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Comet Siding Spring is the Hidden Planet Nibiru? In Other News…

… I am Queen Elizabeth.

At the conspiracy website Godlike Productions, user cometa’planeta has announced that the “breaking” news that “Comet Siding spring is nibiru planet x hercolubus!!! All characteristics seem to match. Coming below the ecliptic. Red in colour. Mass of a planet!”

In case you haven’t heard, back in 1995 Nancy Lieder began to spread word of a secret planet in our solar system, a planet she hidden elements of secret government had named “Nibiru.” Ever since then, people have been on the lookout for this planet to hit the Earth and cause a massive civilization-ending catastrophe.

Is Comet Siding Spring the Earth-killing planet Nibiru? As CanadianGreekMe explains in this video, because an astronomer went missing from an observatory once, he must have been killed to keep Nibiru’s existence a secret:

For some less-hyped information about Comet Siding Spring, check out this NASA website. As NASA will tell you, the only planet it will be nearing is Mars.

5 thoughts on “Comet Siding Spring is the Hidden Planet Nibiru? In Other News…”

  1. Dave says:

    Well, Elizabeth, I think someone may be ribbin’ us. After all, Nibiru backwards is uribin. I met that astronomer in a beachside bar here, not dead but pretty shaken up. I showed him the backwards spelling and he seemed to calm down.

  2. Bill says:

    Sweet Baby Bejeezus; I just spent ten minutes on the web watching someone surf the web while talking about how interesting August is. Thanks a bunch, Jim…I’ll never get that 10 minutes back.

    1. Jim Cook says:

      Bill, you’re welcome! 🙂

  3. Andreas says:

    Back in the days Nancy also spoke of great floods reaching deep into the US inner regions once Nibiru came closer. She almost certainly promised for those to happen until the 21 of December 2012. There have been even flood maps predicting the outcome by painting them on to the land.. Sorry but Comet Siding Spring and the assumption of being Nibiru is just nonsense to me after all. Best way to stay informed on the topic and exploring significantly more interesting stories is definitely Although they are still upgrading their website you can subscribe and get informed once they launch back again. is also nice, but they are in dutch! 😉

    1. Andreas says:

      Got that link wrong sry, here again Enjoy!

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