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Government Integrity Fund Action Network Tries To Buy Itself A U.S. Senator

An organization with a name like Government Integrity Fund Action Network could reasonably be expected to model ethics and transparency in an effort to cleanse politics of corruption. The people behind the Government Integrity Fund Action Network, however, seem to enjoy defying expectations.

The Government Integrity Fund Action Network follows the standard modus operandi of organizations seeking to interfere in the democratic process on behalf of wealthy clients while evading scrutiny and accountability. The “Network” keeps its backers secret from the public. It took a million dollar payment from somebody earlier this year, but won’t let the American people know where that money came from.

Like Americans for Common Sense, the Government Integrity Fund Action Network lists a virtual office as its mailing address, to avoid giving any clue about where ordinary citizens might meet with its officers. Also using that same virtual office address is the Ohio Gas Association, State Street Consultants, the Ohio Association of Health Underwriters, and the Ohio Lobbyists Association.

As you might have guessed, the GIFAN claims legal status in Ohio. It’s strange that the “Network” should set up a shadow office at that location, given that every single cent of that million dollar payment it received has been spent to prop up the U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Tom Cotton – who is running for office in Arkansas, not Ohio.

It appears that the GIFAN is using secret money to change the results of a democratic election in a place where its anonymous officers likely don’t even have citizenship.

Every move the Government Integrity Fund Action Network makes shows a profound lack of integrity. The secretive behavior of the group casts doubt on the integrity of Tom Cotton himself.

What does Tom Cotton know about GIFAN? What contact has he had with the group? Is he coordinating campaign tactics and policies with its officers? What is their agenda? Why are they interfering in Arkansas politics?

So far, Tom Cotton won’t say.

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