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The History Of The Black Mass That Harvard Doesn’t Want To Talk About

Earlier today, I asked for some help in uncovering any evidence to support the assertion by Professor of Religious History J. Gordon Melton that the First Black Mass was a real event in the court of King Louis XIV, conducted by genuine Satanists, who really slaughtered an innocent baby in order to conjure evil magic. No reader was able to come forward with any such evidence. The truth is, there is no reliable evidence to support Melton’s contention. All testimony of that First Black Mass was obtained through torture and intimidation by a branch of the Catholic inquisition against heretics in France, known as The Burning Court.

That makes recent condemnations as of the plan to conduct a nonviolent recreation of a Black Mass at Harvard University as abhorent to religious diversity rather ironic, don’t you think?

Find out more on the subject at a new Irregular Times article about the Real History of the Black Mass.

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