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Conservative Christian Group Alerts America to… a Practicing Homosexual and Dangerous Negroes???

Practicing Homosexual on the phone: Oh, Dave, I love you so mulch!  Wait, damn.Why does conservative Christianity get so much negative press in America?

News item (via American Family Association’s One News Now)

President Obama has submitted a list of five nominees for federal judge posts, and a constitutional law expert suggests America will pay a price. Among the nominees are four African Americans, one of them homosexual, and the final one is white.

“Mat Staver, who heads Liberty Counsel, tells OneNewsNow the president is reaching out to two communities: ‘So he gets a black man, who is a practicing homosexual, and now he wants to put this individual in an appointment for life on the federal bench,’ Staver advises.

A practicing homosexual? Come on! He should get his act down. Maybe the four negroes could help.

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