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The Presidential Power of Hair Dye

K. of Washington State writes in to Irregular Times with a request:

Could you possibly offer a Robert Reich in 2016 bumper sticker?

(It’s one way of encouraging him to run. We need a good candidate with a major party affiliation. Independents like Bernard Sanders do not get elected, and he’s too old.)

Fact check: Senator Bernie Sanders is 72, but Robert Reich is just 5 years younger at the age of 67. Does Robert Reich’s “Just for Men” look, compared to Sanders’ white mop-top, really make the age difference seem so much wider? Can we allow a president with white hair? Must there be speckles?

More seriously, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Bernie Sanders will be running for President, and he’s always been outside the Democratic Party. But what do you think of someone like Robert Reich running from within the Democratic Party? Could you support a Robert Reich run?

2 thoughts on “The Presidential Power of Hair Dye”

  1. Tom says:

    What – is this going to be a “Nader” election where the Rethuglicans win due to a split ticket or competing “others”?

  2. Dave says:

    Bernie Sanders was mayor of a city and probably knew how to work within a budget to keep the streetlights burning. He is not too old to be president. According to some baffling statements the economist Robert Reich makes on his own website, it would seem that he probably can’t yet balance his own personal bank account very well. Perhaps Reich is a mite too young.

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