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Did John Roberts Just Sign An Arrest Warrant For Barack Obama?

A man writing under the name Sean Brown at a pro-Republican web site called MrConservative claimed yesterday that, “There’s a bombshell of a rumor going around right now that Chief Justice John Roberts has signed off on Interpol to have Obama removed from office for multiple counts of treason. The charges are to include declaring war without consent of Congress, Second Amendment infringements, and abuse of the Posse Comitatus Act during the Bundy land dispute.”

obama arrestedA bombshell of a rumor going around? Where exactly is this bombshell of a rumor going around?

It’s a rumor at places like PakalertPress, which has falsely predicted imminent martial law over and over again for the last few years. It’s a rumor at places like Before It’s News, where recent top stories have included revelations that bison are running away from Yellowstone National Park because the animals are experts at predicting volcanic eruptions.

Of course, we can’t dismiss a claim simply because it comes from sources that have proven to be astoundingly disreputable in the past. We also should consider the quality of the claim itself. There are a few very good reasons to conclude that the rumors spreading amongst right wing kooks of Barack Obama’s imminent arrest are rubbish.

1. Chief Justice John Roberts doesn’t work for Interpol.
2. Interpol doesn’t have jurisdiction to enforce U.S. federal laws and constitutional provisions.
3. The procedure for removing a sitting President of the United States from office is clearly established: It’s called impeachment. Section 4 of Article II of the Constitution of the United States of America reads, “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” The Constitution elsewhere gives Congress, not Interpol, the power to conduct impeachment.
4. None of the articles claiming that John Roberts has signed a warrant for the arrest of Barack Obama present any evidence to substantiate their assertions.

The Obama Interpol arrest rumor isn’t just false. It’s blatantly false. Only an ignorant, gullible idiot could believe these articles… which has me concerned that Republican voters may in fact accept the story as true.

88 thoughts on “Did John Roberts Just Sign An Arrest Warrant For Barack Obama?”

    1. J Clifford says:

      Look, Merle. I can post a link too.

      Do you have anything to say yourself?

      The idea that “EXECUTIVE ORDER 12425” gives Interpol the power to arrest the President of the United States for violation of American laws and the Constitution of the United States of America is absurd, Merle. Interpol employees transmit information to member country law enforcement agencies – of which the USA is not one. Interpol employees don’t arrest anyone themselves, and Interpol’s jurisdiction doesn’t reach the United States. The executive order you refer to provides diplomatic privileges to Interpol administrative staff that happen to be in the United States.

      Your “Liberty Beacon” source also publishes material on conspiracy theories like chemtrails. It’s whipping up dangerous paranoid delusions, such as the belief that the Obama Administration is planning drone strikes at the Bunkerville ranch of Cliven Bundy. “No Mercy, No Remorse, and NO Prisoners. Buy More Ammo. We are gonna need it”, say Liberty Beacon readers planning to join in the armed militia kooks at Bunkerville.

      But hey, maybe you don’t believe me. Okay, fine. Let’s just wait for Interpol agents to come and arrest Barack Obama, as your Republican consipracy theory says they will.

      Waiting for the jack booted thugs…

      1. marcia says:

        Hey moron…check statistics. All the shooters from gun violence have been leftist lunatics.. right wingers need guns to protect their selves against all you lefties who shoot up theatre’s and schools

        1. junie moon says:

          Hey , idiot , no they have not all been leftist lunatics. Do some reading. All of you patriotic gun loving lunatics love to blame all gun violence on liberals.

      2. marcia says:

        Your a real sheeple. You believe anything Obama tells you. I research Chem trails because i look out for my health.. i am not a sheeple like you are you are dumb.

        1. junie moon says:

          Wow , Marcia , you sure sound like a sheeple. A sheeple of the Alex Jones variety.

    2. Bill says:

      Perhaps worth noting that the article mis-linked to by Ole Merle, which claims that an Obama amendment to a Reagan executive order gives Interpol carte blanche to seize and arrest in the U.S., was published more than a year ago. And, indeed, in that interval who among us hasn’t witnessed with our own eyes the jack-booted black helicopters spewing unconstitutional chemtrails, swooping out of nowhere to abduct our womenfolk and smaller pets? And who among us has not noticed the worldwide shortage of tin foil, and the skyrocketing price of what little remains, as hundreds of millions of U.N. troops line their helmets with it in preparation for Project Blu-Ray? Not to mention something something something Benghazi! something something scary-black-man! something!

      And don’t forget, fellow medication-noncompliant Patriots: click the donate button beside my name! Because Benghazi! And Mooslems!

      1. lupin says:

        Sincerely, what worries me is how much these insane conspiracy theories remind me of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Faith in the existence of evil conspiracies is used to justify actual atrocities.

        1. marcia says:

          Your president is an astrocity.

          1. Jim Cook says:

            My president is a metropolis in space? I had no idea!

      2. Brandon. says:

        @Bill Couldn’t you have just noted that Supreme Court Justices don’t sign arrest warrants in the first place. That would have been so much easier than trying to disprove their conspiracy. After all the tinfoil blocks logical thought from affecting them. Oh wait they would probably claim the supreme court to be a conspiracy too.

      3. marcia says:

        You need to research. You are really dumb

  1. Quinton Underwood says:

    Regardless of the sect of a being or of political stance, if you have an IQ above that of a box of hammers you will quickly see there is too much
    smoke and mirrors for any concern at all. Such Garbage as this would not even be here had it not been for the 52.5% of the voters who turned into “TRAITORS OF THE UNITED STATES” and put OBAMA into the Whitehouse.

    1. Bill says:

      I’m with ya there, Quinton. Imagine exercising your right to vote. It’s treason, I say!

      1. marcia says:

        Imagine voting for a commie socialist so you can live off the government and not work you lazy creep.

  2. Dan says:

    @ bill,

    While I agree that this is blantantly false “news” qrittwn to scare up readership at best, I do not believe that throwing Bengazi into this as if it is completely unwarranted and a disgusting twist on the truth.

    Look at the facts. At best Bengazi is worse than watergate and if some of the more extreme theories its downright treason! My personal opinion is that the President distanced himself from this to save face as it was happening and his staff under his approval acted to buffer him from any fallout from this atrocity.

    Yes you could say he is not the only President to decieve for political gain but I would contend that he and Hillary are responsible for 4 mens deaths if only through dereliction and negligence.

    If you think otherwise then please state your case so I can understand your stance.

    1. marcia says:

      Being tried for treason and impeachment are two different things…He has broken the law…treason is punishable by death…impeachment is a whole different ballgame….you my sir are not smart enough to write an article.

      1. marcia says:

        Also…Obama has hires the best criminal lawyer in the country…and this is not a rumor.

        1. J Clifford says:

          Yes, Marcia, being put on trial and being impeached are two distinct things. When the President of the United States is formally accused of high crimes, such as treason, impeachment, not criminal trial, is what takes place as a result.

          The President has hired the “best criminal lawyer”? Which lawyer? When did the hire take place? In order to do what job? Do you regard it as unusual that the President of the United States would hire lawyers of exceptional quality?

          1. marcia says:

            He has hired Neil Eggleston…look it up…something is going down.

          2. marcia says:

            Your damn right i consider it unusual. .The guy is a criminal lawyer…and Obama is a criminal.

      2. junie moon says:

        And what laws has he broken , Marcia? He swore an oath to protect and uphold the constitution , which he has done.

        1. Marcia says:

          He has broken immigration laws for one thing! I don’t talk to the uninformed! You need to do research! Do yourself a favor and learn what you government is doing!

    2. Bill says:

      Dan, I don’t actually have a ‘stance’ on nonsense.

    3. marcia says:

      At best worse than Watergate???? Duh…four people died…are you idiots crazy?????

  3. Nikko says:

    Impeachment must come first, then once removed from office, he may be tried in criminal or civil court. As a sitting president, he is not subject to ordinary order in criminal proceedings. His “immunity from prosecution” expires with his time in office, and may then be tried for crimes committed while in office.

    1. Shrumpie says:

      … and that’s just one of the reasons we know this story of an Interpol arrest warrant for Barack Obama signed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is a big load of bogus. It’s told in a manner that reveals remarkable legal ignorance.

      1. Marcia says:

        It was false but it’s a shame it wasn’t true! Roberts has been blackmailed by ObMa for an illegal adoption!

    2. marcia says:

      Not with the serious crimes he has committed

      1. Ned says:

        Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. No one can free you from your delusions? I’ll bet you 100 dollars that he serves the rest of his term without being arrested.

        1. Shrumpie says:

          All we need to debunk the current conspiracy theory is for Obama to serve the rest of the month of May without being arrested. Wanna bet a thousand dollars Interpol doesn’t arrest Obama before the end of the month of May, Marcia?

          1. marcia says:

            You need to see what bill is going through in July….are you actually that dumb…This is the worst president we have ever had… Jimmy Carter loves him because he took his place as the worst president ever.. you are the one suffering from delusions…you don’t high a high profile criminal lawyer unless you need one…use your head for more than a hat rack.

        2. marcia says:

          Well we will talk about this when we find out why he hired Neil Eggleston…maybe for his murdering of four people there…i can hope he is taken out before hehas the whole world on welfare….i assume you all must be welfare pups because those are the only people left who defend this Muslim tyrant.

          1. peoriaboy says:

            Lets say he has committed a crime against another country as like Hitler and his lynch mob and to this day they are still arresting his gestapo so I would say if another country finds it has been attacked by obumer or say like pulling out of Iraq and causing that country to fall under siege again and a lot of death at the hands of the commander in chief who gave the orders to pull out when indeed the Iraq’s did not want to happen. All i’m saying is if someone is not arrested then soon we here in america will be seeing our fait disappear as it is now.

          2. junie moon says:

            Marcia , please shut up. You sound crazier and crazier with every comment. Why don’t you just own up to your racism. It’s so obvious.

          3. Marcia says:

            Obviously you are an uninformed voter who screams racism every time someone disagrees with you! Why don’t you get off food stamps and welfare and get an education! I don’t like Democrats no matter what color you imbecile!

        3. marcia says:

          Honey if you voted for him…no one is delusional as you ..He makes Clinton look like a choir boy.

    3. Brandon. says:

      Sigh… people really don’t get what impeachment is. Impeachment only means he would be indicted or formally accused of commiting a crime and then proceedings would follow to determine if he was infact guilty and determine what punishment should be issued. Bill Clinton was impeached though everyone seems to forget that fact when they tout him to be some savior riding in on his valiant donkey.

  4. J Clifford says:

    I’m sorry, Marcia, but how does that work? Are you saying that, when really serious crimes are alleged, then criminal trial is supposed to replace impeachment of the President?

    That’s not what the Constitution says. The Constitution says that impeachment is there to address “high crimes”.

    1. Bill says:

      Yeah yeah, J; don’t split hairs. The Constitution also includes that niggling “well-regulated militia” thing, which to listen to gun nuts means “anyone over the age of 16 who can shoot straight.” The tealiban seems to be comprised almost entirely of constitutional scholars.

    2. marcia says:

      I am saying i want to know why he had to hire a criminal lawyer…He has so many reasons to pick from…i would like to know which one won out.

    3. marcia says:

      I am sure now this is false but all that does is make me realize how stupid Democrats and Congress are. After fast and furious, the vet scandal…The IRS lies, Obamacare, Bench azimuth and all the other scandals. It’s time for America to wise up. We have a president that is the most dishonest on the whole history of presidents. You people should be ashamed for voting for this guy .America’s downfall is on your heads.

    4. marcia says:

      I am saying a rope should replace it…you hang when you are found guilty of treason.

  5. marcia says:

    Actually Just I am not sure how they will handle a narcissistic, illegal president such as Obama….do you people even know what your Constitution says…other than Bill you all aren’t knowledgeable for me to talk to.

    1. Bill says:

      Marcia, Mr. Obama is not an “illegal president.” I can understand your confusion though, as he happens to be the first black President, and many people such as yourself get these two things confused.

      1. Scott Hanson says:

        I think he is illegal also. I really don’t think he was born on US soil. The Hawaii birth cert. was a fake. Which only means one thing people.

      2. marcia says:

        I have just about had it with the overused racist talk…you are the racist. .you are willing to back a black president even if he destroys your country because he IS black. I am Republican. I didn’t like Bill Clinton Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi. Get a better arguement. That one is ignorant.

      3. peoriaboy says:

        For you maybe but the man is not black,he is what folks call a half bread a black president like Col.Allen West or say Allen Keys where no white blood runs through his veins would of been a much better president knowing that he himself is truly black as this obumer isn’t sure what the hell he is,dam i’m black dam i’m white dam i’m pissed off at everybody even my mother she lied to me said I was a Barrack when in fact i’m a frank Marshall Davis or dam i’m confused so i’ll take it out on every one. A truly 100 percent black man democrat or republican would not of got us in this mess or let a bunch of harry reid’s ,nancy pelosi’s ,joe bidens push him into this garbage we got in congress ,those three alone she be hauled out of congress and thrown in prison.

  6. marcia says:

    Surely you dummies know why people hire criminal attorneys.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Okay, Marcia, if this Interpol warrant for the arrest of Barack Obama has been signed, where is it? Arrest warrants are matters of public record, so where is the document?

      Also, why hasn’t Barack Obama been arrested yet?

      1. marcia says:

        I didn’t write the article…i work for a living and don’t want welfare and want him out before he has the entire US on welfare…i do want to know why he has hired a CRIMINAL LAWYER….i like to know what’s going on…i am not a sheeple like you that wears blinders.

      2. marcia says:

        Barack Obama hasn’t been arrested because Congress are a bunch of wimp ads idiots who are scared to impeach a black president. Color doesn’t protect you when you break the law.

        1. Bill says:

          …unless, of course, you’re white.

          You do have away with words there, marcia.

          (Did you see what I did there?)

          1. marcia says:

            Well Bill…do a little research. England got his DNA off a glass. He has very little black blood…you don’t keep up with things do you?

          2. Jim Cook says:

            Yeah, Bill, it’s all red blood — if you filter out the oxygen-carrying cells it’s pretty darned clear, maybe a bit yellow.

            Also, the Queen of England is a cocaine smuggler. 😉

          3. marcia says:

            What sheeple you are.

          4. marcia says:

            I am not like you…you like him because he IS black .i don’t like him just like i didn’t like Bill Clinton who is white. I don’t go by color….see what i did there Bill?

  7. Aletheia says:

    Wow! You people really have taken the whole loyalty to party thing to a new level.
    Those of you on the far right, taking the false half of half truths and exagerating them to the point that you defeat yourself in any argument because nobody in their right mind will believe that horse hockey…
    Those of you on the left absolutely denying that anything wrong has occurred at all, and resorting to name calling and racist card throwing because you just can’t admit to the fact that there actually HAS been a good deal of illegal action taken by this president.
    Is the first? No, certainly not. Will he be the last… HA! Fat chance. Was Bush any better, in some ways yes, in more ways, are you kidding me?? Was Clinton better than Bush- in some ways, yes very much so, in others- he actually set the stage to allow Bush to increase the powers of the president and circumvent the checks and balances outlines in the constitution through bill riders and presidence by building on the loose wording of cold war era laws Reagan enacted (which in turn were expansion of laws Nixon and Johnson created), which Bush and Cheney in turn expanded, that allowed for fewer domestic liberties in the name of “freedom”, and “for the greater good”, and expanded the powers of the executive branch (in direct violation of the constitution) in the name of national security.
    Has Obama been party to treasonous actions? Yes. However, they are technically legal at this point as several presidents before have used and gotten away with the same actions in better covered up scenarios, creating a precident that no supreme court will overturn, due to the fact that by doing so every president since Kennedy would have to be brought up on charges, and then an exhaustive investigation would have to be mounted into the presidencies of Eisenhower, Truman, and Roosevelt to determine what laws and changes to the Constitution they made allowed for the legal gaps for later presidents to circumvent and violate the Constitution.
    Nobody wants to look back a hundred years and declare that just about every single president there ever was has broken the law and has commited treason. There’s a reason that presidents are granted immunity for anything done during their term provided that they aren’t brought up on impeachment during their active term.
    Do you people honestly believe that these political parties give a damn about you??
    Their entire focus is not to improve this country we live in, it’s to improve their own bank accounts and to make lives easier for the rich and corporate backers that lobby for their votes (read: BUY THEIR VOTES WITH POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS).
    As long as they can keep you idiots fighting about political parties, economic class, race, religion, immigration, sexual orientation, gun control/rights stance, drug laws, personal or civil liberities (hint: you have none, only the illusion of them), abortion, health care, and any other controversial subject they can exploit or manufacture, you will NEVER OPEN YOUR EYES and realize that the freedom you argue so fiercely for has been gone for over half a century, and they leave you just enough control over your own lives to believe you are still free.
    YOU are imprisoned. Not by walls, or razor wire, barred doors or armed guards, but by the illusion that what you see, read, and hear is in any form the whole unbiased truth, and that the freedom you perceive is only the remnant of a fairy tale you were indoctinated with in school and is nothing more than an illusion and a lie.
    This president will not be arrested. This president isn’t even the one in charge and calling the shots. This president and all presidents for the last century are nothing more than puppets that do the bidding of those who have the money to buy decisions. There is a price on every man’s soul, and for the filthy rich and the corporations of this country, they can be bought at a great bargain in comparison to the vast profits their investment will bring.
    Stop fighting each other. Open your eyes.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Aletheia, if you take a look at this article and its comments, and the context of the rest of the Irregular Times web site, you’ll see that we criticize Obama plenty – for his attacks against civil liberties and other issues as well.

      I don’t think it helps your position to say that everyone but you is willfully blind.

    2. marcia says:

      I don’t worry about being called racist. Get it…that trick doesn’t worry me.

    3. marcia says:

      So should we bow down to your superior middle ground. This is a discussion post…get it?

    4. sandi says:

      Well said. First sign of reason and intelligence on this entire thread. Hope we can be FB friends somehow.

  8. dkwilliams says:

    I am so sick and tired of hearing about the Hawaiian birth certificate. I HAVE A HAWAIIAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE THAT LOOKS JUST LIKE OBAMA’S because I was born in the same year and in the same place – that’s just what our birth certificates looked like! They are real! There was also a birth announcement in the newspaper – or do you think that was a conspiracy too just in case this day-old-baby decided to run for president one day! Good thing my parents decided to do the same thing, because I might just want to run for president! With my illegal birth certificate! (You guys do know that Hawaii is a state, not just a vacation destination, right?)

    1. marcia says:

      Do you know Hawaii doesn’t ask for proof of your place of birth….an American birth certificate is highly prized. Wasn’t a conspiracy but a want for their child to be American. Gee you people are slow . It’s already been proven a fake. Wrong numbers!!!! Even Hawaii has backed down. Research dumbasses.

    2. marcia says:

      You do Know His Birth Certificate Has Been Doud To Be Fraudulent Don’t you.

      1. Jim Cook says:

        THe irregular uSe of uPper Case doesn’t make your bizarre and sourceless claim any more true, Marcia.

        1. marcia says:

          If that is what your reply is dont get in a political debate.

          1. Jim Cook says:

            OK, let me be more direct. Your claim is false, and you don’t have a source to show otherwise. If you want to get in a political debate, bring sourced facts.

  9. Shannon says:

    Well I know its not true but he does need to resign or be impeached because he has royally messed up america without a shadow of a doubt. His mandatory obama care mess is uncalled for cause not everyone can afford health care. Also tax payers should not have to pay for welfare to raise because of these awful changes he has made to society. Our government has become more like those of hitler if you really look at it. Obama has changed so much that it will take a miracle to rebuild our nation. God help us! So do I think he should be arrested or at least made to resign? Yes I do!

    1. Peregrin Wood says:

      Our government will become more like those of Hitler? Which governments are you referring to? How many governments do you think Adolf Hitler was in charge of? Was he the Fuhrer, and also Chancellor of the German Postage Stamp Collection Society?

      1. marcia says:

        There have been a couple of governments like Hitlers. Which is what she meant. Napoleon for one…you libs really are slow….Chavez was also a dictator…geez

  10. Peregrin Wood says:

    …and let’s check back. Two months later, Interpol has still not arrested Barack Obama, and no evidence of any arrest warrant from John Roberts has yet to be found.

    1. marcis says:

      Republicans are idiots.?..If you voted for the Kenya who has aided and abetted our enemies…sent money to ISIS and the Muslim brotherhood…you my dear…are the perfect definition of an idoot.. What you think of all those disease ridden illegals coming thru the border…When you contract tuberculosis…you will know who the idiot is….YOU

      1. Jim Cook says:

        Holy cow. Your in-laws are riding diseases, voting for African countries, then ejaculating across the border? See if you can get on the Jerry Springer show!

      2. junie moon says:

        Marcia , please provide facts , documentation , proof that Obama is aiding and abetting the enemy , sending money to ISSIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. You are incredibly dense. Another word that comes to mind is , idiot.

        1. Marcia says:

          He is bringing in thousand of “refugees” you will soon have your own proof! Or maybe you can join Islam like your beloved leader! Go get fitted for a burka! You will need one!

    2. marciahi says:

      It’s a mute point now. Even die hard Dim-ocraps hate him now. .He is the worst president we have ever had. My black friends hate him.

      1. J Clifford says:

        Worse than George W. Bush? Worse than Andrew Johnson? Worse than Herbert Hoover?

        Get a grip, marciahi.

      2. Marcia says:

        He has been the worst friend to blacks ever! He picks foreigners over Americans!

  11. Lane Berner says:

    Every. Single. Liberal that still lauds Obama as a good president is a mindless, stupid drone. They are incapable of thinking for themselves. Instead choosing to follow idiot dyke of the year, Rachel Maddow and the like. You people are the most destructive, spoiled, ignorant idealistic morons that have ever walked the planet, and no longer deserve to breathe the same air as humans. Deal with it, liberals: forensic science proved that Trayvon Martin was the aggressor, and so was Michael Brown. Obama is not incapable, or bad at his job. He knows exactly what he’s doing, he hates this country and everything it used to stand for. Your ignorance should be punishable by death. Eat a fat d1ck.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

    1. J Clifford says:

      Wow. This has nothing to do with the John Roberts conspiracy theory, you know. If I am understanding you, you think that political dissent in the United States of America should be punishable by death, and that’s why we should vote Republican. Do you think it that is a persuasive argument?

  12. Jecolon says:

    This President has destroyed morals in our country. He has made sodomy the law of the land, and the adoption of children by the same sex a normal way of living. He is hated by the blacks that are religious, he is hated by the majority of people who voted for him in 2008 and 2012. He has shown to the “world” what he really is- he is a very lustful bisexual man who fooled and deceived the entire country. Fortunately, some of us did not fall for his deceit and have done everything in “blogging” and “trumpet calling” so the sheep would awaken out of their slumber. I am happy to see that they have awaken finally. As for this article- YES….he will be arrested…..but when he is not a President. The prediction that I can give on this blog is “there will be two african americans in the legal team of the Republicans with power and one Black Justice that will rein this guy and put him where he belong- in jail with Valerie Jarret.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Jelocon, if the President has destroyed morals in our country, then you must not have any.

      If sodomy is the law of the land, then either you are either committing sodomy, or you are an outlaw. Are you an outlaw, Jelocon?

      Barack Obama is bisexual? What evidence do you have of this, and what relevance would it have to the job he does as President if he was?

      If Barack Obama has deceived the entire country, that would mean that you have been deceived as well, which would mean that these assertions that you’re making are false.

      Why are you trying to wake up sheep? Does it change the quality of their wool?

  13. a calderon says:

    Well if it’s not true he’s a lucky mother fucker, cause I think he should be arrested

    1. Marcia says:

      Actually the bastard should be hung for treason! He broke the law changing the deadline date for Obummercare and trying to implement gun control with terrorists shooting the place upB He is either a treasonous traitor or the dumbest POS on earth!

  14. Dan Mitchell says:

    Of course it is false and any republican voter knows that’s. But you bring a good point that it was the democratic voter that gave us this idiot in the first place

  15. randy says:

    Wow …… STOP IT ……… STOP …… little kids up in here ? lol …….look we’re all Americans FIRST don’t play that stupid game of we have to argue because we’re democrats and republicans , this is what happens when you take GOD out of schools and government , we treat each other like idiots , we all can have different opinions and still treat each other with respect , let the VOTE do the work it was designed to do and learn to respect each others point of view , when we lower ourselves to the level that we only think our point of view is the right one then we ALL lose because different views are healthy for our country as long as they don’t change our constitution and laws then we grow into a better society .

    1. J Clifford says:

      Randy, if you really believe that we’re all Americans first, then you shouldn’t be for pushing the Christian God into public school classrooms, where children of all American families, not just the religious ones, are there to learn.

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