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Spring in the Garden after a Long Winter

I don’t have to tell you that we had a long winter (although a review of global climate data will tell us that such a winter was typical a generation ago). I just want to share two of the little subtle joys coming with the remarkably quick spring. Just two weeks ago we had snow and weather in the single digits. Today, I see that our garlic has begun to grow:

Spring Garlic in the Garden

Even under a bed of insulating pine needles it looks like our strawberry plants suffered from some freezing, but at their core they are alive and well:

Spring Strawberries in the Garden

I don’t think our ground is quite ready to shovel, but it’s good to see these small starts. What’s happening in your garden?

2 thoughts on “Spring in the Garden after a Long Winter”

  1. Dave says:

    Perfect Spring weather in Florida. Lots of bumble bees and wildflowers. Early rainfall. Heavy pine and oak pollen. Long cold winters in the North mean temperate near-perfect Spring and Summer weather in these parts. Happy happy.

  2. DKantz says:

    Our typical bitter cold nights were pretty much confined to last December, so, in that sense, winter’s been over 3 months ago. But it’s been so dry (we’re at 51% of normal precipitation), we actually “really didn’t have much of a” winter at all. The narcissus were done blooming (as the relatively few as there were — probably about 1/4 maybe 1/3 as many blooms as usual) by the end of January. There’s about a 4% chance that we’ll end our 2013-2014 rainy season with up to 80% of normal rainfall; today’s forecast calls for a 10% chance of rain on Wed and that’s all.

    “The global average surface temperature has clearly gone up since the 19th century, by more than half a degree Celsius. But there’s also fair bit of variation year to year.” I’m headed out now to try to finishing catch up with the spading of the garden before this very early drying out of the soil makes it so much more difficult this springtime in the Sierra foothills.

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