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Americans Elect Alums Continue to Gather for Eliot Cutler in Maine 2014

After the Wall Street financiers’ political corporation called Americans Elect failed to nominate or elect its own Presidential candidate in 2012, where would its members go next? One former staffer is running for Congress in Pennsylvania with as-yet undisclosed donors. On another front, a number of other Americans Elect alumni appear to be working to elect Eliot Cutler as Governor of Maine in 2014. As of January 2014 we knew that the following Americans Elect leaders had either given money directly to the Eliot Cutler campaign, given money to its surrogate campaign PAC “Campaign for Maine,” and/or been hired to provide services to the Cutler/Campaign for Maine efforts:

Peter Ackerman
Kahlil Byrd
W. Bowman Cutter
Les Francis
Nancy Jacobson
Joshua Levine
Cara Brown McCormick
Douglas Schoen
Ileana Wachtel

A document released this month by the Maine Commission on Governmental Ethics and Practices reveals that throughout the spring, Ileana Wachtel and Doug Schoen continued to work for the shadow pro-Cutler PAC. Joining Wachtel and Schoen in the spring is Kahlil Byrd, who was variously described as the Director, Treasurer, Secretary, Chief Operating Officer, Custodian of Records, Consultant, Party Coordinator and Chief Executive Officer of Americans Elect during the 2012 elections cycle. His role this time around is “Consultant.”

Who else from the Americans Elect gang will be jumping in Eliot Cutler’s pool? We should have another update fairly soon: a list of direct contributors to Cutler’s campaign during the first three and a half months of 2014 is due to the state of Maine tomorrow, April 29.

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  1. stephanie says:

    i would like a eliot cutler tshirt

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