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Obama Proposes Keeping Most NSA Spying Against Americans

Obama Plan Would End NSA Bulk Data Collection, reads the headline from the New York Post. That sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

The sad truth is that the new Obama plan would not end NSA bulk data collection.

The Obama plan would end only a small part of the NSA electronic surveillance deployed against Americans – the collection of telephone metadata.

nsa eye redThe Obama plan would not end NSA surveillance of our emails, and of other Internet activity, would continue. Cooperation with foreign government programs to spy on Americans, to help them do things like use Americans’ webcams to seize videos of them chatting naked in front of their computers, would continue.

The NSA has done much, much more than merely collect telephone metadata. The Obama plan is counting on Americans not to remember that.

Furthermore, the Obama plan involves submitting legislation to Congress that the Obama White House is confident Congress will not approve. So, the Obama plan involves proposing a plan, and then watching it die, changing nothing.

One thought on “Obama Proposes Keeping Most NSA Spying Against Americans”

  1. DKantz says:

    It appears to me the “sad truth is that” almost none of the conversation has yet to go beyond concerns that government (in this case the NSA) bulk collection of data will continue. There’s almost no awareness of the day-to-day reality [let alone associated concerns] that commercial interests track our email, internet, credit card purchases, phone, GPS, etc. movements and interests. Headlines such as this subject one perpetuate focus on a Scapegoat-in-Chief and distract from thoughtful and comprehensively informed discussion about what are the existing realities and the pros and cons about how, why and what changes should be made. I mean, why is this “Americans’ webcams to seize videos of them chatting naked in front of their computer” offered as a link except to offer a sensationalized, petty, prurient semi-religiously affiliated embarrassment so readers’ll want to come back to this Irregular Times for another dollop of outrage? …. preferably naked?

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