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0 of 3 Candidates for Maine Governor Get Contributions from Workers at WalMart or Hannaford

Yesterday, I let you know that although Hannaford Supermarkets is Maine’s biggest employer, independent candidate for Maine Governor Eliot Cutler hadn’t gotten any contributions from any Hannaford workers in the Spring of 2014. Instead, he got 8 contributions from the DC megalobbying firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld.

Tonight, I want to be fair and spread around the assessment a bit. As before, my source for information is the Maine State Campaign Finance database. Tonight I’m looking at the state’s top two employers (Hannaford and WalMart/Sam’s Club), and am looking not only at the Spring 2014 contributions to independent Eliot Cutler’s, but also at the contributions to the other two candidates for Governor of Maine, Republican Paul LePage and Democrat Michael Michaud.

A look at contributions to all three candidates in the Spring of 2014 reveals that none of these three candidates received any contributions whatsoever from people who work at Hannaford, WalMart or Sam’s Club, even though these are Maine’s largest employers and even though each candidate reveals contributions of $10 or less. On the other hand, all three candidates received multiple contributions from people living inside the Beltway of Washington, DC.

Who will the next Governor of Maine represent?

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