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What Connects the Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol to Dr. Mark Stengler?

Last month, after I received a message from the conservative Republican group GOP USA proclaiming the existence of a miracle Bible code to cure cancer, I shared with you the 10 indications that the so-called Matthew 4 Protocol is a scam:

  1. Advertising is vague about what the Matthew 4 Protocol actually does.
  2. You haven’t heard about the Matthew 4 Protocol in the newspapers.
  3. Links in the advertisements lead to a web page that says it is run by one person but is registered to another person, neither of whom is a doctor or scientist.
  4. Further links trigger automatic redirects to pages of commerce, not science.
  5. These web pages feature discreet disclaimers telling you that none of what they write should be construed as actual medical advice.
  6. If you read carefully, the promotional material is framed in the form of a question — “Did our Creator ‘encode’ a CANCER CURE on the 859th page of an ancient Bible?” — not the definitive declaration “Yes!”
  7. There actually isn’t any reference to a formula for a cancer cure or any medical breakthrough in the Bible’s book of Matthew chapter 4.
  8. The one substance clearly identified — Crown of Thorns plant extract — is said to cure multiple ailments of multiple types. This extract is mentioned near uses of the word “cancer” but is never specifically being identified as the “Matthew 4 Protocol.”
  9. That Crown of Thorns plant extract has no peer-reviewed studies demonstrating its anti-cancer properties, and is actually carcinogenic.
  10. The supposed “doctor” who supposedly endorses the Matthew 4 Protocol as a cure for cancer doesn’t actually mention the Matthew 4 Protocol anywhere on his website… which is odd reticence for a miracle cancer cure breakthrough, especially considering how self-promotional this “doctor” is otherwise. This “doctor” didn’t actually go to medical school or get a mainstream medical degree. He’s a “Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine” — which has been called a quack degree for the field’s embrace of unproven and disproven “cures.”

Please read the details on the apparent scam here.

Since I wrote that article, there have been two developments I’d like to share with you.

First, I went through every step of sign-up process that is supposed to share with me, for free, the Matthew 4 Protocol. The process did garner me a link to a web page that provides a transcript of the sales-pitch video referenced in my earlier post. To save the information for posterity in case anyone tries to take down that transcript, I’ve posted a verbatim copy here.

The transcript of the video promises that “lifesaving information” about the Matthew 4 Protocol is mine, free:

“And this lifesaving information can be yours, absolutely FREE. Just RSVP at the bottom of this page to get your FREE copy”

In the 9 days since I RSVPed just as asked, I have not received any information on what the Matthew 4 Protocol is. But I have received a solicitation to pay $19 for the information:

Stengler's Bible Healing Code -- offered for $19 when it was previously offered for free

I’ve saved a copy of this e-mail message for you to review here. It is sent by “Dr. Mark Stengler” and features, as you can see above, the claim that a “Matthew 4 Protocol” exists that promises a “cancer free” future. At the end of the e-mail message, however, come two contrary disclaimers:

The products promoted in this material are not necessarily endorsed by Dr. Mark Stengler.

The information provided in House Calls should not be construed as personal medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this site. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.

So is this information vouched for by “Dr. Mark Stengler?” It both is and isn’t. Is the Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol vouched for by “Dr. Mark Stengler”? In the e-mail message at least, it both is and isn’t.

There is no such equivocation in the transcript of the sales pitch for the Matthew 4 Protocol, which declares without hedging that “Dr. Mark Stengler” vouches for the Matthew 4 Protocol. In the following excerpts, the ellipses are in the original text:

And not long ago, we found something we never could have imagined…

We call it a “healing code,” and it’s hidden on page 859 of the King James Bible.

After fact-checking the information with the help of a world-renowned naturopathic medical doctor, we’ve arrived at an astonishing conclusion…

Carefully woven into ancient scripture…
there is a cutting-edge CURE for cancer

It’s a set of “instructions” encoded in Matthew Chapter 4…

And when you follow these instructions, something truly miraculous happens…

Cancer… any type of cancer… can no longer survive in your body.

See, the instructions describe the principles of a cancer destroying “protocol.” It’s so powerful, it has even cured aggressive widespread bone cancer—a form of the disease that most doctors consider untreatable.

Picture this…

After doctors have abandoned all hope, late-stage cancer stops growing, tumors begin to shrink, and a few weeks later your oncologist is dumbfounded when he announces “complete remission”…

I know it may be hard to believe. I’m a Christian myself, but the idea of a cure for cancer hidden in the Bible seemed a little “out there”…

But when a world-renowned naturopathic medical doctor (who I’ll introduce you to in a minute) examined the science behind the healing code… and verified that it lines up with some of the most advanced cancer research ever conducted…

I knew we were onto something BIG…

It may sound strange, but I truly believe we were meant to make this discovery… and to share it with you today…

So right now, you’re going to learn how to prevent, reverse, and even CURE one of our worst diseases—by following the “healing code” we discovered.

And I’m sure that once you learn the facts about what we call…

The “Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol”

You’ll not only believe in the Bible’s healing codes…

You’ll know how to beat cancer once and for all.

Just imagine… a cancer treatment that’s completely non-invasive, with virtually zero side effects… a treatment that can safely be used along with conventional therapies, without costing you an added penny…

Now, imagine that this treatment is so incredibly effective; it’s been shown to ELIMINATE even highly aggressive, late-stage cancers in less than one month.

Because the doctor I told you about earlier—the one who’s been helping us verify the Bible’s healing secrets—has made this life saving information available to you.

In a groundbreaking special report entitled THE BIBLE’S HEALING CODE REVEALED, he’s laid out a step-by-step plan that shows you how to harness the power of the Matthew 4 cancer protocol.

With your permission, he would like to send you this lifesaving information at no cost whatsoever. (That’s right… this information is completely FREE, as his gift to you. Details in just a moment.)

The Matthew 4 cancer protocol is remarkably simple, it’s a breeze to follow, and you could see and feel the lifesaving results in just a few weeks.

And remember, it’s been safely used along with chemo (in fact, the studies clearly show that it boosts the effectiveness of chemo while drastically reducing the side effects!)

But be warned: when your oncologist sees your cancer disappearing in record time, he’s going to be stunned.

Feel free to tell him all about the Matthew 4 cancer protocol!

Any objective scientist can’t help but be impressed. Especially when he’s seen it work first-hand!

I’ll tell you how to get your FREE copy of this breakthrough cancer-fighting plan in just a moment. But first, let me introduce you to the doctor himself.

His name is Mark Stengler. If that rings a bell, you may have caught his weekly show on PBS, “Natural Healing with Mark Stengler,” or his appearances on the 700 club. Or maybe you’ve seen his groundbreaking books on natural cancer treatments.

Hailed as “the leader of natural medicine’s new wave,” Dr. Stengler has quickly become one of the most trusted evangelists in the now crowded world of natural healing.

And his reputation for delivering the most advanced, effective natural therapies available makes him one of the most sought after Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine in the world.

But get to know him personally and you’ll see he’s much more than that. He’s also a devout Christian, and he’s studied the Bible in great depth.

In fact, in addition to an advanced medical degree, he holds a Masters in Religious Studies from Southern California Seminary.

Which is why we sought him out to help us decipher the medical application of the Bible’s healing codes. We knew that even as a man of science, Dr. Stengler firmly believes that…

Real healing miracles come from God

And the Matthew 4 cancer protocol is just the beginning.

There’s no beating around the bush here. There’s no mistaking the claim. According to this sales pitch, with the Matthew 4 Protocol “Cancer… any type of cancer… can no longer survive in your body.” And who has “fact checked” this claim? Who has “verified” the Matthew 4 Protocol? According to the sales pitch, “his name is Mark Stengler.”

If the sales pitch is accurate, then it appears that the naturopathic “Dr. Mark Stengler” has endorsed a scam.

Is the sales pitch accurate? Is it true? Or is the name of “Dr. Mark Stengler” being used by scamsters without Mark Stengler’s knowledge? This is where the second recent development comes in.

In the second development since my original post on the Matthew 4 Protocol, Mark Stengler’s followers have begun to pepper him with questions about this supposed “Matthew 4 Protocol”:

Dr. Mark Stengler responds to people who call a scam on this and insists on Facebook -- I did not write the book

Mark Stengler’s response — “Hi everyone! Thank you all for your comments and questions. This book is being promoted by my newsletter publisher. You would need to contact them and ask if you can order the book separately. No, I did not write the book. When you order the newsletter it is included in the package as part of the promotion. Thanks again. I appreciate and value your opinions and questions. Have a blessed day.” — seems to reject authorship. This stands in contradiction to the text of the sales pitch and the e-mail message that follows it. It also suggests that the name of “Mark Stengler” is being used by someone else to promote the Matthew 4 Protocol as an apparent scam — in which case the actual Mark Stengler would not be a scamster, but rather an innocent victim of the enterprise.

It is important for us to know the difference — and if Mark Stengler is not actually selling this scam, it’s important for him to know that someone else is using his name for shady purposes. To that end, I have posted a direct question to Mark Stengler on his facebook page:

Question to Mark Stengler on Facebook regarding the Matthew 4 Protocol

And I have also asked him the same question over Twitter:

Question to Mark Stengler over Twitter

I will share the full, complete text of any response to these questions I receive from Mark Stengler or his associates in this matter… and I will post a link to that response as an attachment to this post. If you do not see an indication of a response in this post, you will know I haven’t received any.

160 comments to What Connects the Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol to Dr. Mark Stengler?

  • Bill

    I thought one of the Facebook comments really hit the mark: “If you really know of a cure for cancer please let everyone know what it is.” This distills the issue nicely: either Stengler doesn’t know a ‘cure’, or he’s a pig, or he doesn’t know AND he’s a pig. I’d have to go with #3, myself. There’s a special place in hell for vermin like Stengler.

  • Jim Cook

    No answer yet from Stengler.

  • Jim Cook

    Last night, people started to post their agreement on Mark Stengler’s Facebook page that he ought to answer the questions. This morning, Mark Stengler’s Facebook page appears to have been made inaccessible.

    I have received no response from Mark Stengler whatsoever.

  • Anna

    I started to listen to the audio. I hate it when there is no text though and no way to short cut to the end , and gave up, it got soo boring. Mind you, it did make me sleepy, and suffering insomnia at the time that was a
    miracle !

    Maybe it is a hidden ” bible code” or whatever goes around these days because I find nothing in Matthew 4 curing cancer. !
    If this Strangler person is not replying , then very suspicious. A nasty scam for sure, especially claiming to be Christian. Below the belt.

  • Anna

    Ooops, I meant Stengler .
    But, my misspelling to ” strangler”might be more appropriate under the circumstances.!

  • I would just like to thank you for taking your time to clarify that this is in fact a scam and prays on the vulnerable, weak, hopeful people that have been afflicted, looking for some way to live their lives! This man is scum to advertise himself as a doctor, give false hope, and scam people! I hope the karma that this garbage is spinning comes back on them 10 fold! Thank you for researching and taking the time to reveal this cockroach!

  • D. James, Thanks for writing. We don’t know definitively that this is a scam — all we know is that it has the appearance of a scam and that nobody has provided any proof. Also, we don’t know for sure that Mark Stengler is actually involved — all we know is that somebody is attaching his name to it and then, for some reason Stengler is being furtive about that. These are both good reasons, even without confirmation, to stay clear of the whole business.

    • Bill

      “We don’t know definitively that this is a scam.” Jeez, Jim….next thing ya know, you’ll be characterizing climate change and evolution as issues that “need more study.”

      • Jim Cook

        No, actually, I’m just doing my best not to get sued! ;)

        I think there’s a chance that the Matthew 4 Protocol cures cancer… just like I think there’s a chance that there’s a blue djinni hovering behind my head out of sight right now…

        But I don’t think either chance is worth “more study.” There is absolutely NO proof out there substantiating the Matthew 4 Protocol — and that makes whoever’s behind this a purveyor of BS.

      • Tony D

        comments on evolution; Read some scientific books that challenge the theory. That is what any critical thinker should do, Darwin would not disagree with his theory being challenged. Evolution is not gospel, it is a theory. The Icons of Evolution is a film on the topic, see what the atheist scientist says. There are many good scientists who question the theory. They are not crazy uneducated whackos. Phillip Johnson is another one, Hank Hennigraf (spelling) is another. Any good scientist will point out some weaknesses in his own theory. See Darwin’s comments on the human eye. Here is a question; without consulting a book or anyone else, can you explain how evolution works.? In a few simple sentences. Do you know what the key driver in the theory is? Respectfully submitted

      • pearl

        “next thing ya know, you’ll be characterizing climate change and evolution as issues that “need more study.”

        Wow, you sure exposed yourself as a leftist ideologue, right there. Maybe there are people who want the truth about this deal without subscribing to wild-eyed propaganda from the crazy (and science free) AGW theorists and evolution devotees.

        • J Clifford

          “Evolution devotees”?!?

          I guess my membership card to the Temple of Darwin must have gotten lost in the mail, Pearl, because I’ve never heard of any such thing before.

      • pearl

        “next thing ya know, you’ll be characterizing climate change and evolution as issues that “need more study.”

        Wow, you sure exposed yourself as a leftist ideologue, right there. Maybe there are people who want the truth about this deal without subscribing to wild-eyed propaganda from the crazy (and science free) AGW theorists and evolution devotees. For those with actual scientific curiosity, read “Tornado in a Junkyard” by James Perloff.

  • Update: Mark Stengler has deleted my question and other questions in the same vein from his Facebook business page. That’s not encouraging behavior.

  • Helen

    Dear Mr. Cook,

    Thank you for taking the time to reveal the facts behind “The Bible’s Healing Code Revealed”. I listened to the whole audio pitch. I knew that there would be a catch. Sure, you get the free stuff, but only if you sign up for a “Free trial…” of his newsletter.

    You are providing an invaluable service, and I am very grateful.

  • Mike G

    On Dr. Strenger’s website http://markstengler.com there is no mention of the book “The Bible Healing Code Revealed” or anything in regards to the Matthew 4 Protocol. You can find newsletter articles from his monthly publication as well as books he has written.
    Also, if you look at the book it has the name Brian Chambers listed on the cover which would suggest that he authored the book.
    Other problem with the claims in effect that this was found in Maryland is hard to imagine with a link to Dr. Strenger because he operates his practice from California.

  • Jim Cook

    Update: Mark Stengler still has not responded to my questions.

  • I have a sister who is dying of Cancer so when I 1st ran across this ad for the Cancer Healing book, I jumped in with both feet even though I knew in my gut that it was probably a scam but I had to take that chance. When I told my sister about it she seemed to perk up a little. I am forwarding this material that I received from them on to her and she can decide for herself if she wants to try any of the suggestions included in there. She is not a stupid woman and if this gives her even an ounce of hope instead of just laying in bed waiting to die then it has been worth every penny.

    • Carol

      Please. Has anyone read the book? What is this substance you can take that feeds healthy cells and starves cancer cells in weeks?my husband is in dire straits and we need help within days.

      • Dianne

        Go to YouTube & watch run from the cure by Rick Simpson. It cured my dad from incurable multiple myeloma Bo e marrow cancer. It works!!!

        • Karol

          my husband was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma in 2003. After losts of chemo, radiation and stem cell transplant last June at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, we just found out that the cancer is growing again. I will look at the YouTube you mentioned. Is it called Run from the Cure?”

          • Virginia

            My friend’s (Donna) son’s (Karl) cancer is totally gone after less than a month of treatment, where the clinic in Oklahoma was using some DMSO among other good diet, etc. He remains Cancer free to this day (4+ years later) but has suffered from the effects of Chemo and Radiation. It appears that Cancer (don’t know about ALL strains) cannot live in an environment with lots of Oxygen — like that supplied by DMSO. You might like to check out the Website for CamelotCancerCure. God Bless us ALL!

      • susanne

        look up the “one minute cure” The pdf is completely free, and also Tumeric and healing cancer.

        • Jim Cook

          Susanne is referring to the notion, promoted by Madison Cavanaugh, that hydrogen peroxide is a magical cure-all. It’s a scam. See http://www.cancer.org/treatment/treatmentsandsideeffects/complementaryandalternativemedicine/pharmacologicalandbiologicaltreatment/oxygen-therapy for an unbiased and thorough review of the hydrogen peroxide claim by the American Cancer Society.

          • mari

            Jim when I went to the link you posted as evidence against using the hydrogen peroxide (oxygen) method for treating cancer, I noticed it was from the American Cancer Society. Wouldn’t that be a VERY biased opinion?? Just saying.

            • Jim Cook

              Why, yes. It would be the community of experts developing a knowledge base regarding cancer. I suppose that’s biased toward people who have been working in the field and doing the research.

              But the miracle of that page I linked to is that you don’t have to take the American Cancer Society’s word for it. The web page provides direct citations to relevant research. Rather than casting aspersions based on secret supposed motives, perhaps you might read the articles cited on that page and develop an opinion on the basis of those instead.

              If, of course, you have some source of in vivo peer-reviewed scientific research that demonstrates that hydrogen peroxide is beneficial rather than detrimental to the health of cancer patients, I’d be glad for you to provide direct citations to that research. Without it, there’s no scientific basis on which one could make any firm claim that hydrogen peroxide is helpful to cancer patients.

              • pearl

                So, you place implicit faith in the organization that stands to be eliminated should the disease be cured? I think you need to ask yourself some hard questions about your objectivity. To the medical industrial complex, the only thing worse than disease is the possibility of a cost-effective cure.

    • Billy Andrew Banania

      I don’t think this book exists or will ever be helpful if it does. Please look up either one of these great books instead:
      Cancer, Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger, Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce or Cancer-Free, Guide to Gentle and Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson…



  • […] att vara är jag inte säker på — så långt kommer man inte på de 25 minuterna — men en artikel på nätet antyder att det handlar om endera 19 eller 74 dollar; det första låter lite för bra för att […]

  • Tina Knight

    I was just diagnosed with lung cancer so I read this and almost ordered it. How can you use Gods name on a Scam!!! How dare you do this to people like me who are hopeful. Im not giving up.

    • Tim James

      Tina, When my friend Charles was diagnosed with cancer we went to the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida and went through their life change program. We learned how to cleanse & hydrate the body, consume clorophyll rich raw/living foods, exercise, get good sleep and sunshine. By following this lifestyle after two years Charles is fine and 60 lbs lighter. We highly recommend it as something everyone should do no matter what other treatments you elect to try. You can call Hippocrates and inquire about what they offer. There are a lot of similar institutes out there that do similar things we just like Hippocrates since they have been around for 58 years and have lots of experience. Not everyone who has gone there has been able to heal themselves but in my experience a lot of them have. Its just a common sense approach. Be well.

    • Virginia

      Hi Tina — Don’t give up!! — Read the comment I posted above dated August 2 to Karol. Look it up for yourself and enjoy being healed… God Bless us ALL!!

  • Henry M.

    I started using the Matthew 4 Protocol and within 7 days my penis fell off………Now that is about how meaningful this scam is to all who read it.

  • Jim Cook

    Still no answer from Mark Stengler.

  • Lw

    Sorry but page 859 is the Old Testament. Not matthew

  • Lucia

    WOW-that’s just wrong…………………………………..

  • Dr. Stengler, if you didn’t write the book, who did and is the information correcrt? Why is your name on it? I would love the book, but not if the information isn’t actually from your knowledge and that it is correct…..but I agree, it should be free information, that’s something everyone should know…..

  • Emil Bansil

    Hello, this Matthew 4 Protocol, what is it? Has anyone out there used it? Is this a tablet, capsule or liquid to take? I’m confused…

  • sarahlovehugecockhardNdeepinanus

    come on ppl,this is a ridiculous scam…….. vitamin b17 is probably better than this bs

  • It sounds like to me that Dr. Stengler is being paid to endorse this product. The publishers are paying him so they can link a doctors name to their product, plain and simple…

    • Jim Cook

      Hi Mike. If that’s the case, then it sure would be nice for Mark Stengler to acknowledge it — and then show the proof the advertising says he’s found.

    • BernyK.

      The Cancer Drug Industry is a 125 Billion Dollar Profit Industry according to published reports. Can’t help wonder why in light of all the years of investigations into Cancer,which is supposed to cover high tech technologies searching for the sources, cures, treatments etc., there still have been no cures published.

      People believe that cures have been found but are not being used because it would wipe out the 125 Billion Dollar Profit Industries that are on board to make money from people that are sick from cancers.

      No sicknesses, no profits, and as horrid as that may sound it may in fact be the ‘truth’.

      Venom from snakes is used as anti venom to treat snake bites to save lives, cow pox is used to treat human smallpox in people, and the list is endless.

      Potassium found in Kiwi Fruit which has greater amounts than a banana a day has been known to control high blood pressure in humans. Cherries have recently been found to control gout
      in people with uric acid build ups and the list is endless.

      Onions and Garlic contain natural ingredients to break up colds and inflammation in the lungs and protect the body from infections.

      Minerals, Nutrients and Vitamins in fruits and vegetables have been studied by Universities and are utilized daily to fight off medical conditions and diseases in human beings.

      Natural medicine has been published by top Universities as being the sources for natural healing mechanisms and therefore keeping that in mind when Mark Stengler writes or speaks about natural healing we all shouldn’t be so critical about his discovery or findings.

      Universities publish their information on the nutritional values of fruits and vegetables all the time and yet no one is quick to find fault with their studies. Their findings are published and taught by nurses in hospitals worldwide and therefore we should not be criticizing Mark Stengler but rather thinking about the truth that can be found in his information.

      Since the 125 Billion Dollar Cancer Treating Industries can’t find a cure for cancers we the people have to search elsewhere and that may be in the studies of Natural Medicines.

      • Jim Cook

        But there have been cancer cures. There is no such thing as a single disease called “cancer”; rather, there are many cancers with different features, causes and treatments. Some cancers that killed people 150 years ago are curable today, thanks to modern medicine backed by the scientific process. Other cancers that killed people in 6 months 50 years ago can now be resisted for 10 years, thanks to modern medicine backed by the scientific process. This is documented in the scientific literature, a searchable index of which (in another innovation that comes thanks to the scientific process) is now available to anyone with internet access at http://scholar.google.com .

        I encourage you to apply the same rigor in evaluating natural medicines that you would apply in evaluating traditional medical therapies. Modern medicine does just that and has incorporated many natural medicines in its regimen, including natural medicines from which it makes little money. Modern medicine has also rejected natural medicines for which there is no systematic evidence of efficacy.

        We absolutely should be critical of Mark Stengler for allowing his name to be used to endorse claims about “natural” cancer cure-alls that are demonstrable bunk.

  • Mj

    I received a 14 page flyer in the mail which states “in a groundbreaking special report entitled THE BIBLE’S HEALING CODE REVEALED, he’s laid out a step-by-step plan that show you how to harness the power of the Matthew 4 cancer protocol.” The “he” they are talking about? A few paragraphs later “His name is Mark Stengler.” The flyer definitely is saying Mark Stengler is the author. To get the special report along with Dr. Stengler’s Natural Healing Library, you simply sign up and pay for Dr. Stengler’s monthly newsletter. So what I received in the mail completely contributes all of this to Dr. Stengler.

  • mcb

    please be careful using vitamin b17, whilst there is good evidence of cancer remission, it is highly toxic in the wrong dosage… this is a very powerful substance and should not be used without first consulting your specialist please…

  • Rose Marie Carter

    Having read Matthew 4, the phrase “Crown of Thorns” is not mentioned that I can find, nor is any herb that I can find, though bread & reference to ‘fishermen’ is made. Let’s clarify what is really going on here.Thank you & God bless the “REAL MESSAGE” here>

  • Trish

    A local news channel just aired a report on this topic. The reporter that investigated this happens to be a (locally) well-known breast cancer survivor who underwent a double mastectomy. Her name is Liz Hurley.


  • Jim Cook

    That’s a great source. Thanks, Trish.

  • I am so glad that all of you took the time to talk about Dr. Mark Stengler. I looked him up on amazon.com and found the real books that he has authored. I will go to our local health food store to see if they carry any copies of his work. If they are there then I will scan them to see if what he is talking about MAKES any SENSE…..you know what I mean!!! Well, thanks to all these postings, I decided to NOT buy into a possible SCAM DEAL. I will also look up the U-TUBE post of “Run for the Cure” by Rick Simpson and see what that is all about. My advice is to go see a REAL MD and ask them ” how you can get really healthy” by diet and exercise. I juice everyday after I saw the post of : “Fat, Sick and Dying” web page. You can google it and see it for yourself. The author, who I can’t remember his name right now demonstrates fully of how he and many others got “FIT” by juicing everyday. I am not saying that JUICING will CURE anything…..but I will say that since I have completely cut processed SUGAR Stuff out of my diet, I am feeling much better and losing weight. Here’s another thing……if this BIBLE CURE was for REAL…DR. OZ would be preaching it everyday on his TV program, RIGHT? So, don’t be a SUCKER and get SUCKED in!!!!!!!!!! Becke L.

  • I am out of the country I regularly log on my e-mail Gents if this the truth like JESUS GIVE IT AWAY or sell the the bible healing code at the store for the public to have it

  • I think it is obvious that Matthew 4 is about fasting, and there are some cancers, according to Joe Mercola, that cannot live on ketones and have to have sugar for their metabolism. So that means a cancer treatment might involve switching to a ketosis diet, an easy technique to learn about. You don’t need the book.

    As far as Hawthorne goes, it is somewhat well known as a cardiac tonic.
    e.g.: http://www.christopherhobbs.com/website/library/articles/article_files/hawthorn_01.html

    So it is clear that these folks have taken fairly common-knowledge items and thrown them together into a somewhat flimsy package that they sell for various amounts of money. They have stretched to find a remote association to something in the bible. (BTW, almost any healthy person can fast for 40 days, if it is a water-sparing fast.) I listened to some of the video and recognized the ketosis diet link. The crown of thorns thing is a stretch. Jesus had a crown of thorny branches used to humiliate him, it is far-fetched to say that the cardiac benefits of Hawthorne are in the New Testament. I was sorry I listened.

  • Ted the well read Bear

    I agree with Lynn Johnson. Additionally, there is a grape diet which was developed in the 1920’s, which is far better than just fasting. Here is the link at the most definitive and free cancer remedy website going …


    To your health!

  • David

    I tried the Matthew 3 protocol and it didn’t work. I have since died. I hope the Matthew 4 protocol is an improvement.

  • john

    its not a fad to consider that anything of value will be torn or filtered. Guys, consider anyone scamming in this day and age to put there self out there. Jim, in the facebook comment by Mark stated “his” newsletter publisher was promoting the book. What about that statement has no ownership. He hired the publisher, to promote the book? Or the newsletter publisher paid for the Endorsement of Mark? Either Case, fact is in the statement “my” publisher links him to the facts of the “ownership” of the book. We know the etique used to agree in the acknowledgement of the book,by “his” newsletter publisher. Somewhere his endorsement has been shattered . Dont you think that his publisher is at risk also by promoting the book in a scam fashion? Of course, So by open , how could anyone scam and our Government not screen this as a scam and allow the sale or promotion for a fee. Why would a publisher risk itself enless the newsletter publisher is a fraud itself! The whole thing is a scare to pharma markets to ensure the market itself isnt out of control or onesided. Whether the Matthew 4 healing is a fraud or a scam, why not investigate the names of the quoted people that has used it. The Dr. may be the scam but the healing may be ligit and he cant buy enuff market to promote it and he knows this free press society has away to scare the pharm giants.

  • Any of these “fantastic discoveries” that really care about impacting the world don’t ramble for 20 minutes before giving the secret, which is actually about selling something.

    • bill peppin

      Might be sufferible if the secret were then, finally, disclosed. But as mentioned in this and other blogs, no such satisfaction is forthcoming.

  • Lilia Zusman

    Dear ones! Today I found tbis message from Townhall about Mathew 4 Protocol.Then I followed your reviews, it was helpful..Regarding The Bible healing cures , I am certain, it is true, you do not have to check Mathew 4 to find cure for cancer-The Word of God has a healing power, when you believe…the secret is to open your spiritual eye to the Truth…read for yourself New Testament first, study and ask our Lord Jesus to reveal to you…I am a walking miracle, cancer free.

    • Jim Cook

      If true, then devout Christians should have an observably lower rate of death by cancer, Ms. Zusman. Do devout Christians have an observably lower cancer death rate in reality?

      • Lisa

        The healing is the soul, not specifically your body. Although God can heal anything if he chooses. By the way, it’s more important to have a soul going to Heaven then Hell.

        • Jim Cook

          1) If what you write is true, that would mean that God doesn’t want to heal people who die, which makes God a jerk, and
          2) Your claims are untestable and unverifiable, since they’re about things that can’t be observed.

          • samdman

            Hi Jim Cook,
            You are real and not a scam. I love all the replies. I believe in my only God and faith in the things I can’t see or prove. Enjoy the time I have, be an honest person and pray for a better tomorrow. Thanks for keeping it real.

  • Confused

    Matthew 10:8
    Cure the sick, raise up the dead, make lepers clean, expel demons. You received free, give free.
    This definitely makes the self proclaimed christen and this garbage a “SCAM”

  • joy jones

    I have just read about 2 day fast has the effect of boosting imune system by cell renewal.Sorry not very scientific. I think I found this on disclose.tv site or the daily mail (uk) Sorry to be so vague. I like disclose tv as it gives me a good mix of very interesting subjects. I hope this is of help to you. It sort of made sense to me as I usually don’t eat when I’m unwell. The body is very clever it can do naturally what it needs to help.

    • Maile

      Hi Joy,
      Actually they are doing studies on fasting at University of Southern California. They are finding that it helps during chemo with less side effects and makes the chemo work more efficiently. There are many benefits to fasting…3 day or 7, 14….more than that should be supervised. The body actually resets itself….pull up the studies being done at USC, Mayo Clinic and others…

  • Dawn Michel

    I read the book of Matthew, Chapter 4, in the KJV Bible, and the only references about food or the lack of it (even remotely connected) were found in verses 2 (fasting for forty days and nights), 3 (Satan challenges Jesus to turn stones into bread), 4 ( Jesus tells Satan that “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God”), 18-19 (Jesus meets Peter and Andrew who are fishermen, so FISH?), 21 (Jesus meets James and John who are mending nets, so they ate fisherman, so, again, FISH?), and in verses 23 and 24, where Jesus travels throughout Syria healing people of “all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people”). That’s it. No special plants are mentioned, and, other than fasting for forty days, nothing is said about Jesus eating anything, unless you read into the passages on meeting Peter, James, John and Andrew, that he could have eaten fish. I suppose that one could read into the passage in verse four that we are supposed to “eat” God’s Word. but that really means reading His Word every day and meeting our spiritual needs that way. Oh, well.

    • Kat Guilot

      Prov 18:21 “The power of life and death are in the tongue and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Rev. 12:11 And they overcame him(the enemy) by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony(how we use our tongue). The enemy cannot read our minds. He only knows us by what we choose to say and how we choose to say it. Even motivational speakers have figured it out that positive thinking and positive speaking feed off of each other. Prov 17:22 A merry heart does good, like medicine,But a broken spirit dries the bones. A dose of Communion Supper is a great supplement. The wine(blood)for forgiveness of sins and the unleavened bread(broken body)for our healing. Don’t eat as a meal but as a reverenced moment to remember Christ’s suffering and death for us and possible things happen. Blessings.

    • rosemary gibson

      Oh my, these people. It is very clear to me what they are saying as far as Matt. 4.
      God IS our Healer. Fasting with prayer, (proper fasting) and TRUST in him is the message.
      REBUKE saten, out loud! Live on HIS Word, He will hear you. HE IS IN THE MIRACLE BUSINESS!

  • I hope this stuff you are selling is not a scam! Like taking advantage of very sick people with false hope. God will punish you if it is!

  • I don’t know if Chistians have a higher rate of being healed, but I do know that as a follower of Jesus that God heals. I had advanced Stage 3 breast cancer with lymph node involvement. I underwent 6 months of chemo and 37 radiation treatments. The doctors were amazed with the ease with which I sailed through the treatment and came out cancer free. As for Matthew 4, fasting would naturally starve all the cells in your body and the Bible recommends it as a form of worship and concentrating on our God in Heaven, not as a cure of cancer because while you can fast up to 30 to 40 days and live, there is no guarantee that those cells will not be there when you again begin to eat. The only thing I can count on is what the Bible says that God is the GREAT PHYSICIAN. Bible stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, so even if you don’t have a terminal disease it is a great read to prepare you for the life after this one. Because there is one.

  • bill peppin

    Seems quite a few here have a misconception. The Stengler [??? is it he, or somebody else?] soliloquy does not attribute the crown of thorns extract to Matthew 4, but rather to “Crucifixion”, apparently some other reference in the bible, certainly to the great 12-stage Death March bearing the cross.

  • bill peppin

    All here who claim that they, as practicing believing Christians, devout believers in God/Jesus, made some sort of interaction with said almighty being, and there followed remission or cure of some terrible disease. By itself, this is a classic logical fallacy, “If B follows A, then A has caused B.” Before you trot out your testimonials, think carefully about the way in which this false tautology has been employed.

  • bill peppin

    My purpose in slogging through all this stuff, including the soliloquy, was because dear family members and friends — my own father, our daughter in law, our friend from high school now some 53 years ago — have died of cancer or have now seen remission following the standard chemo treatments. These treatments are really a burden for the patients, this I can tell you from experiencing a loving, fit woman 30 years younger than I, who as a mother of two young kids fought to stay alive literally to her last breath, finally dying, I have as a result been more open to slogging through stuff like this to try and find information of any use. Since none of us has any idea of what the Matthew 4 Protocol is, it is impossible to make any judgment as to its potential value in treating cancer. However, as exhaustively documented elsewhere, any number of aspects of the soliloquy invite the reasoned conclusion that it is nothing but a moneymaking scam, visited on those made vulnerable due to the suffering of a loved one. If any of the folk involved in this are actually Christians, they ought now to be really worried about the everlasting fires that await them at the time of their own depth, absent at least confession to us all, and true repentance.

  • bill peppin

    Word in last sentence of preceding should be “death.” Sorry.

  • T Mc

    Mother has pancreatic cancer. Found out June of 2013 and was not expected to still be here. Doctors gave up on anything helping as of last chemo treatment Jan 2014. Back at the end of last year my dad bought a cold laser light (Q1000ng), it was said to help his arthritis. Which it has not seemed to help it but mother started using it for her cancer back in March of 2014. We have had our ups and down with the cancer and doctors telling us there is nothing they can do and want us to sign up with hospice. We have not because the tumor is still shrinking and she seems to be getting stronger each day. She is starting to see when she eats sugar foods she feels bad. She is still using the laser 3 times a day and the fluid that is building up in her stomach comes and goes. We go back in August for another CT. Will know more then. But her tumor has shrunk in size from 2.8×2.6cm down to 2×1.7cm….. I know with Gods grace and guidance if this is to truly help He will let us know and in turn we can let other know…. We are like everyone else looking for that miracle.

  • J Scharf

    What a shame!!!!! For those who were enticed to listen to the entire message, thinking with the next turn of the page some valuable information might be shared, I know how betrayed you must feel. I too, listened to the whole sales pitch. I am a Christian who dearly loves The Lord, and it is so upsetting when His name is associated with scams like this. I do know that He heals, I am living proof. I can’t explain why some people experience healing and others don’t. I do know that Jesus said we will experience trouble in this life. I know that He does not play favorites, He loves us all equally. But, to what degree we experience His love is up to us. I have seen people who seemingly have nothing who are happier and more content than some who have excess. On of my best friends went through breast cancer and somehow gained insight, love for others, contentment with what she has, and such an increase in her relationship with Jesus. As for biblical cures…..I don’t know. I am trying to eat like Daniel…fresh fruits and veges, eliminate rich foods, lots of water. I am also eliminating GMO’s, processed foods, high fructose corn syrup, soy because it is genetically modified, and cutting way way back on sugar. What I am adding is lemon in my water for cleansing, olive oil that is fresh and not sitting on the shelf for a long period of time going rancid, different vinegars for flavoring and to keep from being acidic, a vitamin D bath five to ten minutes every morning without sunscreen, fresh herbs, plenty of sleep, and balance to my life. Oh, and ten minutes of weights five days a week.
    And it goes without saying…..spending time talking with my savior.
    I also am unsubscribing to the site that sent me this awful advertisement. How cruel it is to sell hope. But it is even worse to wrap it in the name of God before you try to peddle it and then try to profit from it.

  • I also am suffering with cancer and as of this moment I do not know exactly how bad it is. When listing to that sales pitch for twenty minutes I turned it off and decided it was a scam. So this morning I got on the computer and thank God I was right. May these people pay for their lack of feelings for the sick and dying. I wish them a good nights sleep.

  • You and I know that chemotherapy is mustard gas and was Hitler favorite cure for the Jews.

    We both know that 1 billion people in 1804 and now only 210 years later is 7.2 billion. That your car is lowering the oxygen level of earth. Was 36% and down below 10%. No, it doesn’t matter how many people you led into death they still aren’t going to let you into the underground cities.

    The United Nations is even talking about all the weather modifications. Global genocide and your family is included. But first you’re going to be scorched by the sun god.

    Been through terminal cancer twice and never used the chemo shit. Get a brain and study the word of God.

  • For cancer I would start with the Bible (biblestudy249.org/h69.htm for the scriptures tell the truth, H.O.P.E. formula, a good parasite program, and a pH buffer from VAXA.com. Stupid is as stupid does. Chemo is great population control. Ask Michael Landon.

    • J Clifford

      So, Wayne, are you saying that good Christians, before chemotherapy, died of cancer less often than everyone else? Do you have any proof of this, or does that belief just make you feel good?

  • max

    hi, i live in australia and it says on the order form that you dont deliver to australia, is there another way to get the book and the other gift books to me, thank you

  • Horatio

    Max, why don’t you just pray for the materials to come, and see what happens? Just have faith really, really hard.

  • max

    to horatio, ive been reading everyones blogs etc, and looks like its a scam? which is not a good think to do to innocent people out there and especially using the bible to do it, if thats true of corse

  • Ela

    Haven’t any of you heard of bible code? No, Matthew 4 doesn’t mention crown of thorns but I believe he is saying that it is in bible code in Matthew 4. Youtube bible code and you’ll understand a little better what he is talking about. God and His Word have far more dimensions than we can fathom so it does warrant a closer look in my opinion. Oh and by the way if someone were to have a cure for cancer besides cutting, Burning or poisoning and didn’t put the disclaimers telling you that none of what they write should be construed as actual medical advice they’d be in so much trouble and possibly thrown in jail, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time. So that’s kind of a lame argument. I don’t know if Dr Stengler’s book is legit or not, though I don’t personally like that style of advertising it does seem that we all need to be more informed before we make such a judgement as scam. There are quite a few natural cures out there in my opinion and I hope you don’t take away hope from those who are hopeless physically or spiritually and I wouldn’t be listening to closely to someone who is spiritually blind if you’re searching for hope! Blessings to all who are searching, may you find your way and be healed also!

  • Andy

    Cancer cannot live where there is well oxygenated blood. Research this. My husband had stage 4 liver cancer and I researched everything. This is the only truth I found. Europe does not treat cancer the same way we do. Of course, it is not controlled by big pharma either. Look into baking soda. It oxygenates the blood and so does pure peroxide. the kind you buy in a health food store. I know a woman who has cancer and she uses this. It is amazing what it has done for her and the side affects of no more vericous veins is wonderful. I do say do your own research. Do not buy into anything anyone says including me. You must be your own advocate.

  • Geoff Skerman

    I would like a copy of the book please

  • Jeff Ford

    I am sick of these mongrels rolling people with their cure for this and that giving people false hope and ripping them off in the mean time…..why hasn’t this scam been revealed and the people behind it prosecuted…………..giving false hope to the sick is tantamount to robbing someone of their life savings and walking away laughing…..
    we in Australia would make sure you cop it but good…….you wouldn’t survive let me tell you….your a pack of filthy scum mongrels and should be strung up//// bastards….

  • Mike Matthews

    For what it’s worth, I’ve heard that cancer feeds on sugar and can be defeated by a totally sugar-free diet. I can’t remember where I heard it from but I do know it was a legitimate source. Has anyone else heard of this, too ?

    • J Clifford

      For what it’s worth, I heard a rumor that asparagus cures athlete’s foot. I can’t remember where I heard it from but I do know it was a legitimate source. Has anyone else heard of this too ?

      Really, Mike, think. If you find a way to totally rid your body of sugars, you die. Your cellular metabolism will stop.

      Cancer cells need oxygen, too. Are you going to stop breathing, to cut off the oxygen supply, and thus defeat the cancer?!?

      • Stephan Fuelling

        Hi J Clifford,

        I did an interesting experiment with sodium chlorite, also known as “MMS” or “Miracle Mineral Supplement”. I had some mild athlete’s foot and I applied a small drop of the activated drops (mix one drop the 28% sodium chlorite with one drop of the 50% citric acid solution, wait 1/2 minute for the chemical reaction to form chlorine dioxide) and applied it to my left foot. The fungus disappeared in a few days with this single application. Then, on my right foot, I just applied a small drop of the sodium chlorite solution itself without the activation. Same result, it vanished after a few days. I flared up after about 6 months, reapplied the single drop of sodium chlorite and spread across between all toes, again it vanished after a few days. Since then, no more occurrences. MMS also works great for arthritis, which is probably caused by root canals. The caretaker of my my had swollen fingers and two fingers of her right hand were stiff. She tried the MMS (mix 4 drops of the 18% sodium chlorite solution with only one drop of the 50% citric acid solution – this is the proper stoichiometric ratio. After one minute add water. Rinse your mouth and swallow it. In Germany you can get it with 9% hydrochloric acid instead of the 50% citric acid, then it is 1:1 for the proper ratio and reacts very fast to form ) and after only 5 days, the swelling was gone! This was 2-1/2 years ago, she still has no more arthritis and uses the 4 drops regularly. I use it in my ‘oral irrigator’ from Panasonic. It may be the only device that can handle the chorine dioxide, since it destroys rubber components. It will also bleach your clothing, so be careful. I personally would not take more than the 4 drop activated solution orally. My dental appointments for cleaning are always painless. This keeps your gum healthy. And your feet, too!

    • Jim Cook


      Honest question: how do you know it was a legitimate source if you can’t remember where you heard it? Cells depend on glucose (that’s sugar) for normal human metabolism; rid the human body of all sugars and that human body dies. Source: any undergraduate biology textbook.

      • Kat Guilot

        I’m not a biologist or even a nutritionist but what I remember from school is Glucose is the most broken down form of sugar and comes from ANY carbohydrate form. A total sugar free diet is not possible unless you’re going completely protein. In order to process all the protein properly and without risk to major organs, you have to have a certain amount of carbs. Stay away from Refined sugars and empty carbs and you will see benefits in many areas of your health. Blessings.

      • Margaret

        to expand on this notion, this cure for cancer is death.

    • Carol

      Mike, I’ve read this too. Here is the link which states 16 things which cause cancer: http://naturalon.com/10-of-the-most-cancer-causing-foods/
      Refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup

      • Kat Guilot

        High Fructose Corn Syrup! I knew it was bad. It completely changes my mood and makes me feel queasy with a side of paralysis. When I realized I was allergic to it, it changed my entire diet. I don’t feel perfect but I have my life back. thanks for the site. blessings.

  • Carol Wilson

    It is sickening that vultures try to make money from peoples suffering. IF this is in the Bible and IF their claims were true then this advice would be free in every church and Christian group in the world but it is NOT.
    How dare they give people false hope and charge them for it!
    I would hope that all those involved in this scam rot in hell but they probably don’t believe in heaven or hell, so I hope that all those involved suffer from all the illnesses they claim to cure!

  • John Henry Meyer

    One Medicine Only ————- JESUS JESUS JESUS !!!

  • Bill

    I ordered your product but nothing showed up in my banking statement or got a receipt in the email ( which seems to be normal protocol )
    Is this product an book or a physical product?

  • 2 Tessalonians 2:9
    2 Corintians 11:14

  • Rachele

    When you are sent a video like the one sent for the Bible Cures…..click on delete and then another popup will say “leave this page” or “stay on this page”. Click on the “stay on this page” and it will bring up the written text. Then you can scan quickly through it and don’t have to spend wasted time listening to the video/audio. This works for MOST of these videos. I hate to spend all that time listening to those, I will not do it.

  • Vik-Thor

    I love how so many people aren’t even reading your site, and asking you to send them the book.
    Matthew 4 Cancer Protocol search on Bing brings up your site first, so they must think you are in charge of it, rather than debunking it…

  • Andrew

    Though this is/maybe a scam, I would like to add the following:

    The bible dive sufficient evidence on how to lead as healthy life. With what is given as a diet.
    If we all grew our own produce and ate as the lord intended, then surely disease would be minimal.
    Now then, as we look at cancer for instance, cancer is but your normal functioning gels becoming abnormal which in turn causes the tumors/disease.

    A cure for this is possible..rather than going and having chemo and killing all the good cells as well as the bad, we should look at what normal people all over the world have done to prevent it in the first place! That being the western diet!
    A number of peopl have cured their own cancer and testimonies on YouTube to back it. For instance a number of people have cured themselves with cannabis oil! Why this oil is so good is because the lord put the product here in the first place! As a medicine!
    Then we have taken it and made a potent extract, still with a natural biomechanic make up which will always work better than synthetic!

    The different cannabinoids in the plant work with the body as we ourselves produce cannabinoids. It’s called the endocannabinoid System and this my friends is part of your immune system. Now there are over 35 cannabinoids in this plant and our bodies were designed to used every single one as and when it’s needed from this one plant! Now take it and extract it from the plant as a concentrate and there you have a very effective disease medicine! Thc acts as a honing device in diseased cells and cbd destroys the bad cells while reinforcing the good….take alook on YouTube for run from the cure!

    All in all the lord put everything on this earth for mankind in his need for cures and health. Why, because he is the most loving being there is! Trust on the lord for he is worthy!

    God bless everyone and I hope you find life in Chris!

  • What the Bible does hold is what to do when we are faced with illnesses and are believers in Jesus of Nazareth. I have been healed of cancer.

    I had a very strange cancer, where the primary tumor could not be found.It came out of nowhere. I Don’t drink or smoke or drug. eat whole foods, exercise. I did have however poor stress management skills. I have always been a naturopathic and although a nurse, of the belief that our Creator put on this earth, everything we needed to get and stay well,so I was not going to go the route of chemo. Well things started to get out of hand very quickly and I felt as though God had abandoned me and now I was faced with having to go man’s route. I remember sating to God, why have you left me? Now you’re going to force me to do this man’s way?” There was stark silence, you know a stillness in your soul. I felt so alone. I ended up having an open bx of a supraclaviular node and a trach. I remember as I was drifting off to sleep after the surgery that I saw in a dream a person, that i could only see from the waist down, grabbing my hand and saying to me “Now you will find out why this happened” At that very moment, a nurse woke me up and I never got that message, but I knew, God was back again.
    I talked to Jesus all day. I was still resisting, although he was sending people to me that would help. However, not once did any doctor push me to do chemo. They all said respectfully that we know how you believe and not once did anyone tell me I would die. God sent my ENT doctor to gently convince me that I needed treatment in the natural. I know God sent him because I did exactly what he told me w/o resistance. But boy was Satan busy. He tried to kill me twice while I was in the hospital by causing my trach to block up twice with a blood clot, which both times the doctors successfully cleared. I knew it was Satan. All throughout my recovery Satan made his presence known by putting things in my head like,”You’re going to die. You’re not going to get better.Chemo not going to help. It’ll come back” Even now he tries to torment me with “what ifs”.

    But the more I got into His word, the stronger I became spiritually and physically. To this day, he will put things in my head and my ammo is reciting God’s word,Like a passage such as Peter 2:24 “who His own self bore our sins in His own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness; by whose stripes ye were healed” or Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.

    I talk to God through Jesus all day and everyday. I have always had a relationship with Jesus/God but never really got into His word. One of my coworkers prayed over me and because of her, I started getting the bible and reading. There were promises Jesus made all through out his gospel. I started looking at people like Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince,Joyce Meyers, Creflo Dollar and Dr Charles Stanley and some others and started learnig about what His Words promised us. For instance when there was a child with a demonic spirit, he said to the father In Matthew 9:23 Jesus said unto him,” If thou cans’t believe, all things are possible to him that believeth”

    In Matthew 18:19,20 :

    19 “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth concerning anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in Heaven.

    20 For where two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them.”

    Then one day I came across a book by Dodie Osteen, called Healed of Cancer and her story was so similar to mine, I just had to read it. It is so inspiring. I buy hundreds of copies and give them out for free here in my town. If you want one I would be happy to send to you for just a small donation just to cover postage. If interested send email to ellensweeney56@hotmail.com

    I agree that if there is something uncovered in the scriptures or science that will help mankind then it should be shared with the world and not kept “secret” and sold. If solde , it should be affordable to everyone. For when you spread the Gospel of Jesus ,people will be so happy they will provide those things for you, without being asked. After all, while Jesus was healing and resurrecting , he did not ask one person for money. We need to be like Christ.
    Jesus of Nazareth did a awesome thing for all of us; he died for our sins and made many promises for our happiness and our salvation. We just need to believe and read the words that hold His power.
    In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

  • I would like to receive the book that you are offering, The Bible Code(Matthew Code)

    May God bless you,
    Moralinda Gendron

  • DrRGP

    If there isn’t already, there should be a special place in hell for people who prey on cancer sufferers by offering them false hope through bogus cures.

  • JIM

    Why is there a charge to save lives if this is true and why isn’t the cure more readily found instead of having to buy this and that. What of my sister that died from cancer and me who would like to know?

  • Mary

    Thank you for this web page and every one’s comments. I almost forgot and actually thought I would like to purchase this information on The Bible’s Healing Code Revealed. I couldn’t find how much it cost and when it was a “free” offer, I got suspicious. Of course, it’s a scam.

    I have read and even followed for about a year The pH Miracle by Robert O. Young, PhD, and Shelley Redford Young. It is how to balance your diet and reclaim your health. It is about eating an alkaline diet. Cancer and fungus cannot live in an alkaline environment. I can tell you, it is a very hard way to live for someone who loves starch, sugar, chocolate, and caffeine to live. The reason I tried this diet was because I have vitiligo and thought it might improve my skin. It did not, but I only stayed on it about a year. The benefit of this way of life is that I actually felt better and did not get sick. I even lost 40 pounds in 8 months. My suggestion is read The pH Miracle and maybe it will help people who have cancer or prevent cancer.

  • Obe


    • DrRGP

      Yes, of course, but no one in recorded history has had faith the size of a mustard seed, that attainment being proved by his moving a mountain. Ergo, the bar is way too, high even though the analogy (faith the size of a mustard seed) makes it sound easy. Not only is it not, it has been impossible in all the years since Christ mentioned it.

      • Chris Blount

        I think to say that it has been impossible is a bit much. We were not there and do not know all of the circumstances. Perhaps there was never a need to move a mountain, or perhaps it was a metaphore for doing the impossible. That is the thing about the past. It is currently impossible to run accurate tests on the past. We can make assumptions and educated guesses but those are subject to interpretation.

  • Chimonger

    There ARE remarkably good bits of advice in the Bible.
    There ARE verifiable cures, if someone knows how to ferret out the information.
    This company is jerking people around–it’s obvious just by looking at their marketing techniques….designed to suck in the vulnerable…too often, those who have little money to spare, who are desperate.
    The information they sell, is usually decent to good information–how they break it down and deliver it, though, is at issue, as are their prices….and the ensuing other false charges that pop up on the customer’s accounts, once this company[s] have your card data on file.

    You can do your own studying and information gathering, for free–it just takes time and work to do it.

    This is being promoted as yet another branch of Survivopedia / Sam McCoy/Crisis Education [and probably a host of other names].
    These businesses collect some usually known and viable information, then package it in tantalizing, obtuse, teaser forms, cheap…then market other things along with it–as long as you keep saying yes to the related offers.
    Once they have a debit or credit card, you might get your order….then watch out! Because they will attack your debit or Credit card, with false charges for other “products” you never ordered, never got.
    Charges might look like a $49.99 charge plus a second small charge of $1.and change to ship that money overseas.
    It can happen repeatedly.
    It’s fraud.
    If you complain to the company, you are just as liable to get more false charges racked up.
    Makes a mess of your debit or credit card used.

    IF you keep digging, you can find the same information these persons are marketing, online, For Free. Or in your public library. For Free….Without endangering your debit or credit card.

  • chris ward

    If hes says that he does have a cure an he dnt share an the ingredents is easy to get .Then he will stand before GOD an he will be judge!!!!

  • Bill Wyness

    For Obe – I have used the Juliana Budwig dietary protocol for over seven years to offset the cancer proclivity in my family history. Cold processed flax seed oil – not linseed oil, which is refined by heating – and zero fat organic cottage cheese, are the recommended components. This dietary approach was researched by Udo Erasmus by direct interview with Budwig, and recounted in his book about fats that heal and fats that cure.

  • I’ve read every one of these comments so far, and some of them really disgust me! I have nothing against a healthy skepticism, but some hear the word fraud, and knowing zip about the subject, go hysterical, screaming epithets about someone they know nothing about. Sort of a mob uprising in print. I’m not going to comment on this book, because I know nothing about it. Though it sounds like a miracle, I’d have to know more before I pass judgment, (a good practice for all of us).

    I’ve gotten Mark Stengler’s newsletter for a long time, and I’ve trusted him and have not gone wrong; but even so, before I decide to take a supplement that seems to address one of my issues, I do thorough research, sometimes spending a week or more learning all I can about it before I decide to take it.

    I think that is a better approach than taking everything that sounds right or trashing everything that I don’t know anything about. Incidentally, I am 94 years old–the only member of my family to live that long. Everyone else, back generations, died in their late seventies or first half of the 80s except for a cousin who died of cancer at 60 and a grandmother who also died of cancer at 72. I had a doctor, (yes, a real doctor) tell me that my supplements are undoubtedly the reason I’d lived this long and this well. And to think I depended all this time on the fraudulent Dr. Stengler! ;-)

    And I still have my mind!

    • David 'archivesDave' Clumpner

      Bravo Eleanor, Bravo!
      Certainly looks like u’ll make it to 100 !
      My grampa lived to a 104 w/o hi fructose,
      GMO bread & dairy.

  • Carol

    I can’t find anywhere in your article of how to order the book???

  • Chris Blount

    I am a Christian, and as far as I am concerned this is a scam. Scripturally speaking any miraculous healing ever done was attributed to either the faith of the healer or the faith of the healed. I have yet to come across any instance where a diet cured anyone of anything. Now the thing about faith is that it cannot be tested or proved by anything. That is what makes it faith. I am not saying that if you have not been healed it is because you are faithless or visa versa. All I am saying that scripture only atributes healing with faith.

  • R

    Research “holy anointing oil” that is the cure for all diseases….and then watch ” run from the cure”

    • Chris

      Anointing oil was used to anoint kings and religious ceremonies. It had nothing to do with healing.

    • J Clifford

      R, do you mean to suggest that we should genuinely research these oils that hucksters claim to be cures for all diseases, or do you just mean that we should do a Google search? I wish more people understand that searching online for a video is not the same thing as doing rigorous research.

      • David 'archivesDave' Clumpner

        Spot on JC,
        But youtube could be a place to start.
        Science begins with an open inquisitive mind, n’est pas?
        I spend around 4 hrs a day on health research and another
        4 hrs trying to figure out where the h^ll our economy
        (and country) is headed.
        Look up Dr KSS & M Jorrin at

  • J Campbell

    “The supposed “doctor” who supposedly endorses the Matthew 4 Protocol as a cure for cancer doesn’t actually mention the Matthew 4 Protocol anywhere on his website… which is odd reticence for a miracle cancer cure breakthrough, especially considering how self-promotional this “doctor” is otherwise. This “doctor” didn’t actually go to medical school or get a mainstream medical degree. He’s a “Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine” — which has been called a quack degree for the field’s embrace of unproven and disproven “cures.””

    from atop this page is not a true statement. I benefit from a local naturopathic doctor that showed me her certificates. She is a licensed MD who went on another nearly 10 years of medical school to specialize in naturopathy. Dr. Stengelr is one of her peers, also listed with proper credentials. She said he would be violating laws to pose as a MD if he wasn’t licensed.

    My doctor has helped me get off hydrocodone and other pain meds for sciatic nerve and arthritis by using Curcumin extract complex (with Bioprene, black pepper extract), derived from the spice Turmeric. I have no pain whatsoever in joints the last 10 years taking that with no side effects or addiction or doctor shopping for pain relief. I’m off pills to get my PSA down to a perfect number by taking a few natural supplements.

    The “Bible Code” fasting to kill cancer cells is working for me, my dermatologist amazed over my not having an AK to freeze, usually needing 4-6 every 6 months. No more skin cancer surgeries needed! My doctor already knew about the fasting for cancer. It works. Once a week I do the 18 hour fast, eat a good meal by 6P, skipping breakfast, then taking a good lunch at noon. I’ve also dropped from men’s 44 waist to 36 in two years without losing muscle weight or increasing exercise.

    Naturopathic doctors are not quacks, but “super doctors” that don’t prefer a fistful of pharmaceuticals until natural treatments are tried first, like getting the diet in shape, learning about GI Index in foods to halt diabetes blood sugar spikes, etc..

  • J Campbell

    His website only shows the products, not his books. His publisher handles the books. The books are filled with good information for better health, creating a market for his newsletter, which leads to the supplement product website. It’s a great business plan.


    First of all, no one who has done any type of Bible Study refers to the contents as being on a particular page! Bible references are by book, chapter, and verse. All bibles do not have the same content on the same pages. That was my first clue to this ridiculous advertisement. I skipped the video and went directly to the text. I read it out of sheer curiosity to see what fool was citing the Bible by page number! LOL

    I have seen some peculiar forms of exploitation, but to use the Word of God is shameful.

  • J Campbell

    PETRA, the ad references to page numbers in the Miracle Healing Code booklet that’s delivered with the encyclopedia and other booklets, not to any full Bible. From the booklet you can then go look up the referenced scripture in your Bible. You might not have the same version of Bible they used, so there could be different wording.

    There are many sayings in the Bible that have been used for non-religious purposes because it sometimes says things better than we can invent. Even symbols are taken from the Bible, like the medical profession has adopted a serpent on a pole insignia referring to Numbers 21:9 (KJV) 9 And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a pole, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.

    I want to repeat, NDs are not quacks. They are MDs that specialized. My naturopath is a MD/ND Here’s a link explaining. http://www.naturalhealers.com/natural-health-careers/article/naturopathy/?utm_medium=sem&utm_source=msn&utm_campaign=gen_NatPath_anh_gen_ns_sea_eng&cid=11&KTID=d75ea92d-fff1-46c6-ac88-d6071174a47d


    J Campbell, here is the direct quote from the ad:
    “And not long ago, we found something we never could have
    imagined… We call it a “healing code”
    and it’s hidden on page 859 of the King James Bible”

    So – Not only does it say “Bible”, it specifies the KJV. The “we” in this quote apparently refers to the publisher who is NOT selling the book. The book is a freebie from this publisher provided you subscribe to Stengler’s newsletter. The ad is not for the book. It is an ad for a subscription to Stengler’s newsletter

    BTW – the author of the book is a Brian Chambers.

    My comment was not intended to impugn naturopaths but rather to express my disdain for Stengler’s allowing his publisher to use his name in association with this ad.



    (To skip the lengthy video just exit and then click “stay on this page”.)

    The above link offers more advertising for the Matthew 4 protocol but is written to appear as being from Brian Chambers, author of “The Bible’s Healing Code Revealed”. It offers his book along with one of Stengler’s free with a subscription to Stengler’s newsletter. Aiming for the most likely prey, the subscription rate for seniors is discounted to $37.

  • I sent my step daughter info on this, as I was all excited about it for my dear wife who has dementia/Alzheimer’s – Here is her reply:
    Hi Hugh,

    Here is some information to consider before you decide to order those two “free” books…





    I’m all for a natural approach to healing whenever it’s possible, but it seems that this is a scam.

    It’s so sad that people are comfortable and willing to take advantage of others when they are at their most vulnerable….

    Love ya,

  • Listened to the whole thing, and decided to try it. Got on the phone to activate my credit card, was on hold for nearly half an hour. Came back to the computer and it said my “time has expired”, so would have to call a representative to continue!
    Tried to find that site again, but found THIS one, and am I ever glad I did! After reading all the comments, I also believe this is a scam…and a pretty horrible one at that!
    Thanks to all of you…

    • PETRA

      It is always important to research this type of information/sales before making a purchase. Generally,through Google, you can find comments and reviews for most any topic that has been advertised

  • I listened to all 20 minutes of their sales pitch, thought it might be a scam too, so read all of your comments. By the time I got back to the order page my time had expired – thought oh well – and tried to exit but instead was offered both books plus the prayers and 2 years of the newsletter for a better price. Just remembered how many of my college texts, even the paper back ones, were far more expensive. I’m going to enjoy reading all Dr. Stengler has to say along with Eleanor Andree (see up above) – do my own research too for fun. If I had one more thing to add it would be “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…” Proverbs 17:22 Your comments sure made for a lot of laughs this Sunday afternoon! Thanks! God Bless!

  • Alison

    So, has Mark Stengler ever replied back?

  • Alison

    I was thinking of purchasing but after you’alls comments, I’m not sure it’s such a great idea?!

  • John

    Why do you require an email address to leave a reply? (my something’s fishy meter goes up slightly)

    Any good webiste on ketosis and if using it periodically (or regularly) is a good idea?

    Is there any info that coconut oil can be bad for you? I keep taking it, not every day but quite regularly.

    Your short responses to comments lately on here probably mean I will just be referred to scholar.google.com but hey, I just thought it would be nice to jump in on this interesting debunking of one of my biggest pet peeves – the conservative 30 minute video/whiteboard sell scam.

    Thanks for all the info…

  • AJ

    Thank you for doing the homework for us. I now know NOT to waste my time and resources. My wife is a stage IV cancer patient, and while traditional oncology seems to be working, and we have a shot at remission; I am leaving no stone unturned.

    For those of you with cancer, do NOT let it beat you.

    Keep the faith with God, however you talk to him.

    Do your homework, change your diet, exercise as your strength allows, and see real oncology teams.

    My wife is still here, 8 months and counting after her diagnosis; and God willing, another 25 years or more.

  • Stacy

    God cured me of severe Crohn’s disease. I was supposed to have died from it.
    I didn’t have to take anything, fast or buy a book. God didn’t ask for money. He just wanted me to believe it when I prayed and told Him that I am quitting my meds and letting Him take over. I said that He was going to do His will anyway whether or not I take those fatal meds. He healed me for free. I have been cured for over 5 years. No meds and I can eat what I want.
    God is good. If someone wants you to buy God’s cure, it’s a scam. Go to Him. He doesn’t scam. All He wants is for you to trust Him.
    I did, I feel awesome!!!!

    • David 'archivesDave' Clumpner

      Quite an anecdote Stacy…Thank you so much.
      No doubt God did the miraculous healing but do keep in mind what a computer geek once told me:
      GI-GO. (Garbage In ~ Garbage Out).
      That works equally well with the Mind, Spirit, & Body as u
      must surely realize.

      • Stacy

        David, I realize that eating healthy is the ‘common sense’ thing to do. But, after 12 years of not being able to eat fried foods, burgers, oil, butter, or any food ‘out’ unless it was salad, no dressing, I did go a little wild. I know we all have splurge days. But, I coundn’t have cheat days for 12 years because it was too painful to eat them. It was like swallowing metal shavings and digesting shards of glass. I eat healthy, now, of course.
        I don’t kniw of anyone that never cheated on their diets once in a while. Can you imagine 12 years of no cheating? Then, imagine being cured of a disease that prevented you from eating a lot of foods. Imagine, after 12 years, your digestive system lets you eat whatever you want.
        I’m ok with pigging out once in a while. It just feels wonderful to know that I can have fries or a doughnut without hurting.
        I am assuming that’s what you meant by GI-GO.
        God bless.

  • Christine Holmes

    i will like to recieve the books even the one thats free

  • Carla

    I was just hearing your adv for the 2 books free. I couldn’t click fast enough so I could get the 2 books free. Can you help me out??

  • Domster

    Religious or not, believe in god or not, this IS A SCAM.

    He claims to be a doctor and I have no reason to doubt that claim.

    Doctors, the pharmaceutical co’s and others involved in this subject need to make money, most do this fairly, but this doctor makes money from suffering people who are in dire situations.

    Get your doctor to find you the best options available for your condition, they will be based on the best research available at the time.

    DO NOT FALL for this false hope! If this was truly a religious/god sent cure, then the all-mighty (if there is one) would find a would find a way to tell us all about this. He would not want anyone to suffer and go through these difficult experiences.

  • Domster

    I put ‘false’ details on the purchase website and it took me to:


    Take a look and judge for yourself.

  • David 'archivesDave' Clumpner

    Jim Cook and J Clifford (the two J.C.s):
    I’d like to thank both of you for some astute comments;
    I got a lot out of them and all the effort that’s been
    put into this article.
    After 76 yrs I’ve been thru a lot of the issues discussed
    and understand the juxtaposed positions presented here.
    I don’t have a medical background but because of some of
    my health issues, I’ve had to spend the last forty yrs of
    my life researching things from every possible avenue.
    Some of the docs, (MDs,PhDs, AND NDs), I’ve learned the most from are Linus Pauling, Jonathan Wright, Mercola, Dean Ornish, Jerry Mixon,and Andrew Weil, all what u might call integrative or holistic.
    OTOH, I’ve learned much from allopathic docs and deeply
    appreciate their wisdom.
    In closing, I’d like to turn u on to a humorous drug clip:

  • John collins

    As someone suffering through Cardiomyopathy and CHF at the age of 47 and having been tested twice for transplant I was ready to try anything. The guy is a predator who should be scourged for trying to take advantage of the sick! As a Christian I will pray the sufferings of Christ upon him! And i will pray for forgiveness for my anger toward him. I have three children and a wonderful wife. I pray that I live long enough to see my baby graduate, and for this schmuck to do this is unconscionable!

  • Daniel Kenny

    Always eat the proper foods and hope for the best. Some of our foods act as a natural cure in their own right and some create a problem. For an example: Vinegar on your salads. Vinegar is high in antioxidants. Another Vitamin nutrition is a seaweed vitamin with AFA substance that was found by a researcher named Christian Drepeau. There is a plant from Viet Nam called Mago Xen that can be purchased in the health food stores that is high in antioxidants. My point? Eat healthy. Good luck and happy eating.

    • Daniel Kenny

      Dude, kindly stop using my name to spout your hippie, new age medicinal eating info. I’m 54 years old, I weigh 350 lbs, I got 2 stents in my chest, and I had to stop typing this to light another cigarette. I got a stroke and a heart attack racing to see which one gets to kill me & when the winner is decided, I’m gonna have 3 lbs of somewhat digested dead animal packed in my colon. And here you are running around the internet using my name to tell people to eat seaweed. Please. You’re making me look bad.

      Thank you,

      Daniel Kenny

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