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Donations: Charity:Water and the ACLU

Every time we sell one of our sweatshop-free shirts, we set aside one dollar of the proceeds to donate to a U.S. political organization fighting the good fight. We set aside another dollar to donate to the betterment of people living outside the United States. This month, we’re sending our international donation to Charity:Water, a group that builds infrastructure for clean water supplies in some of the poorest, dirtiest and sickest places in the world. Our domestic donation goes again to the American Civil Liberties Union, because as long as the leadership of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party prop up unconstitutional surveillance, cover up abominable torture, and shut up dissenters, our true representatives in Washington are the members of the ACLU, which has never wavered from taking the right stand on these core American shames.

One thought on “Donations: Charity:Water and the ACLU”

  1. paul corbin says:

    Please remember that sometimes this organization has stood in the way of freedom of religion. They seem to think thaf Christians should have less expression of their freedoms than what others have although both parties may be citizens of the United States. You may be a Christian or maybe an atheist or neither all I ask is that you look at who their largest donors are, at the political agenda they promote, and what they (as a foundation ) see as the future for the United States, It is not a sovereign nation of free states ,that I can assure you. If that is ok with you then you have found your organization. If not then please do not take my word for any of this, look at the case records and research any organization before you give them the power of your hard earned money. You may find giving to your local organizations will better suite collectively solving societies issues.Again take the time to investigate alot of people have already looked into most large organizations like the ACLU. Thank you for the discussion.

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