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The Creative Fees of Campaign Finance

ben sasseThis morning, I found the perfect quick summary of the state of campaign finance ethics in the United States. On April 17, The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, (which is in fact funded by unlimited contributions from executives from corporations like Verizon Communications, CastleArk Management, Retamco Oil & Gas, Anderson Logging, and Bietzel Aerospace) wrote a check to a company called Active Engagement LLC to support the U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Ben Sasse.

What was Active Engagement LLC hired to do? That’s impossible for us to say. The check was written for “creative fees”.

Creative indeed.

One thought on “The Creative Fees of Campaign Finance”

  1. Bill says:

    From Active Engagement’s web site: An organization’s or a campaign’s email house file can be worth a fortune….ActiveEngagement has launched massive list building efforts for some of the biggest names on the right side of the aisle. We know how to maximize your return on investment

    Ooh, I think I just got a corporatist woodie!

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