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How No Screen Week Worked For Me

You may not have heard, but this week was Screen-Free Week – an observance to deal with the growing length of Screen Time. It seems that, year after year, the climate in which we are raising their kids has been supporting a longer period of screen use.

I remember fondly the days when I was a kid, when we didn’t have screen time. We’d just sit inside, with the heater on, breathing recirculating air, watching the television, or maybe playing a video game. That was how kids are meant to spend their time.

So, I decided to participate in Screen-Free Week this year, just to see how it would go. For the first few days, it was working out well, but around mid-week, the weather warmed up, and we started getting mosquitoes inside our apartment.

I don’t want to itch and swat all weekend. I declare Screen Time to be back in session.

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