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Congressional Contender Nick Troiano Parrots his Billionaire Patron Without Attribution

Mr. Troiano, you have a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree from the prestigious Georgetown University. Surely someone, somewhere along the way to those two fine degrees taught you the fine art of citing your sources. It works like this:

When you pledge your congressional candidacy to the cause of slashing social security, medicare and medicaid while cutting taxes…

And you justify it on the basis of a graphic promising dire economic disaster just around the bend, any day now…

Nick Troiano's Issues page does not cite sources

It is a bad idea to do so without any kind of credit to the author of the graphic or even a link to the original page in which the graphic was embedded…

It is a good idea to mention that this graphic is the creation of the policy network of billionaire Peter G. Peterson

Billionaire Pete Peterson's Dream Scenario of Economic Disaster

It is a very good idea to mention that the very same billionaire Peter G. Peterson has been sponsoring your budding political career through at least the last two election cycles…

It is an excellent idea to note that the scary big red projection is based on a fictional circumstance in which our nation’s laws were changed to make things worse.

Sticking up a unsourced graphic and parroting your billionaire patron? That’s F-level behavior. Fail.

One thought on “Congressional Contender Nick Troiano Parrots his Billionaire Patron Without Attribution”

  1. Bill says:

    Too funny. What a tool.

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