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Americans Elect Alums Gather Around Nick Troiano Campaign to Test New Method for Electing Pols

Three days ago, the Independent Voter Network posted a piece in which it quoted Nick Troiano explaining why he is running for Congress:

Nick Troiano: Part of the reason I’m doing this is to prove a model that can be scaled to other congressional districts in 2016. I want to work with others who are embarking on a new endeavor to recruit, run, and support more independent-minded people. If we can elect around 30, such a group could control the balance of power in Congress…and force both parties to the middle where common ground could be found and the major challenges could be confronted.

I seem to have heard that idea before… but where?

Do you remember what Americans Elect lawyer Daniel Winslow said in October 2012 about the effort to pump $1.75 million in cash from three Wall Street tycoons into the Angus King’s campaign for Senate? Let’s read Winslow’s quote in the Boston Globe:

“If he is successful, Americans Elect will participate in the upcoming election cycle to develop 3, 5, or 10 more Angus Kings representing an independent caucus to bridge the divide between the partisan extremes, to turn the tide of gridlock in Washington, and to put us onto a course of government the American people want and deserve,” Winslow said.

Nick Troiano worked at Americans Elect (and its immediate predecessor Unity08) for two election cycles. And who is working on Nick Troiano’s campaign right now? Look for yourself:

  • Rachel Vierling, who previously worked as a staffer The Can Kicks Back, a vehicle funded by billionaire Peter G. Peterson that Troiano jumped to after he worked on the failing and mysteriously-funded Americans Elect, and then after he worked on the also-failing and also-mysteriously-funded campaign to elect Peterson underling David Walker President of the United States.
  • Blake Wright, a staffer at Americans Elect who jumped to The Can Kicks Back with Nick Troiano afer he jumped, again with Nick Troiano, to the failed Draft David Walker for President campaign.
  • Joe Belsterling, who worked with Americans Elect.
  • Tanvir Faisal, who worked with Americans Elect.

The current political effort by Nick Troiano is just getting curiouser and curiouser. Pay attention.

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