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Filing Note: Peterson Beneficiary Nick Troiano Officially Running for Congress

We’ve been following the fortunes of Nick Troiano since his entry into the political stable of investment wealth investors as a recruit to run the Unity Petition and College Outreach efforts of Unity08, a privatized effort to elect a President that claimed to be against big money in politics but that was actually financied almost exclusively by Wall Street private wealth investment financiers and denizens of the DC Beltway elite dinner circuit. Troiano went on to work for:

==> Americans Elect, a continuation of Unity08 that was also financed by Wall Street money and DC Beltway insiders;

==> the Youth Advisory Council for the Concord Coalition, a political front group for billionaire Pete Peterson and his Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare privatization politics;

==> the Can Kicks Back, another front group for Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare cuts that was funded by billionaire Pete Peterson.

Earlier this year, I noted that Nick Troiano had formed an exploratory committee to raise funds for a congressional campaign in Pennsylvania District 10. Bill correctly chided me when I referred to Troiano as a “candidate”:

“Important to note that, as yet, Troiano isn’t “running for congress.” He goes out of the way to bill himself as “a potential candidate” and he has an “exploratory committee.” This is a legal nicety that enables him to raise unlimited money without revealing his donors’ identities to the FEC (hmm…where have I heard that before?). Once (or should I say “if”) he actually declares, only then do he and his donors come under FEC scrutiny.

Quite right, Bill. But now Nick Troiano has officially announced that he’s running for Congress. This means that as of July 15, 2014, we’ll be able to see who is contributing to his campaign. Are his supporters people who actually live in PA-10? Or are they the same Wall Street and DC denizens they’ve been to date? Wait three months and we’ll see.

Postscript: The other day, someone asked me why I was so “obsessed” with following political connections to and from the Unity08/Americans Elect group. Why bother, now that they’re “dead”? Isn’t this research “creepy”? Those are fair questions, so let me offer what I think are some fair answers.

1) In the 2008 cycle, people said Unity08 was dead, but it rebirthed itself under a new name for 2012: Americans Elect. When Americans Elect’s presidential aspirations tanked due to a lack of actual popular support, Americans Elect redirected itself to funnel millions in murky money toward a presidentialrace. Given the amount of money being tossed about the group’s donors, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for another resurrection.

2) Throughout its cycles, Unity08/Americans Elect has done its best to hide its donor base while it shifted its guises and professed aims. This means that sustained attention to the group’s activities and sources is important.

3) Unfortunately, nobody else appears to really paying attention to the group through its various cycles, so I’ve decided to follow the thread.

Is Nick Troiano still an arm of the Unity08/Americans Elect apparatus, or as sometimes happens in politics has he successfully detached himself to run as a true independent? Time and attention will tell.

Call it creepy obsession or call it accountability, I’ll keep it up. If there’s something you know, I hope you share it too.

5 thoughts on “Filing Note: Peterson Beneficiary Nick Troiano Officially Running for Congress”

  1. Bill says:

    Along with noting the identities of Troiano’s FEC-listed donors, it will be particularly interesting to see what his campaign’s starting balance is. That will represent donations received that do not have to be identified (I guess…anyone with greater insight into campaign finance law please feel free to jump in here). Pete Peterson has always been very savvy about gaming the system to hide political finance information from the public. If Pete’s ponying up in order to repay and retain Troiano’s doggish loyalty, I look for him to make that donation in a manner that evades reporting requirements, because that’s how Pete rolls.

  2. Bill says:

    Little Nick Troiano’s campaign web site is a masterpiece of double-talk and misdirection; he has learned well at the feet of Pete. His platform includes such “wait…what?” moments as:

    “Restrain spending by reforming and strengthening social insurance programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.” Apparently, Nicky’s Way to “strengthen” the social safety net is to cut funding. It was necessary to destroy the village in order to save it.

    “Raise revenue through pro-growth tax reform that lowers marginal tax rates.” The return of the son of trickle-down! Get more money by collecting less.

    (Anyone notice a theme emerging here? The Troiano School of Economics’ first law appears to be ‘do the opposite of whatever would seem to make sense.’)

    “Incentivize employment by restructuring and strengthening the social safety net.” That’s right; ‘strengthening’ the social safety net (which we’ve already established means cutting it to ribbons in Troiano-speak) will scare all those lazy welfare queens off their fat arses and back to work!

    “Increase social capital by supporting strong families and strong communities.” …and just let the weak ones die off. It’s the social Darwinian way!

    “Sensible steps to address this issue [reducing carbon emissions] are beneficial in their own right by reducing our dependence on foreign-owned fossil fuels.” For the sake of the climate, drill baby drill!

    All that Little Nicky seems to have learned in a young life devoted to accomplishing nothing useful while sucking on an old man’s teat is that speaking feel-good gobbledegook wins elections. Or might. Maybe. What the hell, it’s the old man’s money, not Nick’s.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Yes, this is the Pete Peterson agenda Nick Troiano’s running with. What’s sensible is what Pete Peterson decided long ago to be sensible.

      There’s no need to use the diminutive “Little Nicky” to describe Nick Troiano. With his derivative agenda Troiano dimishes himself.

      We don’t know who’s money Nick Troiano’s running with yet. Let’s wait and see what we find when the reports come due!

  3. Mark Brennan says:

    Troiano violated campaign finance laws. Once his exploratory committee reached $5,000, he is automatically elevated to that of a candidate and required to file. Somebody should file a complaint with the FEC.

    1. Jim Cook says:


      Thanks for writing. Nick Troiano actually did file with the FEC, and the latest filing revealing contribution patterns was just released — we’ll be posting about this later today.

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