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Nick Troiano, Running on his Anonymous Big Money Political Experience, Crusades against the Same

What do we make of congressional candidate Nick Troiano?

On the one hand, Nick Troiano justifies his run for Congress by boasting of his experience working for Super PACs, 527s and 501(c)(4) corporations as the young face speaking on behalf of the interests of old money. Listen to Nick Troiano describe how he built his resume working on behalf of big money financier Peter G. Peterson and private capital investor Peter Ackerman:

Innovative Leader on Fiscal and Political Reform

Nick is a co-founder and was, until December 2013, the Communications Director for The Can Kicks Back, a non-partisan and millennial-led campaign that advocates for a more fiscally sustainable and generationally equitable federal budget. TCKB’s Advisory Board includes the nation’s top leaders for fiscal reform, including Erskine Bowles (D), former Senator Alan Simpson (R) and former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker.

Nick was instrumental in drafting the INFORM Act –– a bipartisan piece of budget reform legislation that has been endorsed by over 1,000 economists and introduced in both the U.S. House and Senate. Nick also traveled to 22 states in the fall of 2013 to speak to college and young professional audiences about the national debt along a cross-country “Generational Equity Tour.”

Prior to The Can Kicks Back, Nick served as former Communications Manager and, later, National Campus Director for Americans Elect, which sought to field a bipartisan ticket for president and vice-president in 2012 through the first-ever online nominating convention. Among other things, Nick led a 23-city East Coast bus tour during the Republican primaries.

Now, Nick Troiano doesn’t use the words “Super PAC”, “527” or “501(c)(4) corporation” to describe his work for The Can Kicks Back (encompassing the INFORM Act and ‘Generational Equity Tour’ featuring keynote speeches by old rich people) and Americans Elect, but that’s what The Can Kicks Back and Americans Elect are. Troiano doesn’t mention that these corporations took funds of unlimited size from often-anonymous sources, but that’s what they did. Indeed, as The Can Kicks Back struggled after billionaire Pete Peterson withheld funds, Nick Troiano personally sought other big-money donors to keep the operation afloat. Troiano doesn’t mention his work for the Concord Coalition and Unity08, the big-money political creations of billionaires and hedge fund wealth managers, but they are also the basis of the experience Nick Troiano depends on to justify his run for Congress.

If on the one hand Nick Troiano’s career is based in Super PACs, 527s and 501c4 corporations, on the other hand Nick Troiano’s campaign seems to be based on running against Super PACs, 527s and 501c4 corporations. On February 28, Troiano posted the following to his campaign Facebook account:

Today, I’m taking a bit of inspiration from the rising “Common Man Party” in India.

“Harping on the rottenness of Indian politics, it has the two big parties running scared,” the Economist reports. In just 16 months, the new party won 28 of 70 seats in a state assembly and enrolled its first 10 million members. “It has momentum behind it, and the political agenda is now dominated by the issue that defines it: corruption.”

In America, we don’t have the same kind of illicit corruption and bribery; ours has been legalized through unlimited corporate spending in elections, anonymous contributions to political groups and am amalgam of PACs, Super PACs, 527s, 501(c)(4) groups and so on.

Maybe it’s time for a Common Man Party in our country to reform our corrupt system of campaign finance.

So which Nick Troiano is running for Congress: the Nick Troiano who brags of his experience with big money unlimited anonymous Super PACs, 527s, and 501c4 corporations? The Nick Troiano who declares that the entire problem is big money unlimited anonymous Super PACs, 527s, and 501c4 corporations? Or, disturbingly, is Nick Troiano both?

Sometimes people turn away from bad experiences and influences to make new, productive starts. Maybe Nick Troiano’s doing this in his run for Congress. Maybe not. The contradictions in his very young campaign are already glaring. If I were Nick Troiano’s advisor, I’d tell him to take a few lines from that old Pete Seeger song:

They say in Harlan County
There are no neutrals there;
You’ll either be a union man,
Or a thug for J. H. Blair.

Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?
Which side are you on?

Sooner or later, you’re going to have to address that question, Nick. If I were you, I’d address it sooner.

5 thoughts on “Nick Troiano, Running on his Anonymous Big Money Political Experience, Crusades against the Same”

  1. Bill says:

    They say in PA 10
    there are no neutrals, man,
    you’re either for Democracy
    or a shill of Pete Peterson.
    Show me the money.
    Show me the money.
    Show me the money.
    Show me the money.

  2. J Troiano says:

    It’s telling that Pete Peterson’s campaign website now forwards to Nick Troiano’s campaign website!

    Check it out:

    1. Jim Cook says:

      It looks like someone in Massachusetts bought that domain last night — shelling out an extra $10 to hide his or her name in registration — and set the webpage with automatic forwarding to Anyone, anywhere, can make any website automatically forward to another.

      You call yourself J Troiano but you left an e-mail address that’s anonymous.

      There are real questions to ask about a Nick Troiano run for Congress… and then there’s either silliness or a setup. This is the latter, right, J?

      1. Bill says:

        Besides, that dummy site really should be

        1. Jim Cook says:


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