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Bernie Sanders / Bank Of America 2016 Big Data Running Mates For The White House

Proponents of Big Data as a tool for organizing information in business and in politics claim that, by using rich data sources such as social media, they are able to predict the preferences of customers and voters, targeting communications in an intelligent manner that simultaneously reduces cost and increases effectiveness. In theory, the ideas are exciting.

In practice, Big Data systems often end up looking like big idiots. This was the case for me this afternoon when I visited the Ready4Bernie Twitter profile. There, in the big bold form that is the signature of the new style of Twitter profile, I saw that Twitter’s Big Data system for predicting which Twitter accounts I should want to follow, suggested that I try…

bernie sanders big bank twitter goof

… the Bank of America.

Why? What’s the connection between the likely presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders and Bank of America?

Bernard Sanders is a frequent critic of Bank of America. So, the senator’s own Twitter feed, as well as Twitter feeds of his supporters, often include the phrase “Bank of America”. Twitter’s predictive system is too stupid, however, to notice that Sanders and his fans are describing Bank of America as heartless, corrupt, abusive, and vile.

Mature marketing systems recognize that context matters. Simply recording that people use a phrase isn’t sufficient.

Big Data, you’ve got a long way to go. You’re not even medium large yet.

2 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders / Bank Of America 2016 Big Data Running Mates For The White House”

  1. Bill says:

    I miss the good old days (a few years ago) when some web retailer (I can’t recall the name) was blanketing Google with a simple-minded ad campaign that urged you to “buy here” whatever phrase you happened to search on. Just for fun I’d type into Google’s search box “plutonium” to get back the ad “Buy plutonium here! Lowest prices!”

  2. J Clifford says:

    You can still find those ads around here and there. Vintage, like Scooby Doo lunchboxes.

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