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News item: A gas explosion destroys a church in New York City, killing five out of its sixty members and three others. Fifty-five families are left homeless.

Says a parishoner of the event: ““I thank God. It was wonderful.”

Says the church’s leader of the event: “We thank God for that. The building has come down, but the spirits are alive.”

Says a newspaper of the event: “It was a gift from above.”

Why? Because, although the church is utterly destroyed, and although its membership has been decimated, and although 55 families have lost their homes, the church’s Bible has been found in the rubble.

God causes or allows a church to be blown up. God causes or allows the deaths of five members of that church. God causes or allows dozens of families with dozens of innocent children to lose their homes. But God saves one of the church’s bibles.

Hallelujiah, a miracle?

(P.S. The “miracle” of exploding churches has been noted before.)

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