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The Can Kicks Back Shouts, How DARE You Cut the Budget?

The billionaire-funded political corporation called The Can Kicks Back says that slashing Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid while cutting taxes for corporations isn’t a self-serving conservative grudge campaign.  It’s just a way to bring the budget into balance, TCKB insists.

This is the story The Can Kicks Back tells you about itself, all right. But how does its Policy Director, Brandon Atchison, react when the cuts go in the wrong place? He gets apoplectic, demanding that the federal government stop cutting the budget for the Department of Defense. Why? Because those cuts distract from efforts to slashing Social Security, slashing Medicare, slashing Medicaid and cutting corporate taxes.

The desire to reward corporations and end programs helping the less fortunate is essential at The Can Kicks Back. Any budget cuts that don’t accomplish this are “irresponsible.” If you ever had a doubt, now you know for sure where the group’s priorities lie.

One thought on “The Can Kicks Back Shouts, How DARE You Cut the Budget?”

  1. Bill says:

    These unwise and dangerous defense spending cuts leave our nation in just…uh…first place among national defense budgets, ahead of just…uh…the next nine top spenders combined (China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, India, and South Korea). In this critically weakened state that Obama threatens to plunge us into, all it would take to bring America down would be for number ten, Italy, to also join this unholy alliance against us…just as (never forget!) they did in WWII.

    In contrast, the U.S. ranks 26th in the world in social welfare spending as a percentage of GDP.

    Thank god for Kick the Can and its Pete Peterson-funded understanding that what America needs is more bombs and less social security. USA! USA! USA!

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