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Yes, Harry, the Audacity has Infected Both Sides

Harry Canyon writes this week to Irregular Times, reacting to an Anti-Republican bumper sticker web page of ours on which we write disparagingly of the GOP:

“Politics is an audacious enterprise. It takes some audacity to claim so strong a grip on the truth as to pass a law stripping away Americans’ freedom, or requiring Americans to behave in a certain way, or subjecting non-Americans to the might of a fearful superpower. Policymaking has become unhinged from empirical reality and divorced from active deliberation and debate.”

Harry writes to us:

“This sounds waaaaay more anti Obama than Bush… lol:

Why don’t you guys stop the hate, and carry products pertaining to both sides?
Or better yet, anti Democrat and Republican on the same product! 🙁 “

It’s not hateful to stand against a Republican Party that is as authoritarian as it ever was. But Harry’s right to note that Barack Obama and (most) Democratic Party politicians have, now they’re the ones in power, also stepped in time to the authoritarian beat. Heavens to Betsy, we’re not silent on that account. Harry, here’s a sample of some anti-Obama, anti-Democratic gear we offer:

Anti-Authoritarian, Anti-Obama Yes We Can Spy on You T-Shirt

Dump Obama bumper sticker

Big Brother is Still Watching Anti-Surveillance Anti-Obama T-Shirt

Vote Third Party Anti-Republican and Anti-Democratic Bumper Sticker

I don’t know what the answer is. I’m not sure I agree with whatever Harry’s answer might be. But I agree with Harry that “more of the same” just won’t cut it.

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