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Is There Another Species Of Humans – Homo capensis – Enslaving Us All?

Recent episodes of Doctor Who have featured a strange race of humanoid beings, a part of a conspiracy called The Silence. These beings have small faces and huge skulls. They live among us, controlling humanity, but remain a secret, because they have the ability to be forgotten as soon as they slip out of view.

the silenceThese sinister characters aren’t purely an invention of the writers for Doctor Who. For about a hundred years, there have been people who believe in the existence of a second species of humanity, Homo capensis, also known as Boskop Man, and by the biblically-inclined, the Nephilim.

Some assert that Boskoponians are extinct. Among those are Gary Lynch and Richard Granger, who wrote in their book Big Brain, “With their perhaps astonishing insights, they may have become a species of dreamers with an internal mental life literally beyond anything we can imagine.” They base their analysis on old writings, from the first half of the 20th century, commenting on individual human fossils that were found to have large cranial capacities – big brains.

Others, including Karen Hudes, a former legal counsel with the World Bank, believe that Homo capensis survives, and forms a master race, leading elite organizations and using us as slaves without or knowledge. Hudes recently announced during an interview about monetary policy that, “There is a second species on this planet. They’re not extraterrestrials. They’re very much with us. They have made maps in the previous ice age. The remnants of their civilization are all over the place, a lot of time along the coast. It’s submerged, because the sea level has gone by over 400 meters, but this group has large brains. They’re very distinct from Homo sapiens. Their DNA is so different that if the two species mated, their offspring would be infertile, and we know this because their DNA was just tested. There are skulls all over the place on Earth, because they have been with us, but after the ice age, there weren’t that many of them, and so they’ve been hiding, and one of the places that they’ve been hiding is in the Vatican. That’s why the Vatican are wearing those mitres. It turns out that’s also what the high priests wore in the early beginnings of Judaism… Not only is Homo capensis trying to keep human beings under control by divide and conquer using our money system, they have also been doing this with our religions, organized religions, trying to get human beings to hate people of different religious faiths so that they will kill each other off, so that the people in the back of manipulating human beings could stay in, what can I say, to use us like cattle. That’s what’s been going on through our history.”

It is true that ancient skulls with large cranial capacity have been found, but then, ancient skulls with small cranial capacity have also been found. Many with average cranial capacity are also in the fossil record. That’s what would be expected. People have a range of cranial capacity.

Believers in the reality of Homo capensis have also cited skulls that share the basically human cranial shape, but also have odd deformations. These skulls are real, and have been found in different places around the world.

Scientific and anthropological research has concluded that these skulls come not from a separate human species, but from human individuals whose skulls have been transformed. The use of cradle boards and other apparatus with young children has been used at different times of human history to purposefully create elongated skulls, flattened skulls, bulbous skulls, and other unusual cranial shapes. Sometimes, people are born with skulls that have out-of-the ordinary shapes.

People, Homo sapiens people, can be strange. Paleoanthropologist John Hawks refers to the continuing belief in the existence of Homo Capensis, extant or extinct, as “complete lunacy”. His assessment of Boskop Man: “Suppose that we take the “Boskops” story just as a science fiction fairy tale – a story showing that evolution is not synonymous with progress, as the authors imply. I still conclude that much of the other information about brain size in the excerpt is questionable or false.”

homo capensis skulls

140 thoughts on “Is There Another Species Of Humans – Homo capensis – Enslaving Us All?”

  1. Bruce Nappi says:

    While the Boskop Man theory has been pretty well proved false, there is another theory about a higher intellect human that most people don’t know about: the A3 brain. Check out and

    1. Rich says:

      I am not that familiar with the Boskop Man theory. So I cannot make comparisons.
      However, I would encourage you to become familiar with the Paracas skulls from Peru and the work of Brien Forester. The skulls feature a different cranial bone structure than humans.
      DNA tests have been completed and they are not human as we understand human.
      Giant skeletons have been found everywhere across the planet. Giants figure prominently in the oral and written records of ancient people from the Native Americans to the Hebrews. Have you noticed that some of the Pharoahs of Egypt wore the funny hats too? …

      1. Jim Cook says:

        Not to mention Shriners. They wear funny hats, too. And the Pope. And Charlie Chaplin.

        Got a source on those DNA tests?

        1. Micella says:

          Not worth an answer…

      2. Deb Keaghey says:

        Karen Hudes has been told by several ppl that they have seen these “Homocapensis” Beings & that they’re living at the Vatican.

        1. Grenfell Fisher says:

          +Deb Keaghey No, those are just the Nuns, their habit makes their head look bigger.

  2. Filip Sandor says:

    John Hawks should be cautious what science fiction fairy tales he dismisses before there is a real need to dismiss them. The craniums of these homo capensis are not simply deformed – they are MUCH LARGER IN VOLUME – no amount of boarding will ever achieve that. You can deform, but you can’t increase brain mass with boards. Sorry Johnny Boy! Oh and here is something you might want to check out, it relates to that science fiction fairy tale you dismissed earlier as having no basis in reality DESPITE the fact that the fossil heads has LARGER BRAIN VOLUMES than human heads, you super-scientist you!

    1. J Clifford says:

      Filip, you write that the cranial capacity of the skulls in question are “much larger in volume”. Which skulls are you referring to, specifically? Also, what is their volume larger than? Larger than a breadbox? Larger than a ping pong ball?

      Do you mean that the cranial capacity of these skulls are larger than average? Actually, in any population, there will be many individuals that have characteristics below average, and many individuals that have characteristics below average. That’s what an averages are about.

      Do you have evidence that skulls with consistent out-of-the-ordinary morphological characteristics are consistently above average, or was there just one skull that was above average?

      1. kyle says:

        No j Clifford many of the skulls found have volumes much larger than any human skull recorded. Not just above average…

        1. J Clifford says:

          Kyle, please quantify the difference for me between “volumes much larger than any human skull recorded” and “above average”.

          Can you tell me which of those skulls you’re talking about that had a volume larger than any other human skull ever recorded?

          1. kyle says:

            The elongated skulls found in a mass grave in Peru had an average skull volume of 25 – 35% larger and 60% heavier than that of the average homo sapien sapien skull. Modern homo sapien sapien skulls range from 1000 – 1500cc with an average of 1250cc whereas the skulls found in Peru had a cranial volume of 25-35% larger than the average at 1562.5 – 1687.5cc much larger than the homo sapien sapien cranial volume.

          2. Karl R says:

            They were found in a mass grave, they apparently weren’t smart enough to avoid a massacre. There is no other Human or race ruling the Earth, the rulers are men who are serving Satan and he has given them their power and they through networking through secret societies that the Vatican has created or infiltrated, they succeed. Revelation 13 says that the Beast, a Kingdom, Daniel 7:23, which the Vatican is; a Roman Kingdom. The Roman Catholic system is the remnant of the fourth Beast and they are going to control the Earth with the help of the other Beast of Revelation 13:11, the USA.
            The Vatican has always used another kingdom or army to do its controlling and today by using the USA as its army it is doing nothing new.
            God destroyed the the Earth with a flood because man had become uncontrollable, we are almost there again and as in the days of Noah, there will be some who live through the wrath that will come on the Earth because of the lust of man; the deceived man. Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me, John 14:6. Believe it, your eternal life depends on it, read the Book of John, then the New Testament and you will get to know who He is and believe on Him and you will be saved. John 3:16.

          3. J Clifford says:

            There is no way to the father but through you, Karl? Seriously, quoting old books is no substitute for evidence and logic. You can’t convince nonbelievers just by citing chapter and verse for a book that is not sacred to them. We don’t belong to your Book Cult, so you’ll have to try another tactic.

            Have you noticed that the passages you cite sound an awful lot like what an organized crime family might say to one of its marks?

    2. F1l says:

      Skull of “paracas” 2700 – 3200 cc

      1. J Clifford says:

        Wait a minute. A single skull had a cranial capacity of BETWEEN 2,700 and 3,200 cubic centimeters? The skull’s size actually fluctuated?

        That’s amazing!

        What’s more, Kyle’s records indicate that the largest of the skulls never was more than 1,687.5 cubic centimeters, which means that this fluctuating skull you speak of must have, at times, shrunk down to this even smaller size.

        Unheard of!

        Call the News Of The Abormal! Stop the presses! Them thar is pan-dimensional human-alien hybrids!

        1. Wolfborne says:

          Are you an idiot? There have been 200-300 of these skulls found, hence the varying degrees of cranial volume.

          1. J Clifford says:

            Define “these skulls”. How do you classify “these skulls” as a single group, distinct from other human skulls?

          2. tim says:

            wow, you are a genuine imbecile aren’t you clifford. It’s the way you think, not your point of view. I’m sceptical too but you literally can’t have an intellectual conversation, you just infuriate, even me, someone originally of the same point of view ….

          3. J Clifford says:

            It must be the way that you cite evidence to support your point of view, Tim. Thanks for providing the basis for an intellectual conversation by explaining in detail the things that you find so problematic. It’s been very helpful to read this substantive comment.

  3. J Clifford says:

    Kyle, one recent source indicates the average cranial capacity of Homo sapiens is 1300cc:

    According to Richard Milner, in his article “Cranial Capacity”, in the Encyclopedia of Evolution: Humanity’s Search For Its Origins, “Living humans have a cranial capacity ranging from about 950 cc to 1800 cc, with the average about 1400 cc.”

    This higher average cranial capacity of 1400 cc is supported by another recent source, the Tree Of Life:

    According to Ralph Holloway, in his 2009 article, “Cranial Capacity, Neural Reorganization, and Hominid
    Evolution: A Search for More Suitable Parameters” (, the range of cranial capacity in Homo sapiens is about 1,000 cc, which would be roughly from 900 cc to 1900 cc if we accept the 1400 cc average, and from 800 cc to 1800 cc if we accept the lower 1300cc average from Becoming Human.

    These place the “skulls found in a mass grave in Peru” you refer to well within the Homo sapiens range.

    You are referring to the Paracas skulls, I presume. In the article “Exploring artificial cranial deformation using elliptic Fourier analysis of procrustes aligned outlines,” in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology ( the authors found that there was no difference in cranial capacity between the deformed skulls and the non-deformed skulls in the sample from this ancient Peruvian source.

    What are your references, Kyle?

    You haven’t explained tome what the difference is between “volumes much larger than any human skull recorded” and “above average”. You said before that the skulls were not just above average, and now you’re saying that they are just 25% to 35% “larger than the average”. So, which is it, Kyle?

  4. David Johanson says:

    On a recent documentary about the community on Antarctica, a welder from New Mexico was interviewed.
    His name is Pacheco, he is a talented welder, has been quite successful there in Antarctica. Part of his talent
    is due to his abnormally long fingers which, he said , comes from the fact that he is descendant of Inca
    royalty, according to what his mother told him.

    1. J Clifford says:

      I once talked to a guy who could pop out his shoulder joint at will. He said it was because he is a descendent of Genghis Khan, according to what his grandmother told him.

      Anyone have any actual EVIDENCE of any of these kooky claims?

      1. kyle says:

        The elongated skulls have just one parietal bone, explain that please.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Can you give me a source on that? A reference? An actual scientific study, Kyle? For anything that you’ve mentioned?

          1. kyle says:


            This is where I read all this, who knows if it’s true though, I don’t see any references, can’t help but love seeing you get all worked up though lol. To be honest I only started looking into this the other day when Karen Hudes, a whistleblower for the world bank, claimed she received an email from a top banking executive who said he was in a meeting with other top banking executives and in this meeting there was a person very similar to humans but with an elongated head. I thought it was interesting even though it’s hearsay and possibly all Bullshit who knows.

            But having a degree in physical anthropology and archaeology this stuff intreagues me, I would love to get up close and personal to one of these skulls and see for myself. Having said that you should be so quick to dismiss this there may be some truth to it and if there is it’s only a matter of time before we find out

          2. J. Clifford says:

            So you have no actual evidence. I thought so.

            It is entirely reasonable to dismiss outlandish ideas for which there is absolutely no evidence.

          3. kyle says:

            Wow and believing in extraterrestrials isn’t outlandish especially with no evidence to prove otherwise lol man you are one pompous and pretentious prick

          4. kyle says:

            Wrong post my bad, you’re still a pompous and pretentious prick though

          5. Jim Cook says:

            Apparently, J. Clifford, asking for evidence = “pompous & pretentious.” Who knew?

            Thinking about those words pompous means self-inflated beyond proportion, and pretentious means inappropriate and false presentation of importance. Who deserves such adjectives more than people makingwild and unsupported claims about having discovered a new species and a vast conspiracy at the same time?

          6. kyle says:

            Jim cook just because an idea is unsupported doesn’t make it untrue. I can’t say that Karen’s claims are true or not because I wasn’t at that meeting. Just because you can’t find evidence on the internet doesn’t mean it isn’t true. There are plenty of classified documents that although may have information, that seems crazy to your everyday Joe, but is in fact very real. J Clifford and everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe but to put someone down as if they are less of a human, after I agreed there is no evidence, is pretty low and that’s why I called him a pompous pretientious prick which he no doubt is, because he looks down at people who he thinks he’s more intelligent than. Well intelligence is subjective.

          7. Jim Cook says:


            By your standard for believability (“just because you can’t find evidence doesn’t mean is isn’t true”), nearly anything is believable. That’s hardly any standard at all.

            I also believe you have the right to believe whatever you want. But you don’t have the right to insist that other people respect and support your water-thin standard for belief. Other people have the right to ask for evidence for you to back up these wildly odd claims. And if you don’t provide evidence, you should be prepared for people to find your claims weak and without merit — and to say so, which is exactly what J. Clifford has done.

            So which stance is being “presumptious”? J. Clifford is asking for evidence before presuming that the wild story is true. You’re presuming that the wild story is respectable without providing any evidence.

            This is not about intelligence or your worth as a person. There’s no need to personalize this, and J. Clifford hasn’t said anything about your worth as a person. His question (with which I agree) is about the quality of your claim. Insisting that by asking for evidence J. Clifford has somehow victimized you and identified you as sub-human is not helpful.

          8. Karl R says:

            Karen Hudes seems to have spoken truth about the banking system and then been brought into a meeting with Vatican higher ups who explained to her the ways in which they can mess up her life. Now she speaks of things that have never been substantiated and are lunatic and lies. Karen has been bought out or threatened by these people so as to be discredited and the result is that her story about the World Bank and its ties to London and the Vatican aren’t true either, in the minds of many.
            This is a tactic of the secret societies and the Inquisition that has been used for hundreds of years. You either come out with a wacky story or die! The Vatican is behind every evil thing that is happening on the Earth and you need to get right with the Lord and Savior of us all, Jesus Christ and get out of the Roman Catholic cult, if you are in it, Come out of her My people-Revelation 18:4.

      2. Sherry Overstreet Phillips says:

        He probably has Elars Danlos Syndrome.

      3. David Kim says:

        It’s turning out the Huns, probably all the famous “barbarians” Goths Vandals Vikings, were led by Homo Capensis. Tall elongated hats helmets. Savagery, more meat eater side. Domesticating horses. Barbarian tech like compound bow, metal hammer, axe, sword, and sea sailing ships, influences.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Oh, it’s turning out that way, is it? How exactly is that turning out?

          What, are people who wear beanie caps with propellers Homo Capensis, too?

          What about kids who wear dunce caps? Homo Capensis youngsters?

          Do you have any evidence that extraterrestrial-human hybrids were necessary for the invention of metal hammers?

          1. David Kim says:

            Do you know where beanie caps with mind-control propellers come from ?
            And those atrocious mind-control “dunce” caps ?
            It’s a “higher” stealth predator psychopath stinker intelligence.
            Check mate.

        2. richdudeoltorf says:

          Look at the picture of Pharaoh Akhenaten specifically his head. The elongated skull is the special characteristics of Homo Capensis. The volume of the individual’s brain could fluctuate. But the shape of the skull of Akhenaten is certainly not that of average human.
          The genetic mixture of hybrid between Homo Capensis and Homo Sapience can not last more than one generation. The fact that most of the humans in modern society is homo sapience and not homo capensis means the genetic advantage of Homo sapience in terms of procreation. They say Moses was a Homo Capensis with elongated skull. And allegedly he wrote 5 books of old testament including Torah. Bible says he had two children but there is no mention of Moses ever had grand children. It is natural that this people have to be very protective of their bloodline to avoid extinction. So it explains the extremely racially prejudiced doctrine of Torah. The modern day Jews are not Homo Capensis as they have already died off very early in history. What they have is the book called Torah which is a remnant of the doctrine of this extinct species of Homo Capensis. This doctrine of Torah is very destructive to the entire humanity and there is no place for it in the modern society.

    2. sandro says:

      Do not have communities living in Antarctica, only groups of researchers.

  5. Filip Sandor says:

    Clifford, you need to talk to Karen. Don’t worry, she won’t get “scared” that you might discredit this story. In fact she WELCOMES opposition with open arms and will even provide you with relevant documentation if she has it to support what she believes. She’s not a wacko, so just be straight up… and don’t forget to breathe.

    I don’t think anybody who follows and supports her cause is looking for Aliens are woo-woo stuff. We simply want to end the corruption. The fact that these big headed guys even came into play apparently in this corruption was totally unexpected by all of us including her. So yeah, you want more answers, talk to the source who originally brought these skulls (these creatures) up.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Why do I need to talk to Karen, Filip? She has, though there is no evidence at all for any such thing, declared that there is a species of big brained humans, Homo capensis, that is secretly controlling Homo sapiens, enslaving us all in secret.

      If I wanted to talk to delusional people, I’d become a mental health professional.

      What I prefer to do is to confront the conspiracy theories that deluded people like Karen invent. It’s important to have something on the record that points out how very baseless they are, to provide some balance and protection for the gullible.

      You obviously don’t have any evidence for this, Filip. Why are you promoting this garbage? What are you in it for? What’s your angle?

      1. Jake Metro says:

        J Clifford. One thing I do know is, sources for facts about these beings have been removed from the internet a number of times over the years while I was researching other things, it only occurred to me in recent times. Karen Hudes is not delusional and you’re a very sour asshole for saying so. Her credentials all check out, she is who she says she is, she held the positions she claims to have held. You sound like the kind of person to discredit anyone who challenges any mainstream views. There maybe no actually solid evidence at this point that you can find on google but it doesn’t mean the research should end and be flagged as a silly conspiracy theory..well maybe to you it means that but not to intelligent people. We do know such beings existed, and they did have larger cranial capacities on average and DNA tests have been done which prove they were not human. We also know they were in high positions of power and ancient text and pictures show them everywhere. The 300 skulls found in Peru alone are of great interest. Many articles over time have been taken from the public eye, so have exhibitions and public showcasing of skulls at various times, I well recall reading about such things over a decade ago. There’s a growing number of people around the world extremely curious to find out whose at the top of that pyramid including myself, something is obviously very wrong with the world financial system and I couldn’t give a shit if its because of coneheads of little green aliens, its time to find out whats going on because things are getting worse and our so called leaders are not listening to us, the world we soon be destroyed if we let them continue acting against us and blocking the transitions we need to survive. As for everything Karen says outside of the homocapensis topic, it makes absolute perfect sense. She has an immediate intelligent answer for any question in terms of the financial corruption she has worked so hard to expose. The growing curisoty in the scientific and economics community is growing and building momentum quickly and it certainly won’t be slowed down by some random opinionated fuckface on a forum like yourself. No offense I’m sure you’re a nice guy really, but you have the IQ of a maggot. Actually I shouldn’t say that, sorry. That’s not accurate, actually you have the IQ of the early stages of ringworm.
        Cheers, Take care.

        1. J Clifford says:

          “Jake”, you write that “There maybe no actually solid evidence at this point that you can find on google but it doesn’t mean the research should end and be flagged as a silly conspiracy theory..well maybe to you it means that but not to intelligent people. We do know such beings existed, and they did have larger cranial capacities on average and DNA tests have been done which prove they were not human.”

          There is no solid evidence at all that the skulls you refer to are at all non-human – on Google or anywhere else. There have been no replicated DNA tests by anyone qualified to interpret them.

          There is no growing curiosity in the “scientific and economics community” about the idea of Homo capensis, as it’s an idea that was disproven generations ago.

          This Homo capensis stuff is nothing more than rumor and delusion. There is no evidence of a genetically non-human elite controlling the world’s financial system.

          Am I wrong about that? Prove me wrong. Show me the evidence – the actual evidence, not just conspiracy theory web sites claiming that there is evidence.

          It shouldn’t be hard for you to do, as I only have the intelligence of a skin fungus.

          1. Annie says:

            J Clifford – why don’t YOU provide evidence that economic genocide is not being perpetuated by a SMALL, percentage-wise, group of people. How did 480 USA citizens end up claiming as personal wealth, 2.08 TRILLION FIAT $$$$s??!! That is the entire wealth built up by earth civilizations from the industrial revolution at the end of the 19th century until today. Aren’t people INNOCENT until proven guilty? So where is the eveidence that no every person DESERVES to won a a home, like Obama parroted for Wall Street banksters as PRESIDENT of the USA. Can you IMAGINE Kennedy, or even Reagan, saying that kind of crap?

      2. Tim Buda says:

        J Clifford,
        What evidence do you have that God exists, other than a book that was written by men, and told as stories designed to control people. Faith right? Have you ever received a miracle or healing from this God person? Ever meet anyone who can show proof that they were in fact healed by the entity God? Come on man… Why do you find it so hard to believe that aliens (Extraterrestrial Entities) Exist and if they do and have the ability or technology to get to Earth in the first place. Think about our Galaxy… Over 350 billion stars alone… At least 50% of those have solar systems around them. Is it that difficult to think that if they can reach Earth why wouldn’t they create a peaceful way to control the indigenous population to do their bidding or supply them with the resources they require, by creating companies and amassing great wealth. With wealth comes power and with power comes control.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Tim, that’s right. There’s no proof that God exists.

          God is a pretty ridiculous concept to believe in, when you think of it.

          Why don’t you try following that line of thought where it leads, instead of concluding that you don’t need evidence to believe crazy stories about voices from the sky and long-headed aliens infiltrating Planet Earth?

          1. Christine Erikson says:

            God has to exist or nothing could exist. big bang doesn’t explain where the primordial mass came from or why it exploded.

          2. J Clifford says:

            Christine, the fact that and alternative explanation to yours doesn’t cover everything is not a justifiable reason to assert that a divinity invented by a tribe thousands of years ago has to exist as a genuine reality and cause of the universe. The very same problem that you identify with the scientific explanation is there in your religious explanation. where did your god come from? Who was the creator God of your God? Your religion makes no sense. Stop pretending it does. Believe it if you want to believe it, but don’t try to convince me that your religion is a logically founded.

        2. Deb Keaghey says:

          Aliens do exist. I’ve had “4” UFO sightings in my life. The first in 1979. Being a believer in Jesus Christ, I felt impressed to pray for protection. Knew something was up but had no idea what. Soon as I turned down the rd. I saw “3” metallic looking triangular (on their side)what I would call Interstellar Vehicles. Had red & green lights. They were stationary in the air, no sound. I was so freaked all I could do was pray. Then the fear just lifted. Curiosity kicked in & I blinked my lights. No response from the “ships.” I passed in front of them, went home. Told my husband to come see. He wouldn’t (Probably thought it was something else.) I think my faith in Jesus probably kept my son & I from an abduction. Everytime I wanted to read abt. UFOS, I felt I shouldn’t. Yrs. later I bought Whitley Streiber’s books, never read all of them. I had “3” more sightings. The ships were all different. Weird stuff happened. I’ve had exp. with demonic spirits before which seemed to start when I began reading abt Astral Projection, other occult books. I think these “extraterrestrials” are fallen angels, though since Yahweh(God) is an infinite creative Intelligence He has probably created other Beings besides mankind & the Angelic(messengers) species. PPL that claim to have been abducted by Aliens all seem to suffer the same or similar exp. of someone demon possessed. All of world history speaks of interaction with Beings that claim they were from other planets & that they were Gods. Ancient Sumeria, Native Americans; The alien Valiant Thor which gov’t workers claimed he worked with Pres. Eisenhower’s(?) administration. Charles Hall talks of his work in the Army with the “Tall Whites.” I think these Aliens are all part of the Luciferian Agenda to rule the earth convincing ppl he is God so they will give allegiance to him, rejecting Jesus as Savior & Lord & paying for their decision, separated from God in the Lake of Fire. The Bible speaks of the 200 Watcher Angels that were supposed to guard the earth but rebelled against Yahweh & took women for wives whom bore giants who were evil w/o a conscience. This is why the Great Flood occurred. Seems only Noah’s DNA was not contaminated. Bible says he & his family were only righteous on earth. The Book of Enoch elaborates on the DNA splicing these Beings like the Annunaki did. When the Roman church highjacked Christianity, encompassing pagan teachings, they left out certain books to keep info from the ppl bc they are in cahoots with Lucifer, espousing that One World Religion & One World Gov’t. Pope Francis has many rumors abt him being a Luciferian which just abt all world globalists are. The Bible tells truths but you must study with Hebrew & Greek concordances & have the Spirit of God dwelling in you to understand. Things happening today are written in Scripture. Perhaps the “man of Sin”(anti-Christ) is Maitreya. He has been seen with U.N. delegates. Kissinger says he is his choice for the NWO leader. I believe he is a Nephilim(human-angelic hybrid.) PPL have seen him perform supernatural feats. Or at least dematerializing or astral projecting which is something anyone can learn but could be dangerous. The truth is we are a fallen race that have inherited our proclivity to be led by our bodily & soulish impulses. Happened in Eden which many think is a fairy tale. That is why Jesus was incarnated as a man; to show who God is & to die as as a sacrifice for our sins bc justice demands sin’s payment. Over 500 ppl saw Jesus resurrected. Josephus(think it was him) wrote of Him in history. If you trust in Him, His Spirit will dwell in you, assuring you of God’s forgiveness. You’ll receive enlightenment & power to live an overcoming life. God will use you in supernatural ways, you will begin to “know” the Creator. The world seems to be spiraling towards the One World Gov’t & One World Religion scripture speaks of. The Elite speak of wanting to take private ownership away. They feel they have the right to rule over us & they want us for their controlled slaves. (A feudal system of sorts.) Research Agenda 21. Read up on Masonry & how the 33rd degree masons believe Lucifer should be God. This is what the world is going to culminate to. Lucifer/Satan ruling thru his chosen man during the Great Tribulation. No one will be able to participate in Economics (can’t buy or sell) w/o taking his “mark” which appears to be an RFID chip. I think it may alter the DNA resulting in one being better controlled. Probably with promises of great longevity. But Jesus will return to set up his kingdom in Jerusalem near the Trib. end & His servants will round up all the Luciferians & they will receive their just judgment. I felt I should relay this info to you. It’s all true whether you think I’m bonkers or not.

  6. jamie says:

    Ok, this is my take on the Karen Hudes thing for what it’s worth.
    I believe that the powers that be / illuminati / elite or whatever you want to call them are planning a fake Alien invasion and are conditioning us via these Government shills to be more accepting of the Alien or big brained being takeover idea in order that we accept the false Alien attack when it happens. Google project bluebeam.
    This will provide them with the next ‘villain’ after Nazi’s, Communists, terrorists etc.
    They put these peoople out there for a while first to gain followers with their high credibility and background then suddenly when they have a load of followers they spout all this other worldly garbage. Seriously, I would welcome the information if there was ANY proof (like living proof or maybe a skull of recently deceased with DNA evidence, not 3000 yr old as that doesn’t prove anything about TODAY)
    Don’t believe this false flag when it happens. Untie peacefully then they cannot use their fear mongering divide and conquer tactics.

    Love… xx

    1. J Clifford says:

      Jamie, why do you believe this? Do you have any evidence to justify your beliefs? The Project Bluebeam conspiracy was supposed to be completed by 1983. That’s 31 years ago.

      1. kyle says:

        Seriously j go fuck yourself nobody needs to justify their beliefs to you.

        1. J Clifford says:

          No, but Jamie went ahead and did it anyway. You chose to justify your beliefs to me also. You both asked me to just presume that extremely outlandish conspiracy theories about alien invasions are true, despite the complete lack of evidence for them.

          Why did you do that, if you didn’t want me to respond? Were you presuming that people just pipe up, saying things like “Human-alien hybrids are enslaving me in secret,” then sit down, and everybody else will just say “Thanks for sharing”?

          1. jamie says:

            I wasn’t justifying my beliefs I was stating them. I didn’t ask you to believe or presume anything but merely shared my thoughts with you.
            I would invite you to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. I’m sure you have. My reasons are many for the conclusions I have come to but I am not a detective and do not document it in order to justify myself to anyone, I may not be correct (I hope im wrong) and my views are subject to change.

            Personally I have no doubt that the government are capable of a hoax invasion, knowing what they have done in the past and being awake to their extensive smoke & mirror tactics I wouldn’t even consider it outlandish. This is unfortunate to say the least but it seems to be the situation we are in. Like I said. I hope I’m wrong.
            I would say though that with the hundreds of so called credible people disclosing UFOs and alien cover ups with no real proof is very suspicious, many of these people Seem to work for the government. They don’t seem mad so what does that leave? Either we are not alone or they are government shills. My vote is on the last one. But that’s just my vote 😉

    2. Wyatt Powers says:

      Ever heard of ISIS? I think that would fit this, we’ve already found out that they spent $520 million to make fake videos…

  7. Warrior says:

    I would like to say all the evidence regarding the proof is real fact. The race of homo capenses is truly unrelated and proven to exist from DNA profile. Not only do fossils exist which clearly show two hemispheres to outer skull not three as in homo sapiens. The traitors to the human race are the royal families and the rothchild Zionist murderers. We all need to make this viral and flush out this race that is nothing more than our enemies. We humans are not taking your crap anymore.

    1. Jim Cook says:


      Great! You’ve got their DNA profile. Can you share that, please, ideally with some biosamples? That’s how you would show that you’re not just whistling Dixie.

      1. Jim Cook says:

        And this is always where the conversation drops off. I will never get a biosample that contains material from which Warrior’s alleged “DNA profile” could be obtained. Neither will any other third party.

        People are complaining about a simple request for evidence and proof, and that such a request is somehow snooty or arrogant or lah-dee-dah — but notice that Warrior asserted the existence of evidence and proof and even a “DNA profile.” Warrior begins with that claim. What’s wrong with responding to the claim and asking him to lay down what he says he holds?

        Here’s the rub. Stories are fine as fiction. But these stories about homo capensis and a secret conspiracy aren’t just aspiring to be fictional stories; they’re stories that a) claim to be true, and b) if true, require a massive reprioritization of the activities of homo sapiens on Earth. Given the consequences of accepting the claim as true, what’s wrong with asking for some actual evidence before taking the claim seriously?

        1. Bill says:

          The physician’s rule of thumb applies in so many cases: When you hear hoofbeats look for horses, not zebras.

          1. J Clifford says:

            Or, in our culture, look for a screen showing a movie with horses in it, not for horses.

          2. Bill says:

            Whaddaya mean “our”? There are eight horses grazing outside my kitchen window right now. No zebras, though.

          3. J Clifford says:

            Yer a scurrilous furriner!

          4. Jim Cook says:

            I like that saying.

          5. Bill says:

            Yeah. Kinda encapsulates Occam’s Razor in a way that all can intuitively grasp.

  8. Jerry says:

    There is plenty of documentation, some being 40000 years old that speak to the notion of man being enslaved by superior creatures. The fact that this strange subjects are being discussed, within the context of not having sufficient evidence to make it a scientific fact, does not detract for the probability of them being true.

    We always say man has not learned from his mistakes and continues to commit atrocities despite past experiences. I personally believe that man has learned from them yet it would seem there is a supra-force making man, or those in power, repeat past mistakes or incur in behavior that is evidently not the natural course of action.

    Filip and all those that support his views add to the conversation and make life more interesting while leaving doors open, irrespective how speculative they may be.

    I do not appreciate the inquisitional tone of the attacks. And history is full of cases where what was believed to be fiction was proven, in not too long of a time period, to be true.

  9. Jerry says:

    There was also a commission that put out a report about HOW and WHO killed JFK. Yet most reasonable, thinking individuals, many PhDs and Ivy League professors included, know that one sole individual did not kill the POTUS.

    1. kyle says:

      Amen Jerry! Inquisitional tone exactly! Very condescending as well. I have no respect for people like that.

  10. Irish says:

    J Clifford—Touche sir. Jim Cook… likewise. Reading this thread for the same reason I believe everybody is… it’s interesting. That being said, are you here just to “prove” this isn’t true? Because the mindset that no proof of something, proves it isn’t…. is just as incorrect as the claim that this discussion was not about intelligence, or your worth as a person. As the almost very next post…Mr. Clifford used words like “delusional” to describe those trying to look for real answers. And citing definitions, badgering the opposition to show you proof, is nothing more than a challenge of intellect, requiring them to prove it to YOU or it by definition is incorrect. Sorry sirs, your incorrect… and the battle of dominance can stop now, the burden of proof is on the person trying to prove the accuser wrong beyond shadow of doubt. To say that lack of proof, is proof in itself that “it” doesn’t exist, says that the term “faith” is the dumbest word in the dictionary. Stating things like,” You both asked me to just presume that extremely outlandish conspiracy theories about alien invasions are true, despite the complete lack of evidence for them”? Are you a religious man? Because in order to be a religious man, you need to believe in faith, and a deity, with which there is no proof… unless you include controversial evidence that is. If you are a religious man… in almost any form around the world… it claims in your religion that God, Gods, Star people, etc… came here long ago and mated with human women. Born of a virgin ring a bell? If you are a science minded person…which you have put to be seen here at least in an attempt. You should know of the staggering amount of things being found that we didn’t know existed, buried civilizations older than the pyramids… found in 2001, animals never seen before… every year now. These things that are physical on this planet… are proving this mindset wrong on a daily basis. For years scientists said the world was flat, center of the universe, the only life supporting planet… when people said…” yea that’s not true”…what was demanded of them? Proof!!!! Which we ended up showing in time. Facts are sirs… you nor I, know what is or is not possible on this planet, and we have only been tricked, or fooled into thinking we do. String theory is gaining how much momentum? Anti matter? Anti gravity studies? Renewable energy sources have been proven to exist… yet covered up. The Sr-71 wasn’t known ( to many anyway) to exist until what the late 80’s? Built in 1950’s it was, top speed still classified top secret… unclassified top speed mach 3.4. Lack of evidence, should be a moot point in pretty much any argument these days, (when dealing with the government that is). Denied for years, people who saw it were crazy… nothing could fly that fast, no U.S. planes look like that…. yet now I can walk up and touch it at The Air Force Museum. 50-60 yrs ago computers took up an entire room…if you would have told someone then that computers would one day fit in the eye of a needle…they would have locked you up. So delusional… would be a relative term. Your implied delusion? From what? Your accepted lie?

    1. kyle says:

      Amen Irish well said!

    2. J Clifford says:

      Irish, your argument falls apart when you presume that I am a Christian. You cannot back me into the corner of conceding that supernatural beings come to mate with human beings all the time. They don’t. Any old stories saying that they do are allegorical, not interpreted by perceptive people as literal historical events.

      The fact that there have been secret airplanes that the general public didn’t know about is not sufficient grounds for the belief that we are all the slaves of giant-skulled extraterrestrial-human hybrids.

    3. Jim Cook says:

      Hi, Irish.

      1) You ask whether I’m here to “prove that this isn’t true.” Nope. I’m here to point out that there appears to be no proof that the astonishing and consequential claim is true. If true, this “homo capensis” conspiracy claim would require that we take extreme action to change the way we live our lives, so it’s entirely reasonable to ask for proof of the claim before taking any such action.

      2) I’m not a religious person, so justification of your belief by references to my supposed religion are irrelevant.

      3) Your assertion that “the burden of proof is on the person trying to prove the accuser wrong beyond shadow of doubt” requires that we take seriously any claim that can’t be proven wrong. So fine, here’s a claim for you: your body and brain are being controlled by minnows in a stream down the road who hold tiny remote-controlled devices. Go ahead and prove me wrong, beyond a shadow of a doubt. According to YOU, the burden of proof is on YOU to show me that it isn’t true. You can’t. So should you really take my minnow conspiracy claim seriously, or should you change your standard and ask that I provide some kind of verifiable evidence of this before you accept the claim? I really, really hope you agree with me that the latter approach is appropriate, because if you don’t you’re quite vulnerable to being manipulated by others.

      4) Lots of astonishing claims people make turn out to be true. Lots of astonishing claims people make turn out to be untrue. We know the difference by looking for evidence, and it is entirely reasonable to refrain from accepting astonishing claims until evidence is provided.

      5) If this approach makes me snooty or presumptious or arrogant, then go ahead and toss a scarf around my neck and call me Little Lord Fauntleroy.

    4. stefanpaul says:

      Irish, you misunderstand tactical debate. Debate etiquette has long been established that the burden of proof lies with the one who makes the assertive claim to the contrary of commonly accepted knowledge. In other words, if the general unwashed public doesn’t believe in your claim, it is up to you to provide support for your claim; otherwise, it can be dismissed as a fairy tale with no credibility, until such time as you provide proof to support the claim.

      It’s been interesting to read this thread, but ultimately I’d have to say Clifford has carried the day. And in reality, I believe he’s the most likely candidate to be willing to change his opinion in the face of proof to the contrary of his current stance, whereas the rest of you…? I’m seeing you refusing to believe anything but that which you have already convinced yourselves is the “real, hidden truth” right now, despite lack of evidence to support your claims.

      That’s all I have to say, really. Remember: true science is a skeptic, but an open-minded one.

  11. jamie says:

    Yes, well said Irish.

  12. Bill says:

    More popcorn, please!

    1. jamie says:

      Bill, you can share mine, it’s toffee flavoured.

    2. Christine Erikson says:

      yeah, this is a good show. “no offense…but you have the IQ of a maggot.” I put that one on facebook, hilarious.

      BTW who would be the creator God of my God – no one. God by definition is the One (subsisting as Three) Who is before all else, exists in himself taking His arising from nothing and no one but Himself, and is outside of and precedes all time and space and physical laws, etc. etc. being the inventor of same.

      1. Juniper says:

        BTW, who would be the creator pickle of my pickle? No one!

        Pickles are by definition the One (subsisting as Three – the Cucumber, the Dill, and the Holy Brine) who is before all else, existing in itself arising out of nothing and no one but itself, and is outside of and precedes all time and space and physical laws, etc. etc. being the inventor of same.

        And that makes about as much sense as what Christine said.

  13. Mr. J Cricket says:

    The truth is a destination humans will never arrive at as they can not agree on the route they need to take to get there. People do not DESERVE the company of good people because they ARE good people. People NEED the company of good people to BE good people. Until the human race can learn to take responsibility for the person next to them the truth is irrelevant. Its the difference between standing and working together to uncover the truth and being divided and concurred. The only TRUTH I see in this thread is that humans don’t need someone to enslave them as presented with the opportunity they will enslave themselves.

    1. J Clifford says:

      The truth is irrelevant? Okay, so then, I say that all the money in your bank account is really mine. And who are you to say any differently, as long as people aren’t standing and working together? When can I expect the cash to be delivered to my home?

      1. Mr. J Cricket says:


        You are failing to get the point because you take things out of context much like the worlds religions. I never said; “The truth is irrelevant.” I said Until the human race can learn to take responsibility for the person next to them the truth is irrelevant. In laymen terms, if you are never going to find your way to the destination then it does not matter what the destination is. If you still don’t understand the perspective and have a desire to, just let me know and I’ll try to help you. As far as the money goes, if you can send me a mailing address, when the rest of the human race understands the perspective and starts sending each other money, You will be the first person on my list to send money to.

  14. caperash says:

    I am not sold on it simply because I would like to see photographs and names of living homo capensis (like the guy at the meeting in Portugal!), but from a link supplied above, in terms of ‘scientific evidence’ (which of course is meaningless as a term unless one can verify everything oneself in person):

    “The results of a DNA analysis of one of the skulls are now back, and Brien Foerster, author of more than ten books and an authority on the ancient elongated headed people of South America, has just revealed the preliminary results of the analysis. He reports on the geneticist’s findings:

    It had mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far. But a few fragments I was able to sequence from this sample indicate that if these mutations will hold we are dealing with a new human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans.

    – See more at:

    There is a video interview with him and, as is the norm with Youtube, there are many other vids with Brian F you can look at.

    On the surface, though, if it is true that these skulls are of a species different from homo sapiens, that is interesting. As to whether or not they run secret societies pulling the strings today, frankly that is an entirely different thesis and again, we should see evidence of these people today otherwise I for one simply won’t buy the premise.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Another link on this “news” here:

      Notice that the claim is that they have DNA evidence, but they haven’t shared it, and (via the link I provided) that the geneticist has a secret identity because they don’t want to share that identity or the DNA evidence until the evidence is “conclusive.”

      Translation: proof’s not in yet, but that doesn’t stop the tongues from wagging.

      1. Bill says:

        Jim, here’s a little useful perspective on Brien Foerster’s stunningly irresponsible announcement. Assuming for the moment (against all odds) that what he claims (on YouTube, no less) is true — that a reputable forensic molecular geneticist analyzed one sample from one Paracas skull, and found that its mitochondrial DNA haplotype is unique (unlike any other human mtDNA haplotype in GenBank), just how big a deal is this? Answer: not a big deal at all. Happens all the time.

        As but one example, consider this recent scientific report published in PLOS ONE, involving a haplotype analysis of Maoris, which discovered three (count ’em, three!) novel motifs (novel in the sense of never having been seen before). Amazingly, these authors somehow resisted the temptation to suggest from their results that the Maoris come from outer space. Go figger.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Bill, you can’t PROVE that the Maoris didn’t come from outer space.

          Seriously, your observations point out a disturbing undercurrent of ignorance of human diversity within the Homo capensis conspiracy theory. It seems quite common for racism to underlie conspiracy theories that, at first glance, appear to be just harmlessly kooky.

          1. Bill says:

            Well, to be fair, J, how many people know a mitochondrial haplotype from a hole in the ground? Or realize that each and every haplotype cataloged in GenBank was ‘unique’…until it wasn’t? Or understand that amplifying, sequencing, or even just interpreting archeological DNA samples is fraught with methodological challenges that make it quite tricky business that even most card-carrying scientists aren’t qualified to do? I’m totally a fan of today’s ‘open’ science trend…there’s so much that ‘civilians’ can help with. But whether it’s open science or open auto body repair, a civilian still needs to know what the hell he’s talking about before he can make a meaningful contribution to the conversation. That, plus he needs to be ever watchful for charlatans who hope to make a quick buck from their upcoming Indiegogo campaigns.

  15. Mr. J Cricket says:

    Speculation is the first step to discovery. Some great finds Caperash and Cook. Thanks for the info. We need to compile all the data and research we all have gathered on the premise and try to find any connections that can be made. Hopefully we can find one or more connections that could help us verify the premise as true or false. However in the event we can verify it to be false that does not mean we are not on the right path.

    1. Bill says:

      “Speculation is the first step to discovery”
      True as far as it goes, but unchecked and uninformed speculation is also the first step to madness.
      “help us verify the premise as true or false’
      You can’t prove a negative. No, really, you can’t.
      “in the event we can verify it to be false that does not mean we are not on the right path”
      So…what you’re saying is, even if you’re wrong you’re still right? Sweet. I have so been doing science wrong all my life.

      1. Jim says:

        The thought system of a true believer: no observation of any kind can shake their belief.

  16. Nick says:

    Why oh why do you waste your energy?. People, especially lonely or with low self esteem, will always look for ways to make their lives more appealing.

    IMostly, it’s a defense mechanism. It exists primariy in people bullied during adolescence, or who live an unexciting life. Also, occurs more often in people without higher education or who are not well travelled.

    These people feel empty, sad and jealous of the “elite”, so in order to cope with those feelings they need to make themselves feel special by creating a self importance based on the knowledge of some highly trascendental information that will make them part of an “elite”. This defense mechanism overrides any “need” of logical proof and clouds reason-based judgment.

    There’s also another kind of people who usually champion these claims without any evidence. Dumb people.

    The first kind can be “cured” by life, usually if they manage to find a meaning or come up with something in which they are good at, bolstering their self esteem. For the second kind, there’s no cure.

    In any case, there’s no need to argue with them, reason is pointless as it is not something that their judgment process takes into consideration when pondering variables

    1. J Clifford says:

      Here’s why it’s important.people who promote conspiracy theories about homo capensis use people’s credulity to promote holocaust denial, global warming denial, evolution denial, and other dangerous right wing frauds. See:

      1. Annie says:

        Economic genocide is going on right now, J Clifford. PRIMA FACIE evidence all over the place, so YOU have the burden of proof that it isn’t, as far as I am concerned.

        GOOD people are going down FIRST – 40 million USA citizens have 50K missing from their life’s savings DUE TO TARGETED UNEMPLOYMENT of people who DID have access at one time to the data/proof that you keep asking for now.

  17. Nathan Prue says:

    Just learning about this.

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  20. DaTRUT AISI says:

    You all seem to know a great deal about this subject. Don’t let it give you a big head.

    1. Annie says:


  21. K. Emmanuel says:

    Sad: and unbelievable that this is who we are.

  22. Annie says:

    The Urantia Book – it’s all in there.

    No one on this thread is going to like what they read in that book. But the fact that NO ONE knows about this book is VERY INTERESTING, no?

    Economic genocide IS going on….PROVE that it isn’t.

  23. david kim says:

    Heard “Man in the Iron Mask” was probably a Homo Capensis. That would place at least one in France as recent as 1700. As of 2014, that’s just 314 years ago. Getting closer.

    1. david kim says:

      Woodrow Wilson, 5’11”, 1856-1924 (68). Compare pictures of Wilson to Akhenaten; longer jaw, longer sharper teeth, larger eye orbits, larger ear lobes, longer skull. Physiology of a more developed predator. Signed Federal Reserve Act 1913, the enslavement of America. World War I outbreak 1914, sinking of Lusitania false flag 1915, US outwardly acknowledged involvement 1917. Dianne Feinstein, 5’10”, 1933 – present (81). John Kerry, 6’4″, 1943 – present (70). Abraham Lincoln, 6’4″, “abolition” of slavery, Civil War 1861-1865. Lyndon Johnson, 6’4″, Golf of Tonkin false flag, Vietnam War. All persons of interest regarding crypto (secret, hidden) hominid species, predatory towards homo sapiens humans. Looking into hive mind characteristics; hierarchy, rule, specialization, compartmentalization, lack of empathy, megaliths, large structures, large machines, large technology.

    2. David Kim says:

      “The Headless Horseman” would put one in 1800 USA New York state. That’s only 200 years ago. Why else would they wear those ridiculous George Washington wigs ?

  24. david kim says:

    We’re doing it people. Cannibalism, head-shaping (artificial cranial deformation), tooth shaping, large structures built with futuristic precision and power, appear to be following other signs associated with elongated skull Homo Capensis, who were carnivorous, did not have molars. “Man in the Iron Mask” would place one in 1700 France, which coincides with what the video mentions as an area of medicinal cannibalism between 16th and 18th centuries. Also corn, “maize”, is amazing, has more genes than a Homo Sapien, was cultivated from a wheat-like grass, a feat that many doubt could be replicated even today. Incredible as it seems, all points to the narrative that Homo Capensis cultivated Homo Sapiens like “humans” domesticate cattle/oxen/other humans today, for burden/slavery, entertainment/pleasure, and to eat/food.

    1. david kim says:

      Homo Capensis rules humanity through the Pope. He is the only one who answers to Homo Capensis, and the one who has his finger on the button. Keep in mind the Jesuits were kicked out of 1600 Nagasaki. Astonishing:

      Tony Gambino’s take:

  25. david kim says:

    I knew it! We’re delicious! –
    What does human meat taste like? | Martin Robbins

  26. JP says:

    I like to keep an “open mind” and realize there are certain things about our reality here on this planet that we haven’t yet discovered, even in this century.

    My question is, why hasn’t anybody ever seen one before, alive? Where the hell are they hiding? I mean, is the Vatican that large to hide a whole race of people?



    1. david kim says:

      Under the Vatican.
      Under a castle:
      Inside a mountain:
      Maybe where Turbans, Burkas, tin foil hats, or other big head cover is popular ?
      Turkey, Egypt, Canada, Crimea, Syria, Egypt, Peru, China keep coming up.
      I don’t think they live in the US though because they want to escape the surveillance and strong magneto spin energy beams.
      Bittorrent – Sabbah – Secrets of the Exodus
      —– Psalm of David
      The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
      He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
      He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.
      Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
      Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine [eaters]: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
      Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the [tummy] of the Lord for ever.

    2. david kim says:

      They are all over under pre-Nazi San Jose, Agnews Mental Asylum 1885, mind control capital of the world. The cube on Mt Hamilton, the “observatory” on top of east San Jose foothills. Stanford Hospital/University, Palo Alto hills. California. There ain’t nothin down there. Just a lot of dirt. Trying to find out how they are moving all the dirt. See Mysterious Holes in Siberia, Russia.

    3. David Kim says:

      Leonarda Da Vinci was a Homo Capensis ? He worked for the Borgia illuminati family, the Pope. Even lived in the Vatican. Look at his works. Evidence shows Homo Capensis were realists. The Sphinx was a realistic full standing likeness of Homo Capensis Pharaoh. The lion body was just cover up. 10,000+ years old. Why did they cover up the age ? It’s obvious. Check it out for yourself.

  27. Chilli says:

    J Clifford – you’re so pompous in your replies! Try not to be such a tool!

    1. J Clifford says:

      I do try not to be a tool, but the alien-human hybrids have such a tight grip on my handle!

  28. Homo Smartus says:

    Homo Capensis huh? All I see are a bunch of Homo sexuals. Dorks!

  29. Comic Book Artist says:

    This sounds like a comic book in the making!

    1. david kim says:

      You bet your comic book dollar! Crypto – secret or hidden; not publicly admitted: See “Cryptoterrestrials” by Mac Tonnies, and Youtube. In 2009 he died of cardiac arrhythmia at the age of 34. I believe that he was killed by the cryptoterrestrials and their magneto spin bubble ray gun that uses the magnetic nature of the universe, a wholeness, over time-distance from a concealed location. Think regular defibrillator, with travel time, Tesla’s death ray, 911 WTC, space shuttles Columbia and Challenger, Malaysian flight MH370, John Kennedy Junior, Roosevelt, Reagan, Steve Jobs, Hugo Chavez, Gagarin, Amelia Earhart, Evita Peron. The list goes on and on. They seem to hate the fact that people can fly, ie when pigs fly, and have interest in genetics, ie race/sex. Think carnivorous elongated skull large brain hominids, indigenous to this planet, as similar to us as we are to chimpanzees, ie 99%, created religion, control media, Vatican Jesuit Pope, Yehudim/Jews, monoliths, stonehenge, head-shaping, tooth-shaping, cannibalism. Egyptian pharaohs Akhenaten, Nefertiti and their son Tutankhamun, Hittites, Ottomans, coneheads from France, Man in the Iron Mask. Language, Hebrew, Yod-Yod, Yoda, iota, dot, god, hiding, milieu control, mind control, MKULTRA, controlled substances act, “new-clear”.

  30. MM says:

    While all this debating is entertaining, can anyone say with certainty who the Nephilim were (as is mentioned in the Book of Genesis)? The Sumerians wrote about Anunnaki in texts that are dismissed as mythical.

    Ironically, someone in this forum mentioned evolution-denial, when in fact, scientists can’t prove the widely held belief that we evolved from simians. I believe that is what the missing link is all about.

  31. Dean Britton says:

    I suggest that J Clifford is one of them (big heads as Karen calls them) because his big ole brain has an affinity to insult first, not debate. He or it is also Jim. They always make another account name to support their quibble. I have noticed this in my in knowledge of this whole conspiracy which really is absolutely TRUE regarding financial domination. If you want to know the truth in many, almost ALL questions in life then follow the money back to the truth. I have been saying for years now (since I ran from my Christian roots, and church) that the Bible is nothing more than A: A slave owners handbook. B: Salvation to the slave. ( you would not want your slaves to commit suicide on you would you?)Are you religious J Clifford? We all know there is no proof for God, yet we (I too) have faith the truth will reveal itself some day. Who cares really cares what you think Jim or J whatever…you cant hide your real self forever, and we are all wasting keystrokes on you, better than valuable breath I say. Go back under your rock.

  32. Sam says:

    As in the days of Noah!!!!!
    I have a photo which is a depuction of the fallen sons of God- revealing themselves in cloud formation…..
    Maranatha na

    1. J Clifford says:

      Show us the photo. Show us.

  33. Satan says:

    J Clifford is a troll/agent and a knob-end. Ignore him.

    1. J Clifford says:

      I’m an agent? Of whom? Please tell me where I can go to get my paycheck. I could use the money.

      Ignore me, by all means, but don’t ignore the facts. The facts, in this case, are that there is no scientific evidence of any reality to the existence of Homo capensis.

  34. Craig says:

    Well, my correspondence with Ms Hudes has indicated to me very quickly that she is not well qualified to speak authoritatively and credibly on the esoteric subject of the so-called ‘secret government’. Not one bit. She is not a credible commentator.

  35. Ric says:

    dumb ass or disinformant to sway the general populace, you really think we would believe a skull could be big stretched? that far? not slight. Cover the truth again.

  36. Carlos porlan says:

    These cone heads were the pharaohs of Egypt who went underground after Rome became the world power. They are still here and all elite governments are in lieu with this race. They take our gold in periods of years and give it to the cone heads. Our governments aren’t human! We must take over all governments and replace with humans or our end is very near! Every 4000 years they eradicate humanity, we are due soon! Blue blood royalty has alien Dna. This is of utmost seriously important! We have never been alone!

  37. Faiths Burden says:

    J. Clifford…
    Your arguments are nonsense.
    They are circular.
    Your reasoning is childish.
    You are only attempting to frustrate people
    with a straw man dance.

    Your “religion” of science is dying.
    You are a relic of corrupt cult who’s god is dead !

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  40. K. M. Kelly says:

    Are all these comments from people with previous head injurys sometimes substatuting other thots will help slo w your pain some hurt more than others keep thinking your cure is pent up within all your collective touts whether pre conceived Or inherent keep thinking clarity does occur hopefully you’llnotice some and see’s the moment then share not compare as a species we work better together think on the thot war s are just begining. Relic has added

  41. Christine Erikson says:

    the capensis skull is not a myth look at the photo. as for the paracas skulls, the skull sutures are wrong for a human. I don’t buy Hudes’ ideas entirely, and the “alien abduction” scene shows they CAN hybridize fertilly (spelling?) with us. with that skull size, however, childbirth must have been impossible unless the infant skull is very small and grows later, or perhaps these are themselves something extremely weird….a humanoid marsupial? perhaps they are the result of genetic engineering themselves. or the women had VERY large hips. this is not typical of the greys, so likely are egg layers like platypus and echidna, or marsupial.

    A Possible History of Life on Mars which I wrote on Amazon kindle deals with this.

  42. Christine Erikson says:

    oh, and, yes, Jesus is the only way to God the Father. However, there are little hints in the Bible that show that nonhumans are included in eternal life and the new heavens and new earth, Revelation 5:13 is a strong example if not the strongest,

    1. Jim Cook says:

      That’s not true, Christine. I got to him by taking the I-19 bypass, then heading south on Erickson St.

      1. Christine Erikson says:

        ha ha. if you got to God by driving that way, then you did so because Jesus was helping you drive whether you knew so or not.

  43. josip broz says:

    Jebo te narod pa sta ce bit s nama ljudima ako tako nastave. Ludilo rodjaka mi mog.

    1. Christine Erikson says:

      yes, but….such measures do not change the number or positioning of skull “sutures,” or the cranial capacity itself.

  44. David says:

    Nephilim, Annunaki, Reptilian shape shifters, oh my! We did it people! No more need to search the heavens anymore because they’ve always been right here on this Earth. Neanderthal is in fact Capensis.
    A 2007 genetic study suggested some Neanderthals may have had red hair and blond hair, along with a light skin tone.[83]
    A 2013 study of Neanderthal skulls suggests that their eyesight may have been better than that of modern humans, owing to larger eye sockets and larger areas of the brain devoted to vision.[84]
    Neanderthals are known for their large cranial capacity, which at 1600 cm3 is larger on average than that of modern humans.

  45. HumanX says:

    There is many differences between the Homo capensis and Homo sapiens.
    Just by looking at the skull.
    They have 2 parietal plates, we humans have 3
    They have 2 foramens or pin holes in the back of the head, we have none
    They have 24 teeth and molars, we have 32
    Bone density is 65 % heavier
    They have 10 ribs, we have 12
    Average height for males is 7 feet, for females is 6
    They are found all over the world, Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, North America etc. buried with the finest clothes from the time period, some are found with gold or silver figurines and lived among people. Indicating they were rulers of men.
    Brain size 25% larger than human. A whale’s brain is by far larger than human, but most of the brain is used for maintaining bodily functions. Many other factors also affect intelligence, the best indication of them being smarter, is their social status. But that can also be obtain by deception. The most intelligent way to enslave a society is by controlling their currency. Using the flaws and weaknesses of their hosts, more like a parasite with no sympathy morality or emotions. A true intelligence is creation not destruction. If they have gone extinct is apparently for a lack of social intelligence and the reason why humans have progressed.
    If they truly still exist, their numbers are small, and probably afraid of us. Possibly blogging, trying to convince everyone they don’t exist. Also trying to reduce our population. And now I’m fueling conspiracy theories so I’ll stop. But there is a secret society controlling our currency in the world. If you are a religious person, which I’m not. What was the only time Jesus Christ resorted to violence? Outside the temple against the money changers, the Bankers of today. Because he could not imply to their morality, because they have none. OK I’ll stop now.

  46. richdudeoltorf says:

    Moses is known to be one of the elongated skulled Homo Capensis. That means that the five books of the old testament was written by Homo Capensis. The extreme racial prejudice of Torah can only be understood from this perspective. From Homo Capensis’s point of view, intermarriage with humans (Homo Sapience) means the extinction of their species. They may not have known the exact DNA mismatch between the elongated skulled people and the normal humans like our modern science as they look almost the same but by experience they knew their species are susceptible to extinction by interbreeding with humans. The almost phobic dissociation from their neighbors by the Jews in the Torah, by the command of their god can only be explained from this perspective.

    1. Christine Erikson says:

      firstly, nothing is known of Moses’ appearance and nothing in the account of him indicates anything like this.

      secondly, the reason for the isolation is clear: initially, to keep them from contamination of sin and idolatry and demonism of the neighbors;
      and the production of a lineage that would be one of the ways to identify the Messiah Jesus when He came.

  47. Will Ee-eck-as-like says:

    For those willing to do even a modicum of research, there is evidence a plenty…

    Do a Search on You-Tube for “Sirius Disclosure”, or the Atacama Alien (they took a tissue sample for DNA analysis, in one of the top research centres in the U.S., which suggests it is 94% human.

    The Peruvian elongated skulls have been DNA profiled too, and whilst there is not enough DNA to conclusively state they are alien, there is something like an 6-8% discrepancy between Homo-Sapiens and these skulls (some of which have hair)

    Also there are elongated skulls in Malta in the Museum there, that have been in storage for 100 years, but insufficient space to display and a lack of skilled researchers to give a definitive answer as to their origin, hence the fact they’ve not been displayed (History Channel did a good job of getting to see them for one of their programmes)

    The images on Egyptian tomb walls, are sufficient support for their original existence of these long heads, though whether they were an off-shoot of humans, or the result of an extra-terrestrial in-breeding programme is debatable.

    On balance, I feel having studied this now for more than a few years, there is sufficient evidence to be highly sceptical of authorities outright denial of ET existence. The Russians have decades of evidence that was largely hidden from western eyes for decades, but as the nation has opened up, is now beginning to be made available. First widely reported sighting in 1935.

    Turkish hill-top religious sites with megalithic stones that have no local quarry from which to have mined them, nor evidence of them being shaped (no stone-chips) like the Cap stones of Easter Island figures, and the lintels on Stonehenge, where the stone originates some 80+ miles away in the Welsh Mountains, as the crow flies, but more like 120 miles if one assumes they were brought overland.

    The level of technology found in Russia, approximately, 600 miles north of Kazakhstan, some thirty feet below surface that hasn’t been disturbed for between 30,000-100,000 years. Metals that are alloys of Gold/Silver/Molybdenum/Tungsten (springs) and whose metallurgy changes when heat is applied, is suggestive of technology far beyond our own at this moment in time…(May, 2017)

    For those with an open mind and willing to put 2-3 years of study in, the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Will, YouTube is not a scientific journal. I could make a YouTube video claiming that my cat is 94% human.

      The statistics that you cite are not based upon any peer reviewed research. They are mere assertions.

      This isn’t about denying that extraterrestrial life could exist. It’s about noticing that there isn’t any genuine science supporting the wild claims of the existence of a human-extraterrestrial hybrid called Homo capensis.

  48. paul kwiatkowski says:

    According to the old Chinese legend, over one hundred pyramids built in China are evidence of visits paid by aliens to our planet.

    At the very beginning of the century, two Australian merchants traveled to the vast plains of Sichuan in the central part of China, where they discovered over one hundred pyramids. The Australians asked the superior of the local monastery about the pyramids, and the superior said that they were “very old.” The first record of the pyramids was written over 5,000 years ago; therefore, it is very likely that they are even older.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Oh, really, Paul?

      Old Chinese legend?

      Which old Chinese legend are you talking about? What source do you have for this legend?

      According to a brand new American legend, Paul Kwiatkowski is full of hot air.

  49. Joseph Lowen says:

    Great, very interesting? I for one believe her?

  50. Richard Blibit says:

    Very soon now you will all know just real Homo Capensis was, and STILL IS. They have been breeding with humans for over 10,000 years, and they along with their offspring have been “running” our world for quite a long time (they are the bloodlines who claim they have a right to lead us – “The Right of Kings” I think they call it). They are not originally from Earth (and neither are most of our ancestors, but at least WE are from this star system). Sometime after they crash landed here, they fought another off-world race from the Draconus system and drove them off world, but they came back 1000 or so years later and regained control, and now they work together to keep us in check (for food and energy – sadly, we are loittle more than cattle to them). Buz Aldrin saw their handy work when he tweeted “I have seen the face of pure EVIL…” after his tour in Antarctica two years ago (Google it) where we have excavated several of their craft. But those days are ending. They are about to be “outed” for the world to see, and you will all know about them and their history with us. Forget EVERYTHING you knew because IT IS WRONG. But SMILE – you are about to be FREE and your life will become much easier.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Richard, you’ve just asserted some very strange ideas.

      Do you have any concrete evidence to back up your assertions?

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