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Stories Ending in Tragedy

A church I drive by in Somerville, Maine frequently amuses me with its messages of dire religiosity. Here’s the latest:

Everyone's Got a Story.  If it doesn't include Christ it ends in Tragedy

That got me to thinking…

Now go to sleep! said Miss Clavel.  And she turned out the light.  And closed the door.  And that's all there is.  There isn't any more.

Goodnight stars, goodnight air, goodnight noises everywhere.

Could be true.

3 comments to Stories Ending in Tragedy

  • Tom

    Oh it’s true alright, but even THAT story ends in tragedy. Like believing in Thor or Zeus, it still ends the same way for all of us. However, we can turn it around so that it’s just the end of a fantastic journey with “ups and downs”, love, and all the rest – ie. we’ve been astoundingly lucky to even BE here!

  • J Clifford

    Does the Book of Revelations not count as tragedy?

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