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A Petition For Planetary Liberation

These are dangerous times.

The Cobra Resistance warns us that “there are forces within the banking establishment, military-industrial complex and also on the non-physical planes that do not wish humanity to be free. They have stolen our money. They have poisoned our food. They are trying to take away our freedom. They are trying to take away our happiness.”

What can we do against these forces of darkness?

Luckily for us, The Cobra Resistance has a solution. It turns out that a variety of species of extraterrestrials (“Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Agarthians and the Resistance Movement”) are willing to help humanity… but only if we prove ourselves first.

How can we prove ourselves?

According to The Cobra Resistance, all we have to do is sign an online petition. When 144,000 people have signed the petition for “planetary liberation”, Cobra says, the alien forces of Light will allow us to join a benevolent galactic civilization.

Until then, we’re doomed to suffer from attacks coming from the non-physical planes, Cobra says. Of course, Cobra also says that the funeral of Nelson Mandela was just a psychological operation orchestrated by the forces of darkness.

How does this Cobra person know so much? He claims to be a Pleiadian, incarnated in a human body, and is one of 300 extraterrestrial operatives on Earth who are preparing to arrest members of The Cabal.

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