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What Kind Of Plants Map Has No Map?

Update: Plants Map has now added mapping to its web site, and it makes a huge change. The site, which is really a budding social network for gardeners, suddenly makes a great deal of sense. I’m making my account active, and I’m hoping to see the site grow in the future.

plants mapIt’s almost May. It’s finally warm and sunny. I’m itching to get gardening again.

So, as you can imagine, when I found out about Plants Map, a new social media site through which people share their gardens, I was interested. With a name like Plants Map, it sounded like I would be able to search for gardeners living near me, and establish relationships through which some plant trades could eventually take place… but where are the maps?

I plan on checking back at Plants Map soon, to see if new functions propagate there. After all, the site is still fairly new. Maybe it just hasn’t had time to set root yet.

5 thoughts on “What Kind Of Plants Map Has No Map?”

  1. Bill Blevins says:

    Rowan, you are correct. The “Map” in our name was intentional. I’m a map geek and I totally want to map my 2 acre property and the plants here. We don’t have maps yet but we are working hard on it! We just formed our company Plants Map on April 1, 2014 and we are working really hard to be the social media site for people who are into plants and gardens. Our plan is to have the ability for personal gardens as well as public gardens, botanical gardens and arboretums to be able to map their gardens. We are working on implementing Esri so that we have the best possible maps available as soon as possible. Really appreciate it that you took the time to look for us and more impressed that you found us this quickly! Stay tuned!! Big things ahead!! We “officially” launch the site the last weekend in July and hope to have a basic map feature working at that point and then advanced features shortly thereafter. Follow us on twitter @plantsmap and you can follow me or message me @billblevins

    Really glad you were looking for this! We’ll deliver!

  2. Rowan says:

    Awesome! I’ll check back at the end of July.

  3. Bill Blevins says:

    Rowan, just wanted to update you on our maps. We’ve launched maps for Organizations and their connected members, volunteers, etc. as well as other connected organizations. We’re turning on maps for individual gardens and then after that individual plant locations shortly. I think we’ll meet the suggestion of July from my last post. Anyway, here’s the map for houses on the 2014 Garden Walk Buffalo tour in Buffalo, NY in late July. Individual garden owners and organizations on the map are “claiming” their pins now and starting their gardens and group profiles.

    That’s the update! I’ll post again when we turn on the Virginia’s Big Trees map later this week showing the ‘Champion’ across the state.

    1. Rowan says:

      Thank you, Bill. I’ll take a look!

  4. Bill Blevins says:


    We have another map!

    More to come!

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