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Cindy Sheehan Is Running For Governor Of California in 2014

Cindy Sheehan is best known for her work organizing the anti-war movement of the Aughts. The anti-war movement splintered after Barack Obama was elected President, but Sheehan never stopped advocating peace and progress.

This year, Cindy Sheehan is running for Governor of California as a candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party.

The Sheehan for Governor platform includes:

– Opposition to fracking, oil drilling, and nuclear power
– Affordable public transportation
– Increased pedestrial and bicycle traffic
– Increased use of hemp
– Preventing the California National Guard from being sent to fight in overseas wars
– Increased funding for public education
– Citizen review boards to oversee police activity
– Ending prisons for profit
– Encouraging organic farming
– Banning genetically modified organisms in agriculture
– Public-funded health care
– Open borders
– Retirement at full pay
– Return of tribal lands and self-determination for indigenous groups

11 thoughts on “Cindy Sheehan Is Running For Governor Of California in 2014”

  1. Bill says:

    Not quite sure why I have an unfavorable memory of Sheehan…must have been something she was doing or saying back in the day (though it certainly wasn’t her opposition to the war). Looking over your list of her platform planks I like a lot of what I see, with a few exceptions:

    Increased use of hemp I usually hate to say the words “free market” in public, but isn’t this a free market thing? If it’s useful and cost-effective, I’m pretty sure ole Adam Smith will take care of it.

    Banning genetically modified organisms in agriculture Oy, yet another True Disbeliever. Surprised she doesn’t want to ban vaccines while she’s at it.

    Open borders I guess I’d have to read up on the details of her thinking here, but if “open” means ‘open’ (as in ‘send the border crossing agents and their drug/explosive dogs home and turn off the radiation detectors at border crossings’) then this is kind-of a “wait…what?” item for me.

    Retirement at full pay Best job-killing idea EVER. Send in the robots!

    Return of tribal lands Noble and durn hard to argue with on moral grounds, but, uh, wouldn’t that be ALL of California (and if not, why not)? How exactly would that work?

    1. J Clifford says:

      To tell the truth, I have some of those same reactions. Hemp isn’t a top rung issue. Banning GMOs requires banning canola oil and poodles.

      I’d like to hear more about open borders, though, and I’d sure love to see a governor who questions why CEOs get retirement at full pay (at average union level) after just a few years on the job.

    2. Korky Day says:

      Bill’s points are mostly good. ‘Tribal lands’ is a bit insulting language but certainly modern, fair-minded treaty negotiations must be started immediately with the First Nations.

    3. Tor says:

      I have a few problems with Cindy Sheehan, mainly to do with the fact she went kind of nuts over time and became somewhat Alex Jones conspiracy theory ish (she in fact appeared on his show a number of times if I recall correctly). That, and she did nothing to build on her relative success when she ran against Nancy Pelosi and got around 17% of the vote (unlike Kshama Sawant who built upon her relative success running against the state house leader in Washington and won a city council seat in Seattle). I don’t expect much out of her gubernatorial run. That being said, I do agree with most of her platform, and I gotta address something Bill said

      >Retirement at full pay Best job-killing idea EVER. Send in the robots!

      If we’re going to operate under that mindset, then we’ll have to keep wages low enough to make automation more expensive, leading to an atmosphere of ever decreasing wages as automation becomes cheaper and cheaper (until we can’t lower the wage anymore). In other words, the same “race to the bottom” bullshit we have had with state taxation rates. Not something we shoud cosign ourselves to, though of course that does require us to create labor policies outside the policy type of simply dictating what the private employers can or can’t do (IE the old 20th century social democratic model)

  2. Korky Day says:

    Good platform except open borders. That would need the approval of the caretakers of this land, the indigenous nations.

  3. Tom says:

    Elizabeth Warren Can Win the Presidency; Here’s How:

    1. Bill says:

      I got half-way through that article…wondering when it might start talking about Elizabeth Warren, when I hit this brilliant piece of psychoanalysis regarding Barack Obama: “Throughout his life, he really believed that the reason why he was getting ahead, having great success, was because he was superior to people who weren’t. This meant that he believed that the reason the masses weren’t successful, was because they weren’t as brilliant as he was.”

      Ah yes: yet another sloppy thinker and lazy writer asserting his particular pet biases as facts. Whoever wrote this drivel is such a penetrating thinker he actually believes he knows what has gone on in someone else’s head over a lifetime. Yawn.

      I never did make it to the part of the article about Elizabeth Warren.

  4. Stephen Kent Gray says:

    J Clifford, I assumed you would be supporting Luis Rodrigquez, the Greeen.

    Jerry Brown (D)* – (Campaign Site)
    Akinyemi Agbede (D) – Mathematician
    Richard Aguirre (R) – Economist & ’10 Candidate
    Andrew Blount (R) – Laguna Hills Mayor, Businessman & Software Developer
    Glenn Champ (R) – Highway Construction Contractor & Felon
    Tim Donnelly (R) – State Assemblyman, Businessman & Tea Party Activist
    Neel Kashkari (R) – Ex-Asst US Treasury Secretary & Investment Firm Executive
    Alma Marie Winston (R) – Project Funding Company CEO
    Luis Rodriguez (Green) – Author, Progressive Activist & ’12 Justice Party VP Nominee
    Cindy Sheehan (PFP) – Peace Activist & Frequent Candidate
    Bogdan “Bo” Ambrozewicz (Independent) – Businessman & Architectural Designer
    Janel Buycks (Independent) – Minister & Businesswoman
    Rakesh Kumar Christian (Independent) -Businessman & ’10 Candidate
    Joe Leicht (Independent) – Golf Course Operator
    Robert Newman (Independent) – Psychologist, Farmer, University Instructor & Frequent Candidate

  5. J Clifford says:

    Stephen, I’m not a Californian, and I’m not supporting anyone in this race. I simply came across Cindy Sheehan’s campaign, and thought that it was worthy of note. I’ll take a second look at Rodriguez. Last time I looked his web site was kind of blank.

  6. Tom says:

    Bill: (I didn’t finish the article either.) All these people being held in high esteem for election are just a waste of time, since they can’t get anything done with the corporatists (holding the money and buying elections by controlling both parties) who are now the clear majority of ‘playas’ in D.C. I think elections are now moot and won’t help us ordinary citizens in the least. The government is broken beyond repair, and we don’t have the means or national will to fix it.

  7. Tom says:

    This is what we got by voting (for the “good guy”):

    U.S. confirms warrantless searches of Americans

    not to mention the “doubling down” on corporate contributions to campaigns handed down by the Supreme (kangaroo) Court

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