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Alien Space Probe? Beings Of Light Around The International Space Station?

A group calling itself Secureteam10 claims to have “footage showing a very large flying object” approaching the International Space Station. A video posted by the group does indeed show something odd in the same frame as an external shot of the space station.

What that thing is, it’s impossible to say. It looks and behaves like no physical object ever seen by humankind. Its monochromatic surface seems to change in shape slightly as the video moves forward. Then, partway through the video, the object instantly disappears. Secureteam10 says that the thing in the video is very large, but there’s no evidence for that, as the thing never appears to move behind the International Space Station.

alien space probe

An additional oddity in the video is that the weird-looking thing has much better resolution than anything else in the video.

Does this mean that the thing in the video is a hoax added in through video editing software?

Could the thing in the video be a lens flare, or small speck of dust? If this thing is a lens flair, does that mean that entire extraterrestrial civilizations have been assembled by intergalactic beings of light?

Is it possible that alien visitors purposefully edited this video in order to make their ow spaceship look like a blobby vague blip?

When will the International Space Station break its silence on the matter?

Could this video explain the complete lack of evidence for FEMA concentration camps?

Does a bear shit in the woods?

Is the sky blue?

Will I keep on asking questions until the cows come home?

Will the cows come home?

When will Kris Kardashian comment on the homeless cow crisis?

What is the square root of 57 percent?

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