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What Makes An Olympic Win Historic?

Today, CNN reported on an American medal victory in the Sochi Olympics with the headline: “Sochi 2014: US duo Davis and White skate to historic gold”

Historic gold? What history was made?

Charlie White and Meryl Davis were the first Americans to ever win a gold medal in the ice dancing competition.

If this is history, what else counts as history?

What about the first time I ever had a patty melt sandwich? Was that history?

Will the second, third, fourth, and fifth U.S. gold medals in ice dancing not be historic?

Is anything that ever happens not historic?

Does the word “historic” actually mean anything?

One thought on “What Makes An Olympic Win Historic?”

  1. Tom says:

    Oh it’s just “glib-speak” – what announcers and interviewers use to make everything sound so important. Like “coach-speak” (I:”Why is your team down by 3 at the half, coach?” C:”We gotta do a better job.”) it’s all just meaningless nonsense to keep people watching the tube (while the world goes to hell around them).

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