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Finding Metzli

Let us speak of Metzli, the… Metzli the mysterious. What is Metzli?

A. A double-breasted wool coat for women, inspired by military designers, dry clean-only.
B. The species name of large moth in the genus Automeris with prominent false eye spots on its wings to distract predators, whose larvae feed on oak leaves.
C. The god of the moon, who was once the god of snails, but in seeking upward mobility, leaped into the sky, only to have a rabbit thrown at him in punishment for his audacity.
D. A group of people in Colorado who ask people to give them money in exchange for “integrative therapies” which “enrich your mind, body and spirit-integrating ancient healing traditions”.
E. The name of a girl who is praised in an entry on Urban Dictionary as “pretty weird but in a good way”, though no one can stand to live with her.
F. All the above.

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