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Conspiracy Theories For The Rich

bow tie businessmanJim Rogers says that you should “head for the hills”.

You probably haven’t heard of Jim Rogers before. Right wing prepper conspiracy theorist Mac Slavo thinks you need to know just two things about him in order to judge him as a credible source of advice:

1. He’s rich.
2. He’s been on television.

Enough of his credentials. Why does Jim Rogers think it’s time for you to “head for the hills”?

There are problems with investments. Rogers has noted change in European financial policy, and predicts that people are soon going to have all their money seized by government officials. So, Rogers says, people should take almost all of their investments, and buy physical assets with them, so that they can’t be seized.

Specifically, Rogers says it’s time to buy a lot of farmland, in order to become self-reliant.

Of course, most Americans don’t have much in the way of investments. Most Americans couldn’t afford farmland or the equipment to actually run a farm.

But then, Rogers isn’t really giving advice to most Americans. He’s given his “head for the hills” advice on CNBC, where he hopes to reach members of the 1 Percent wealthiest elite, and their hangers on. Mac Slavo follows right along with this focus, urging that “Those with the means to do so should get ready for the worst.”

The rest of us?

When the rich “head for the hills”, it isn’t going to be to push a plow themselves. It will be to buy farmland that other people will push a plow on for them.

It’s a neo-Medieval fantasy. People like Jim Rogers want to create a new feudal society in which wealthy people own rural estates that rule over everybody else, giving working people just enough to scrape by a living with in exchange for obedience and long days of work. They salivate over the prospect of government falling apart, and society is dictated by a few men who own huge amounts of land.

So, if society falls apart, and you don’t have piles of money, what are you supposed to do? I guess you just have to hope that Lord Jim will take you on as a serf.

One thought on “Conspiracy Theories For The Rich”

  1. Bill says:

    Head for the hills? Beverly Hills, no doubt.

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