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Are Bison Predicting A Yellowstone Volcanic Eruption?

bison volcano predictorsThis morning, over at the right wing conspiratorial web site, Before It’s News, they’re predicting that the Yellowstone National Park could soon see massive earthquakes, and perhaps even an eruption of the Yellowstone volcano. Such an eruption would be a very serious event, killing 90 percent of the people living within 1,000 kilometers of Yellowstone, and triggering a global shift in climate.

Of course, eruptions of the Yellowstone supervolcano are very rare. The last time it happened, was 50,000 years before any human beings would settle in North America.

So, what’s the evidence upon which Before It’s News is founding its prediction of Yellowstone calamity? Bison have recently been seen running out of the National Park, which is…

…completely normal. “The State of Montana allows some bison to migrate outside Yellowstone National Park and occupy suitable winter range near the park boundary,” the National Park Service explains.

Even if the bison had prior knowledge of a coming supervolcano eruption, they would have to run 1,000 kilometers to escape it, not just take a jog outside of park boundaries.

Before it’s news… it’s baseless speculation.

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