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The True Spirit Of The Desert Bighorn

Today in Phoenix, Arizona, I ran across a statue by Pat Mathiesen, claiming to represent the “Spirit of the Desert Bighorn”. A plaque on the statue explained how bighorn sheep that used to live in the desert where the city has grown required a very particular habitat…


… like a habitat without valet parking…


… or a habitat without laser spas and shopping malls surrounded by concrete…


… oh, those picky, picky bighorn sheep.

Sometimes, the strongest statement made by a piece of art comes from the context in which it has been placed.

1 comment to The True Spirit Of The Desert Bighorn

  • Jim Cook

    I remember hiking into the mountains north of Tucson in the 1990s, seeing bighorn sheep from a distance, and hearing a lot of stories from locals who said they hadn’t seen bighorns for years. It’s amazing how a bighorn can handle a rocky slope as if it is nothing at all.

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