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Bill Clinton and Project Bluebeam

Yesterday, a reader named Jamie visited our article about Homo capensis conspiracy theories. Homo capensis is supposed to be a species of big-brained alien-human hybrids that hide behind the scenes, pulling the strings, enslaving Homo sapiens.

Jamie agreed that the Homo capensis idea was quite silly, but for a reason I wasn’t expecting: The political elites who secretly control everything, Jamie said, purposefully create fake stories of alien invasions as a “false flag” to justify a wicked power grab to follow.

“Google project bluebeam,” Jamie wrote. So, I did. The following is a summary of what I discovered.

Canadian writer Serge Monast developed the idea of Project Blue Beam in the 1990s, but the original conspiracy theory predicted that Project Blue Beam would begin to be put into effect in 1982, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, “When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligned with Mars, then peace will guide our planet and love will steer the stars.”

1983 was supposed to be the date when the New World Order would be established. The title of George Orwell’s Book, 1984, was supposed to be clue to this.

Of course, 1983, came and went, and no New World Order was put in place. “It has been delayed; we don’t know exactly why,” Monast puzzled in the mid-1990s. It was proposed, however, that a single world government would still be installed very soon, before the year 2000, serving as an intermediary of the USA, the UK and the USSR.

Those who notice that the USSR had ceased to exist by the mid 1990s will perceive a problem with this prediction. Still, belief in Project Bluebeam continues to this day. When Serge Monast died of a heart attack in 1996, his death was incorporated into the conspiracy theory. Believers assert that Monast was assassinated.

Monast wrote that the goals of Project Bluebeam were:

“To abolish all Christian traditional religions in order to replace them by a one-world religion based on the ‘cult of man’.

To abolish all national identity and national pride in order to establish a world identity and world pride.

To abolish the family as known today in order to replace it by individuals all working for the glory of one-world government

To destroy all individual artistic and scientific creating works to implement a world government’s one mind sight”

None of these things have come to pass.

Project Bluebeam was supposed to be a cooperative project between NASA and the United Nations, and would unfold in the following stages:

1. Artificial earthquakes would be created in order to reveal fake artifacts that would disprove the tenets of Christianity and Islam. Apparently, there could be no easier way to plant fake archaeological artifacts than to devise technology capable of creating fake earthquakes.

2. A “gigantic space show with three dimensional optical holograms and sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images to different parts of the world, each receiving different images according to predominating regional/national religious faith” would be created by the Soviet Union.

3. “Telepathic electronical two-ways communication where ELF, VLF and LF waves will reach the people of the earth by the inside of their brain making each one to believe that his own ‘god’ is talking to each one from within his own soul.”

bill clintonThese steps, it is claimed, would make people ready for the imposition of a new religion that would be both “New Age” and “Satanic”.

The year 2000 deadline for Project Bluebeam passed long ago. Yet, conspiracy theorists continue to develop new descriptions of the supposed Bluebeam elitists, who are believed to be perpetually on the verge of unleashing their nightmarish powers.

In December of last year, for example, Bluebeam believers claimed that the project had unleashed something called HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), using a secret technology to control the weather. The big tsunami in Japan that wrecked the Fukushima nuclear power plant is supposed to have been an attack under this aspect of Project Bluebeam.

Bluebeam believers perked up their ears again this week when former President Bill Clinton appeared on a late night talk show and declared that an attack by an extraterrestial civilization “may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours… think about all the differences among people of Earth would seem small if we feel threatened by a space invader.” People like our reader Jamie view statements like these as signs of a “false flag” operation to finally get Project Bluebeam underway.

There isn’t any evidence that Project Bluebeam, or anything similar to it. On the other hand, the predictions of Project Bluebeam believers have repeatedly been proven wrong.

But then, belief in Project Bluebeam isn’t based on evidence. It’s based upon an ideology paranoid presumption that secret elites, be they Satanist, Communist, or extraterrestrial, are working behind the scenes to orchestrate everything that happens – including the apparent debunking of conspiracy theories like Project Bluebeam.

For that reason, we can expect stories about Project Bluebeam to continue to spread for a very long time.

2 thoughts on “Bill Clinton and Project Bluebeam”

  1. Dave says:

    J., debunking the Bluebeam project may cast suspicion on you. Now how do we know you’re not one of “them.”

    1. J Clifford says:

      If I am not one of you I am one of them. But then, everybody is part of somebody else’s them.

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