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Would You Wear Atheist Shoes?

atheist shoes“Whether you’re an atheist looking to tickle the world with a foot-first declaration of godlessness, or someone who’s just keen on the aesthetics and craftsmanship of what we do, we really do hope you’ll give our shoes a go.” This is the message from Atheist Shoes, a small operation run out of Berlin. Atheist Shoes have been in production for almost two years now, producing shoes with the message “Ich Bin Atheist” imprinted into their soles, so that when the whether is rainy or snowy, atheist walkers can leave the German message – I am atheist – wherever they step.

Is that something you would do – if you’re an atheist? Why would an atheist need to leave the message of atheist identity in an evaporating path behind them? What is this supposed to achieve?

If you are in the camp of declaring your non-theistic identity through your footprints, does it change your decision that Atheist Shoes sells a model of their footwear in a color they call Kitten Testicle Grey? “For those grown-up enough to be comfortable with complexity, there is nothing black or white about these shoes. Their rich grey is a friend of smutty urban streets and, being as soft as a kitten’’s nik-naks (& the same colour in the case of our kitten) their slipper-like comfort will keep a smug look on your face all day long.”

(No kitten testicles are actually used in the production of the shoes, or in the maintenance of this web site.)

2 thoughts on “Would You Wear Atheist Shoes?”

  1. Vishal B says:

    I recently visited their site of Atheist Shoes and I really like their latest new trendy shoes.

    Browsing through their categories, I especially liked The Charlie D shoe with ICH BIN ATHEIST sole.

    I don’t however understand why they have this kind of message. Instead they should keep the message such as Humanity is the Only Religion in this World.

    I hope they will understand what I mean by that.


    Vishal B

  2. Bruce H says:

    I not only would wear Atheist Shoes…I do…deep in the Bible Belt and on my worldly travel for work. They’re comfortable…light weight…pack easy…and are often the subject of ‘great shoes’ comments by colleagues and strangers alike. I have five pair and enjoy them.

    So why not wear them? They do speak to my point of view in a subtle way…where an objective and scientific world lives on facts rather than quite the opposite from the world of religion. Critical thinking is the source…and…releasing critical thinking to pursue faith is not an option for me. Think on…be rational…don’t fear not following the herd charmed by charismatic dogma.

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