I’m a Catholic and I believe that as long as you believe in something good you will have a home when you leave.

    • Jim Cook

      You know, Richard Nixon also once tried to get votes based on a “secret plan” that only he could see. In retrospect, it turned out that there was no plan — just people who said he had one — but as long as people thought there was a marvelous secret plan they were willing to bet on the marvelous-sounding marvelousness. Even though they couldn’t see it.

      You’re telling me that God is like Richard Nixon, and just like in the sixties, we conveniently can’t see the plan. Nuh-uh. Not going to go for it.

      To reject a scam is not to pretend you know everything. To reject a scam is to set aside seductive selling points and notice how little we actually know.

  • Marty

    I’ve been round the mulberry bush (and a few others) in my spiritual life and one simple, little book changed so much in my thinking. First, I felt betrayed, jilted, hoodwinked and angry. I lost ALL faith (and for someone raised in the ‘old” Catholic church, that’s pretty life altering). It took two years, but in rereading it several times, I came to the belief that it made too much sense to just ignore. That book was “Why Bad Things Happen To Good People” and it did change my spiritual beliefs, several times over. The bottom line, at least for me, was that God doesn’t CAUSE bad things to happen, nor does God necessarily INTERVENE to prevent them, or change them. When we pray, we usually pray for ‘things’ or miracles, changes in something that will in all likelihood, happen no matter what, or has already happened. If God, or our Higher Power, intended our prayers to be answered, how do we explain or accept the terrible tragedies of the world. From major catastrophic events to a child with cancer, how can we explain so much terrible suffering and heartache away if God intervenes, answers prayers. I’ve come to believe that the only thing I can personally pray for is strength, courage, guidance and more faith in whatever strength and guidance I may receive. Basically, the Serenity Prayer. I’ve been through life’s trials, including cancer, and yes, there were many times I lost my faith in anything, but what I was able to endure and rise above myself….did/do I believe I was personally strong enough to do it alone? Nope. As for the “Snake Oil Salesmen” and true fakes, I can only hope and pray there’s a special “punishment” for them (yeah, I fall for them still). But as a human being, weak as I am, yeah, I fall for things in the ‘hope’ that maybe, just maybe, there’s SOMETHING we’re missing…besides human values, honesty and shams. JMHO!

  • Indian

    As long as man desires to serve his monitary master money there will always will be those that will take advantage of needy people. Whether it be physical health or spiritual health a credit card will be needed by the scammer. Jesus only asked for us to believe. Let not yourself be troubled, you believe in God, believe also in me. Seems God always gets the blame for disease, problems and pain. But seldom gets any credit for the mighty works He and great things He has done. I count this life a total loss it I do not live every moment I have left of it for my Father in Heaven.

  • Mark

    I did a search on Fred Hatfield, the guy who is said to have cured cancer with the Matthew 4 protocol. I came up with an article that talks about him. The key seems to have been starving the cancer cells of glucose by practically eliminating carbs from his diet. I didn’t see Dr. Stengler or the Matthew 4 protocol mentioned in the article. I guess Stengler is saying that Matthew 4 has this hidden healing code in Jesus’ words that “Man shall not live by bread alone.” That’s my best guess, anyway. I am a Bible-believing, born again, evangelical pastor who would love to find that the Bible contains a cure for cancer, but I’m not buying Stengler’s claim. Just because the Bible mentions items that may be found to cure illnesses doesn’t mean that the Bible has those cures hidden within it. Take the frankincense claim, for instance. All the text says is that frankincense was one of the gifts given to Jesus. It makes no claims about frankincense, nor does it elaborate on frankincense at all. There is no room in the sentence in which the word is used for there to be any sort of hidden code. I think this guy is preying on Christians who desire to see mystical proofs of the Bible’s veracity. There is plenty of historical, archaeological, and practical support for the Bible’s truthfulness without having to find secret codes hidden in its pages. At any rate, here’s a link to the article on Fred Hatfield: http://cancercompassalternateroute.com/testimonials-2/bone-cancer-stage-4-healed-with-a-ketogenic-diet/

    • Bill

      Thank you, Mark. While you and I probably occupy opposite ends of the Christian continuum (I’m more of a liberal Presbyterian, myself), I’m always so grateful for any fellow Christian who speaks thoughtfully and doesn’t leave me feeling the need to apologize for my religion.

  • mark

    What God wants God gets.

  • Kevin

    Hosea 4:6 say’s “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. I take that to mean both spiritually and literally. I found that there have been several very interesting discoveries regarding cancer cures, but none as interesting as this one. This is not an attempt to convince or persuade anyone but to encourage folks to research for themselves. I’m 100% for avoiding scams, especially those that attempt to make a buck off folks battling fatal metabolic diseases like cancer patients. I discovered this video a while back when I researched a natural way to flush gall stones that were making my life a misery and just before I was going to have my gall bladder surgically removed(which by the way has been completely eliminated without surgery or medical intervention and I have been pain free for 13 years now). It is a documentary by a well respected researcher and film producer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G._Edward_Griffin) concerning cancer research and politics around cancer treatments. It is 55 min long and is in my opinion, 1 hour well spent. There is NO snake oil sales pitch, just thought provoking material to get you thinking. I decided to pursue my individual research of the material presented over several years and found a wealth of very interesting material . You’ll need to make up your own mind about the documentary and follow up research you’ll need to do to formulate an intelligent opinion. I’d be willing to share my research with anyone to shortcut the vast amount of hours I’ve put into this subject. Here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeYMduufa-E

  • MJ

    If you really want a true “HEALING” check out http://www.thereconnection.com It is the healing frequency from God. I now facilitate healings and it is amazing!

  • MJ

    Also, the root cause of all disease is physical, mental or emotional stress, identify & handle your root cause stress, and the symptoms away!

    • Jim

      Typical phrase from “The Reconnection” website:

      “The Reconnection® principle is simple, and the outcome is revolutionary: There is a healing power that transcends the limitations of human ability and imagination.”

      I love the “registered” commerce mark, which tells you right away that MJ is selling you something.

      What’s she selling? Something that “transcends” human ability to imagine. Classic bullshit language right there: they don’t have to explain it — that it “transcends” your ability to understand is a supposed to be sign of how profound it is!

    • Bill

      How To Be A Despicable Low-Life Huckster:

      1. Choose an assertion that, properly qualified, is true (for example: ‘Stress can contribute to the pathology of several diseases, and is even an important factor in the etiology of some’).

      2. Blow this waaay out of proportion, proclaiming it the Universal Truth: “the root cause of all disease is physical, mental or emotional stress, identify & handle your root cause stress, and the symptoms away!”

      3. Finally, cruise the internet trolling for desperate, ill-informed patients.

      Because, hey, we all know that stress is the root cause of traumatic brain injury, food poisoning, near-sightedness, third degree burns, birth defects, snake bite, malaria, flatulence, and so much more.

  • I’ve heard that the baking soda and molasses make a good combination to treat cancer. It has been claimed that cancer is fungus. The fungus (cancer) dies when it eats the soda-molasses combination. It is the soda that kills.

  • Rcik

    Bill, you have it right..Sadly, this blend of conspiracy mentality “doctors are all out to get us” and distrust of modern science, will continue, and the ones like Stengler will continue to take advantage of the fears..

  • mrcreigs

    blah blah blah blah blah …. eat healthy .. stay away from Chemotherapy … ie:(world war two mustered gas) and pray ….

  • mrcreigs

    PS Rorn Francis, I’m using the Baking Soda Protocol and it’s woriking …. PSA dropped from 22 to 0.01 … Stage 4 Prostate Cancer (matastized to the lymp node … going 3 years strong now .. Also using other protocols … along w/hormone therapy …

  • hurleyd

    so why did god give us cancer in the first place?

  • Lily Stenson

    how do I send a “SHAME ON YOU” message to these people. My husband has stage 4 brain cancer and hope is a rare commodity. How dare they?

    • Danielle

      Dear Lily Stenson: My name is Danielle, and please read the rely I left for a woman named Lori who has 4th stage breast cancer. It will give hope to you and your husband. We will pray for your husband.

  • db

    Found this site because I glanced at the Matt 4 protocol thing and immediately triggered an UH-OH. Found some of the comments on here a bit but needlessy hostile at times. Don’t ever doubt if He listens when you pray. If anybody should have been put in an elevator, had the basement button pushed and told to have a nice summer, it would have been me. April 2, 2002 motorcyle accient cracked skull from near bottom of the back part of the skull to more than half way front to back. In a coma for 2 weeks and after coming out of the coma was nothing more than a vegetable. Family was told by numerous doctors that the chances of me surviving the amount of damage to the brain were less than 3% and that I would never speak again, would not be able dress myself or perform any other normal function. I would require constant care, 24 hours a day.

    Cigna explained (insurance companies are the biggest scam at times) that since there was absolutely no hope of recovery that they were no longer going provide the $$ to keep me in the hospital nerological and rehab center. She could take me home or they would place me in the state hospital (nut house) and let the taxpayer foot the bill. I also had legs swollen to more than 4 times the normal because of blood clots and had a blood clot in my lungs and some horrible type of staff infection of the brain (what’s left of it).

    July 6th I opened my eyes, look around and saw my wife sitting there. Had tubes running everywhere including down my throat helping me breath. Tried to ask my wife “where are we”? She almost fell out of a chair, came over to me and asked me if I knew who she was… Thought that was kind of funny and said your my wife.. she immediately asked me if I knew her name and I told her. Again I asked her where we were and she had paged the nurses/doctors and when they came in they were acting kinda strange. I then believe I fell back to sleep. Over the next few days I was constantly be tested – MRI, CT SCANS, and things I had not ever heard of. Seemed non-stop doctors from all over coming in to examine me. It was a madhouse. July 11, I was in a wheel char and in a workout area I asked to be pushed over to parallel bars. When asked why I just said move over there please. I asked them to remove the straps that held me in and at first they refused but finally relented. I pulled myself up between the bars (pain in my legs was terrible) but I held on gradually hobbled from one end to the other and then back and fell into the wheelchair totally exhausted. One of the aids disappear and next thing I know, here come the doctors. Wanted to see me to it.. said they would only believe it if they saw it themselves. Did one more time.

    July 15 they released me to go home and had a big party for me, all kinds of nurses and doctors. After it was all over, my wife and I walked out to our car and she drove us home. Over the next month I must have seen 14-15 different neurologists before I could get one to release me to return to work. The one who released me said “I can’t explain it, from what I see in your reports it is a miracle that are alive. But you passed every test I gave you and he then released me to return to work and I returned to work, I am an Oracle DBA, and was right back into it. I am glad they decided to wait until after the 4th of July to amputate my legs otherwise I would have any because of the severe clotting. Also, the blood clotting in my lungs just disappeared. After returning to work I had numerous neurologists request to examine me. After a couple of weeks of that nonsense I just started telling them go away.

    And how bad is my brain damage? From appx the middle of my ears forward, it is pure black on the CT Scan. According the doctors who are always practicing medicine, I am a miracle and should consider perhaps some further research. I expalined I just wanted to come to a normal life (whatever that is) and didn’t want to have anything more to do with the exams.. Just told the doctors NO when they asked. Oh, and frontal, parietal and temporal lobes of the bran are completed destroyed on both sides and EEGs show 0% activity in all of them.

    Who knows if the so-called naturopathic medicine works. All I know my wife and I have always been Christians but were go to church once a week types because we always had something more important to do. This has changed all that. I have tattoos and have gone to almost all of the major / big shows and almost immediately began giving my testimony and have never been pushed away, In fact at the first show Inkslingers in Hollywood all I did when filling out a contestant card will fill in the part that asked From: was put the other side (for 9 minutes and yes I remember it). When I got up to show my back tattoo he began telling them what I told him about my accident, my faith and love for Jesus Christ. I kept thinking knock it off these people (almost 5000) don’t want to hear this. We I got down off the stage I had people constantly coming up wanting to talk to me. I finally made it back to where my wife was sitting and for the next 2 or so hours it was almost non-stop… like a like on a Saturday at a grocery store asking to talk to me, wanting to know things. After it died down my wife looked at me and said “Now do you know why you have that big tattoo on your back. Had you been a pastor, priest or whatever they would have at best ignored you”. I just smiled. Since then we have travelled all over to different shows and I give my testimony and have not been pushed away, I still ride the Harley and have gone on different runs, Laughlin etc. and have walked up to outlaw 1%ers, began giving my testimony. Never have I been told to SCRAM. A couple have even made comments about the Lord blessing me which kind of shocked me.

    Now to the point. Don’t ever give up, I have more than 3 months of my life that I know nothing about and since have lived a wonderfull and blessed life. He hears prayers. Wife said that the entire neurology dept was praying with her. It is his decsion, not ours and we just need to “keep the faith”. Anyway, thanks and I think I’ll hold off on Matthew 4 protocol thing. God bless… Oh and there is no such thing as a conservative or liberal Christian. The minute you put an adjective in front of or behind of “Christian” you are compromising your faith and His Name. You are either a Christian and do your best or a potential politician.

    • Bill

      That’s an inspiring story, db. Thanks. Winston Churchill once famously said, at the depth of WWII, “Never give up. Never, never, never give up.” And Disraeli once said “success is the ability to go from failure to failure without becoming discouraged.” And my personal motto is “where there’s life, there’s hope.”

      Oh, and while I guess I disagree with you about “there’s no such thing as a conservative or a liberal Christian,” nonetheless I loved your last sentence and agree completely.

  • Thank you for this opportunity out of which I hope to learn something if anything at all. However, Over the past seventy years I have always kept on the lookout to learn something especially about the so called incurable diseases. I only know of just two ways that have actually helped cancer patients to get back to number one health. The very first method that has proved to be successful is to read through and follow instructions in a {fast disappearing} publication titled: The One-Minute Cure by Madison Cavanaugh. {Try Amazon.com} Then you could easily find out all about a product called; Avemar which has been very successfully used against cancer in Europe, Australia as well as here in the USA. You can look through Avemar.com and learn where the suppliers are situated. Avemar was put together and successfully tried by a Hungarian doctor. Best of health to all those concerned.

  • Roger


  • Judy Montgomery Chartrand

    I receive these newsletters in my box as well, “but” as a conservative, and devout Christian, I do not like them. I hate a video you can’t pause, anyway. I don’t have time to listen to rhetoric, that ends persuading you to buy a book that has no evidence of proof that any of it is fact. It is not a republican newsletter. Of course, I’m not a republican, I’m a conservative, and I feel these news letter are all scams. Please do not think conservatives are part of this, it is just as annoying to us, as it is for anyone else.

    Of course, I will agree, the bible may cure cancer. It would meaning living as the Bible tells us.

  • Abe Liever

    It’s fascinating and humbling to probe this thread to the end. I just had to get a book recently about a new idea regarding vitamins and I wish to share more about it in a bit. So much of what we’ve ever been told to do for good health changes so much, that doing what one is told doesn’t seem to make much sense anymore. Most of the things that trouble us when it comes to health issues are very hard to track down the causes of anymore. We get symptoms and usually just cover them up. Over the last several years I’ve only just begun to become aware of things that prompted me to look more critically at cause and effect. Illness trends worldwide are interesting to try and follow because a bigger picture frequently offers better comparisons. The most startling worldwide trend I have been astonished to become aware of ( I’ll get to the vitamin book soon) is the effect of electricity on human and animals as its use became more and more common around the world. What is also interesting is the push back by naysayers. The push back is almost always boilerplate. Anyone reading this far could look into Dirty Electricity, The diseases of Civilization by Samuel Milham. He is a trained Epidemiologist. What he writes about will shock you (pun intended) Years ago I came across a rather interesting Bible teaching that should interest some of the folks reading this regarding the Lords Prayer. It is called The Ancient Aramaic Prayer Of Jesus “the Lords prayer” by Rocco A. Errico It really helped me to sort out much of the static around my personal search for meaning. (I really will get to the vitamin book eventually) Since this thread went in so many directions I do feel specific distinctions regarding GMO references ought to be made. Worldwide agricultural trends have evolved towards a predominantly industrial model. Any definition of modern agriculture will likely include GMO so that means that anyone attempting to bring up the acronym in a discussion has probably formed an opinion about the subject and I am not an exception. The exciting possibilities offered by GMO products unfortunately now exist beneath an ominous and growing cloud of deceit, bad science, politics and exceeding greed. To deny this or assert that there are not serious issues regarding human, animal and planetary health is merely self deception in my opinion. Further more regarding agriculture, the use of GMO seeds manipulated primarily to instill the tolerance of a given plant for poison to control weeds and or insects or both is at the heart of most of the opposition to any welcome adoption of GMO seeds for a comprehensive list of reasons. The chief poison for which plants have been manipulated to tolerate undermines the immune response of non manipulated plants such as weeds and these are supposed to die off. Early results were promising and readily accepted and more to the point approved as safe. Between the lines of the last sentence much could be said. Suffice it to say that there were stifled misgivings by competent scientists and enthusiastic support within less than scientific minds in the approval process. The argument used to support the use of the poison in question (Glyphosate) popularized by a Monsanto product called Roundup mostly centers on the fact that it only affects plants. The sad truth goes something like this: Plants and plant like organisms exist everywhere including in healthy soil on a microscopic level and within the digestive systems of humans and other animals. The interactions of these micro organisms and the manner in which they support specific forms of healthy systems on this planet is severely under appreciated. ( I really am getting to the vitamin details soon honest) The rub is that because poison tolerant plants incorporate these poisons into their plant tissues means that anything that eats the plant or products made from the plant will be affected within the gut. It is now known that substantial and vital immune supporting activity is dependent on healthy intestinal flora (read plant) of humans and other animals. One of the most interesting things about the gut is how vitamins get absorbed. A new vitamin ( the one I have been teasing about) has been recently identified and I want everyone to learn about it! It’s called Vitamin “K2″ I read about it in a book by Kate Rhéaume-Bleue, ND called Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox. Getting back to worldwide trends, the book identifies failing health worldwide to the gradual disappearance of this vitamin from most human diets within the last 70 years or so. This trend coincides with the modern industrial agricultural model which has encouraged less and less free range practices in raising most livestock. The tie in is the importance of livestock and poultry having plenty of exposure to sunlight and the grazing upon healthy plants by these animals so that products they provide for us can include vitamin K2. When people think of calcium one of the first things that usually comes to mind is bones and maybe teeth. In the background for most people is the buildup of calcium plaque in the cardiovascular system. The K2 requirement specifics are so new that it is still under debate about how to get optimum amounts or even what they are exactly. The important thing about K2 is how it can direct calcium out of the bloodstream and into the bones and teeth. The essential nature of having it do this begins with a developing fetus and carries on for the remainder of life.
    I respectfully submit this comment with the conviction that it is done in the name of God and in the manner of, and according to the teachings of His beloved Son The Lord Jesus Christ!
    ” Be wise as serpents”
    Abe Liever

    • Bill

      Thanks, Abe. As a supporter of GMO technology, myself, I’m glad you brought up the case of glyphosate-resistant GMO crops. That’s a genuinely good example of ‘bad’ GMO. Used sparingly, glyphosate is a great tool for weed control. It does have some modest level of toxicity for animals (including people), but again, when used sparingly and carefully it is quite safe and very useful. Alas, Monsanto (which invented glyphosate) saw a big business opportunity in using GMO technology to make crop plants resistant to glyphosate, which enables farmers to spray it indiscriminately and in huge quantities. And, sure enough, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Glyphosate-resistant crop plants make Monsanto a lot richer, and factory farmers a little richer, but they make everyone else (including the ecosystem as a whole) a lot poorer. Like I say, this is Bad GMO. But then there’s Good GMO — the best example of which is Vitamin A-enhanced Golden Rice. Chronic vitamin A deficiency kills 2 million poor people per year and blinds another half-a-million annually, mostly in big rice-eating cultures. Golden Rice, genetically engineered to produce more vitamin A, is the logical solution, but GMO’s bad reputation (thanks a lot, Monsanto) has tragically slowed its acceptance. Other GMO initiatives underway promise (for instance) to create more drought-resistant crop plants, which might well save our butts…and countless millions of lives…as climate change continues to advance.

      Arguing about whether GMO is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is like arguing about whether dogs are good or bad. There are bad dogs, and there are good dogs. The important thing is to be able to tell the difference, and thus to avoid sweeping generalizations (as well as avoiding getting bitten by the bad ‘uns).

    • Carolin

      Abe, thank you for your post, albeit long…it was very informative and interesting. God does call us to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.

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  • Semi

    For all it’s worth, cure cancer and other severe ailments by hemp OIL cures ALL! You tube it, it’ll save your life! Aloha

  • Lisa N Texas

    I was diagnosed with Stage 2-B melanoma (the deadly skin cancer with no 100% cure at ANY stage) on my 39th birthday. I’m now 52. I had a 60% chance of surviving 5 years; a 40% chance of NOT. (eg. 60 people out of 100 are alive at 5 years—40 out of a 100 are not alive at 5 years.) 49% are still alive at 10 years. Thank God I’m one of the lucky ones. With stage 4 melanoma, only 5-22 people out of a 100 (5%-22%) are alive after 5 years. I realize I am not a statistic—I’m me, and when it’s my time, I’ll go. I don’t juice, do coffee enemas, voodoo, or snake-oil. I eat and drink whatever I want, I am a Christian and DO pray, realizing God’s will WILL be done, not mine; or for you non-believers, what will be, wlll be. I’ve seen ALL stages of people with melanoma do everything homeopathic with/without traditional medicine, and they are gone. I’ve seen Stage 4 people do as I have, and not change a thing, and they’re still alive 5, 10, 20, some over 30 years later, with “No Evidence of Disease” (NED). Mine could come back tomorrow, but I feel grateful and blessed for having 13 years. Some people can’t say that—they didn’t get 2 months or 6 months, or even a year before they were gone. I guess what I’m saying is: SOMEBODY has to be in those percentages!! Even if one is Stage 4 pancreatic cancer, 3.5% are alive after 5 years; 2.8% are alive at 10 years. With 3 out of 100 people living, WHY couldn’t one of them be you? I’m so grateful I’m in the upper statistics. As not only a patient, but an advocate for melanoma research, education and awareness, I grieve for those I’ve met in real life (well over 200+) and those I became friends with online, all over the world, who are no longer here. Every single one of them did protocols of their choice—whether traditional medicine, going to Mexico for treatments, juicing veges, fruits and herbs, trial guinea pigs, etc. Everyone HAS to have hope, choose how they will deal with this blasted disease called cancer, and not look back. I choose to just LIVE and hope to stay in the upper statistics for many years.. no…… decades to come.

    • Jim Cook

      Lisa, thanks for writing. I agree completely that “Everyone HAS to have hope, choose how they will deal with this blasted disease called cancer, and not look back.” I think people who exploit that need by selling unsupported “cures” are connivers of the worst sort.

  • Kathy

    as a survivor or Lymphoma for 32 months using the medical worlds medicine-after many crazy diets my oncologist made a comment that put things in perspective. If diet was all it took to beat cancer there would be a whole mess of people still alive. My hope is in prayer and guidance from God and my hope is staying on top of research, eating in moderation and letting go of worry. It is always wise to research a supposed cure since God did give us a brain.

  • Cancer has a life – so deal with that live and then the cancer will die. Cancer is just another name of a demon. Jesus Christ dealt with the demons of deafness, demons of epilepsy etc cast them out and the people were healed. Six months ago I prayed with an 85 year old neigbour with cancer who was given 2 weeks to live by his doctor.. He had faith and the demon that gave life to the cancer was cast out. Praise God – he is free from cancer since that time.
    Read Mark 16
    15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. 17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; 18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

    • Edward Andersen

      Don’t let cattle graze with other kinds of Cattle (Leviticus 19:19)

      Don’t have a variety of crops on the same field. (Leviticus 19:19)

      Don’t wear clothes made of more than one fabric (Leviticus 19:19)

      Don’t cut your hair nor shave. (Leviticus 19:27)

      Any person who curseth his mother or father, must be killed. (Leviticus 20:9) Have you ever done that?

      If a man cheats on his wife, or vise versa, both the man and the woman must die. (Leviticus 20:10). I wonder if Dr. Laura would like that one to be enforced?

      If a man sleeps with his father’s wife… both him and his father’s wife is to be put to death. (Leviticus 20:11)

      If a man sleeps with his wife and her mother they are all to be burnt to death. (Leviticus 20:14)

      If a man or woman has sex with an animal, both human and animal must be killed. (Leviticus 20:15-16). I guess you should kill the animal since they were willing participants. Are they crazy?

      If a man has sex with a woman on her period, they are both to be “cut off from their people” (Leviticus 20:18)

      Psychics, wizards, and so on are to be stoned to death. (Leviticus 20:27)

      If a priest’s daughter is a whore, she is to be burnt at the stake. (Leviticus 21:9)

      People who have flat noses, or is blind or lame, cannot go to an altar of God (Leviticus 21:17-18)

      Anyone who curses or blasphemes God, should be stoned to death by the community. (Leviticus 24:14-16)

  • Dan

    Jim, Bill or whoever, I don’t know how the he** we got onto Obama either, but I can tell you this that since the passage of the ‘Affordable health care act’ (Obamacare) (We must pass this so we can find out what’s in it); our health care premiums have soared thru the roof and we have seen some cutbacks in what is covered, So I don’t care where he was born, he is the biggest lying dictator this country has ever seen

    • Bill

      Dan, I suppose you can back those assertions up with some data?

    • Edward Andersen

      dang, dan, you are correct! he should have invaded a sovereign country and killed nearly a million innocent people just to get one idiot who was a nasty guy? where were you while we were killing innocent Iraqi citizens? If you have travelled to any third world countries ( I have seen many many ) you may think somewhat differently about “dictators”.

  • Carolin

    I don’t believe there is just one natural cure for cancer, just like there is not one chemo drug that can cure all cancers. BUT I do believe that there are several things out there in the natural world that can cure cancers. I have run into too many people that have had cancer and not wanting to go the route of chemo and radiation,( since it most assuredly will harm your body and “might” get rid of some of the cancer cells) have used natural means, diet, essential oils and essiac tea. (there is documentation of the use of essiac, or Floressence tea in the curing of cancer, by the way) These people are very much alive and well after many years. The bible talks about in Ezekiel 47:12 how there are trees for food and the leaves for the healing of the nations. Also mentioned in Revelation.
    Just because something is or isn’t FDA approved means nothing to me. Look at all of the drugs that are FDA “approved” that have a listing a mile long of the negative side effects, including cancer and death.
    Again, I have known more people that have died from the cancer or from the treatment of cancer; but the people I have known that have not gone with chemo or radiation, are alive and well….There will always be naysayers for anything that is not “conventional”.
    Frankincense is another oil that has been researched for cancer and other ailments…look it up.
    There will never be a widespread published natural cures for cancer because as many of you have mentioned…there is too much money being made by NOT having a cure for cancer. I could go on and on…but I am ready to stop now.

    • Steven Tilsner

      Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline environment. The food laws in the Bible teach us to eat only plants and certain animals who eat basically only grass.the important thing to focus on is keeping your bodys Ph alkaline. God promises if we follow his food laws he will take sickness from our midst. All glory to the Father.

      • Jim Cook

        See Bill’s comment here, or if you don’t believe that, see a more detailed consideration here. Bottom line: the body maintains an very precise pH in order to carry out the necessary functions of cellular biology, and if you shove a load of alkaline materials into your body, your body will excrete it out to keep your pH balanced, wasting your money and flushing all that alkaline material down the toilet… unless you’re so unhealthy that your body can’t regulate its own pH any more, in which case alkalosis could lead you to die in short order.

        • Steven Tilsner

          I don’t care what anybody says. I follow God’s food laws and I am healthy as a horse. so is my wife and so is my son. we eat only organic foods and follow God’s food laws. I know that his food laws are for our bodies because he created us so he knows the proper fuel for our bodies. I have true faith in the Lord, and his food laws will keep us healthy. He promises.

  • DG

    Dear All, if you read Matthew 4, the area that may help is fasting for an extended period of time. Fasting has been used for centuries as a way to help cure disease. The theory is that cancer cells need fuel to live, starve them and they die.

    Budwig and Gerson diets may also help according to numerous cancer winners.


  • Linda J. Tooze

    My name is Linda J Tooze and I ordered this on march 30, 2014. I would like to cancel. I used a debit card by mistake. I have no credit cards. . Please cancel this order. My promotion code is PHRVQ129

    • Jim Cook

      Ms. Tooze,

      This is not a website selling the “Matthew 4 Protocol” or any books regarding this supposed Protocol. This website criticizes the apparent scam, right down to the “Free” advertisement that eventually directs you to a request to buy something. If you want to complain, please contact “Dr.” Mark Stengler and ask him to tell you who’s selling the questionable “Protocol” promotional materials in his name.

      The contact information for “Dr.” Mark Stengler is:

      Stengler Center for Integrative Medicine
      324 Encinitas Blvd
      Encinitas, CA 92024
      Phone: 760-274-2377
      Tollfree: 855.DOC.MARK
      Fax: 760-274-2381

  • I saw this site, as it was emailed to me. I almost fell for it but another thing that threw me off was that it said credit card no debit cards. That makes almost no sense but I did not order and instead looked up on google the crown of thorns extract, and found this site which explains what I suspected all along. Glad I found this page instead. Thanks for doing the investigation Bill, I commend you for it and forget what the doubters say! Those idiot scammers should rot in hell for trying to steal money from people who want to be well from illness.

  • maura_smiles

    If you actually listened to the video, it claimed that there was only one type of protein healthy cells can utilize but cancer cells can’t…

  • May they who do this to God fearing people be punished by God.

  • Edward Andersen

    George, when will your god really take his own rules seriously and get with it.
    Here are a few choice laws you and any christian i have ever met ignore:

    Any person who curseth his mother or father, must be killed. (Leviticus 20:9) Have you ever done that?
    If a man cheats on his wife, or vise versa, both the man and the woman must die. (Leviticus 20:10). I wonder if Dr. Laura would like that one to be enforced?
    If a man sleeps with his father’s wife… both him and his father’s wife is to be put to death. (Leviticus 20:11)
    If a man sleeps with his wife and her mother they are all to be burnt to death. (Leviticus 20:14)
    If a man has sex with a woman on her period, they are both to be “cut off from their people” (Leviticus 20:18)
    Psychics, wizards, and so on are to be stoned to death. (Leviticus 20:27)
    People who have flat noses, or is blind or lame, cannot go to an altar of God (Leviticus 21:17-18)
    Anyone who curses or blasphemes God, should be stoned to death by the community. (Leviticus 24:14-16)

  • Shoshanah

    Did God embed a secret cure for cancer in an ENGLISH translation of the Bible? I think not. I might have been more convinced if he’d found it embedded in the Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic.
    God did, however, give us a clear list of animals that are to be called ‘food’ for us. They are listed in Leviticus chapter 11 and He did tell us that plants and herbs are edible too. I am a great believer in the health and healing benefits of many God given herbs and plants and there probably is some truth to the claims cited in this websites information because you can easily find out the facts about Crown of Thorns, frankincense and such simply by surfing the net and doing a little of your own research.

    The best thing is to steer clear of processed foods ladened with sugar and salt and manipulated oils and fats, and from chemical additives. These are the things which contribute to these modern ailments which are so prevalent today.

  • Nancy

    Why would anyone “charge” money if they have a true cure for cancer? Don’t they have a moral obligation to share that with the world? Especially since they claim to be a Christian! If I had the “secret” I would shout it from the roof tops since my three year old grandson has terminal brain cancer. Shame on you!

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  • zacslade

    Holy smokes. The video NEVER STOPS TALKING. Is there a transcript of it anywhere?

    Also, this is probably the most disgusting and awful scam I’ve ever seen online.

  • Cathy

    Maybe the matthew 4 protocol is “fasting”. If we can starve cancer cells then it has to be fasting . That’s the only thing I could find in matthew 4

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