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What Does It Mean To Eat Like Your Ancestors?

While I was trying to read an article from an online news magazine this morning, an advertisement popped up for Harvestland chicken breasts.

harvestland chicken

“Eat Like Your Ancestors”, the commercial banner urged me.

To tell the truth, I don’t know much about how my ancestors ate. I know that my German grandparents liked to eat spaetzel, but that dish is made from potatoes, I think, not chicken breasts.

So, how could I eat chicken breasts like my ancestors? I can only look to the advertisement for clues.

Perhaps you can help me by telling me about how your ancestors ate.

Did your ancestors eat chicken breasts nestled in styrofoam and wrapped in plastic?

Did your ancestors eat chicken that was 99 percent fat free?

Did your ancestors eat chicken that was approved by the USDA?

Did your ancestors cook chicken recipes they obtained from Harvestland food company?

Did your ancestors use coupons to get special deals when they bought chicken from the store?

Did your ancestors eat chicken that was raised on an all vegetarian diet?

Did your ancestors eat chicken that had a tenderness guarantee?

Did your ancestors decide what to eat after looking at advertisements on the Internet?

In the 1950s, my ancestors made dishes for dinner using Jello. Does Harvestland think I ought to have more dinners like that?

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