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More on The Can Kicks Back Failure: “Youth Tour” by the Numbers

Thanks to an accidental e-mail dump, we know that once billionaire privatizer Peter G. Peterson pulled his funding, the kick-the-old-and-poor front group called “The Can Kicks Back” quickly went bankrupt.

We also know that the plan for The Can Kicks Back to have 300 active campus chapters by the end of Spring 2013 was a big fizzle. Young people just weren’t attracted to the message of hurting vulnerable people to help the interests of big old money. The Can Kicks Back only reached a sixth of its goal by the end of Spring 2013, and by the end of Summer 2013 every one of its chapters went on hiatus, never to show another sign of activity on TCKB’s campus chapter system.

Until I visited this morning, however, I had no idea that in the Fall of 2013 The Can Kicks Back went on a five week tour of megacampuses across America, including places like these …:

Appalachian State University (enrollment: 17,344)
Augustana College (enrollment: 2,524)
Bradley University (enrollment: 5,700)
Cleveland State University (17,278)
Drake University (enrollment: 5,221)
Georgetown University (enrollment: 17,357)
Kennesaw State University (enrollment: 24,600)
University of Alabama (enrollment: 34,852)
University of California, Berkeley (enrollment: 35,899)
University of Central Florida (enrollment: 59,740)
University of Denver (enrollment: 11,483)
University of Michigan (enrollment: 43,710)
University of Nebraska-Omaha (enrollment: 14,712)
University of Nevada-Las Vegas (enrollment: 27,364)
University of North Florida (enrollment: 16,357)
University of South Carolina (enrollment: 31,288)
University of Southern California (enrollment: 40,000)
University of Utah (enrollment: 32,077)
University of Virginia (enrollment: 21,095)
University of Wisconsin-Madison (enrollment: 42,820)
University of Wyoming (enrollment: 13,476)
Vanderbilt University (enrollment: 12,757)

… in a last effort to stimulate actual student interest in the old-billionaire political program. These campuses have over half a million students in attendance. As as its website details, The Can Kicks Back propped up colorful tents on the main quads, screened films, and in special meetings “helped students work through the ‘Debt Busters’ activity developed by the Concord Coalition” (another front organization propped up by billionaire Peter G. Peterson). The Can Kicks Back tried to convince students to write and send kick-old-and-poor-people-for-corporations messages to Washington DC, stuck as labels on cans (get it — cans, kicking?). As the following tally by The Can Kicks Back shows, about 40 students signed cans at each of the visits to these big campuses … a response rate of about 00.15%.

The Can Kicks Back Failure Tally

As we mentioned above, not one campus chapter was originated or brought back to life as a consequence of these visits.

Perhaps it didn’t help that this “Youth Tour” appeared to consist of youngish Nick Troiano introducing an array of old rich people to deliver their lectures:

Does Wealthy Old People interviewed by Young Nick Troiano equal a Youth Tour?

Or perhaps it wasn’t the appearance of well-dressed whitehairs. Perhaps it was simply the message itself that failed.

One thought on “More on The Can Kicks Back Failure: “Youth Tour” by the Numbers”

  1. Jim Cook says:

    What makes this an especially dismal failure of a fake grassroots (“Astroturf”) enterprise is the $2.4 million price tag. That’s $3,000 spent for every can signed.


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