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Bernie Sanders Is #Up4Climate

Tonight, The Guardian reports, two dozen Democratic U.S. Senators are participating in an all-night vigil, discussing the importance of action to confront climate change. It’s a British newspaper, so it takes several paragraphs to note that, in addition to those Democrats, two Senate independents are joining the vigil.

One of those independent senators is 2016 presidential hopeful Bernard Sanders. Sanders comments, “You have got to be involved in this process, because if you are not, the planet we’re going to leave to our kid sand grandchildren will be significantly less habitable than the one we have today.”

Also worthy of note is that, with 24 Senate Democrats taking part in the climate vigil tonight, most of the Senate Democrats are boycotting the vigil. There are a total of 53 Senate Democrats.

Why are the majority of Senate Democrats trying to undercut action to deal with climate change?

Postscript: If you want to follow the gist of the Senate climate vigil, the Twitter hashtag is #Up4Climate.

Update: It now seems that 28 Senate Democrats will participate in the Up4Climate vigil. That means that the majority of Senate Democrats are now taking place… and it’s just a very large minority of Senate Democrats that are boycotting efforts to promote climate activism.

Why bother promoting legislative action to deal with climate change? It’s been rather cold in the eastern half of the United States, right?

The eastern half of the United States isn’t the entire world. Elsewhere, global warming continues. The National Snow and Ice Data Center reports that the surface area extent of Arctic sea ice is at an historic low for this date, two standard deviations below the average from over the last 33 years.


4 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Is #Up4Climate”

  1. Tom says:

    Now that it’s decades too late they want to stay up all night and talk about climate change. Why don’t they talk about a topic that they can actually do something about?

  2. Tom says:

    Climate Change

    New Study Yanks Away Glimmer of Hope on Climate Change

    A September paper by the world’s leading body of scientists studying the effects of human activity on the world’s climate suggested there was a slim chance that greenhouse gas emissions would force global warming to a smaller degree than previously suspected. But a new study yanks the rug out from under that slight bit of optimism.

    The new study, published Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change, suggests that the amount of increase in global temperature for each ton of carbon dioxide we release into the atmosphere may be higher than had been hoped. Climate scientists refer to this relationship as “climate sensitivity.”

    A report put out in September by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change suggested that it was possible that the actual amount of warming for each ton of CO2 emitted might be very low. If that were true, it would give global society a bit more time to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases before catastrophe ensued. But according to Sunday’s paper, the September IPCC report failed to account for the effect of “aerosols” such as smog and fine dust, which reflect sunlight and can cause temporarily lower temperatures in parts of the world with polluted air.
    [read the rest]

  3. Tom says:

    AP: Radioactive material spews into air & sea at Fukushima — Asahi: Exposure levels spike — Nuclear Expert: We don’t even know where 3 melted reactor cores are… it’s not under control at all; Still getting worse 3 years later (AUDIO)

  4. Tom says:

    We can’t even keep up with infrastructure maintenance and people think we can “do something about” climate change.
    As with the tobacco industry (which still exists and boasts a profit every year), we see the nuclear industry, the oil industry, big banking and the military industry all whitewashing the current state of affairs regarding steadily declining net energy, inability to grow enough food (just beginning here in U.S.), loss of potable water, and on and on.

    Our population explosion, predictable as yeast, used up our energy as fast as we could. Some say the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics pretty much dictates our behavior, others disagree, but the net result is we didn’t do anything any differently, even when confronted with the on-going evidence of the consequences of our behavior with regard to not only resources and energy, but also wrt inefficiency and complexity. The signs were there all along (even before the Industrial Revolution pollution was a problem – it’s never improved). Now we have uncontrolled radiation to add to the other predicaments we’ve developed by refusing to consider any other set of living arrangements and the development of capitalism and industrial agriculture [with its reliance on pesticides, herbicides (all of which find their way into the food chain), over use of phosphates and nitrates, run-off of which causes dead zones, and all the rest] high among other human actions in causing our own demise.

    i’m pretty sure the people in power know this now. The military even put out a paper on the coming collapse and how to “deal with” it, and we’re at the beginning. In a few more years we’ll see how vulnerable we really are to all the forces coming at us and we’ll be as overwhelmed as with the Fukushima tidal wave.

    There’s no preparation you can take, there’s nowhere to run, no hiding from it – and surviving for any amount of time will be only to endure more, and more intense, suffering. In conclusion: enjoy your days and act accordingly (lovingly toward existence).

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