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The Spoiled Milk of Dreams

This morning, just before I awoke, I dreamed that I was an assistant in a scheme to fraudulently pretend to make shipments of milk over to China that were actually made, selling the milk here in the United States instead, while counting that milk as lost in shipping accidents, taking the insurance money for it, while purposefully creating those shipping accidents with trucks filled with sour milk that never could have been sold anyway.

The fact that one of these shipments never actually went to China was revealed during the course of a murder investigation, in which the tip of the sword that was used to kill a person was found embedded in a piece of wood on a shipping container that was supposed to be in China, but was not.

A fraudulent milk deliveryman who was skilled at making milk trucks flip over and spill was played, in my dream, by British actor David Tennant.

What were your dreams last night?

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