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Moral Test For Senate Democrats In David Barron Vote

Today the U.S. Senate will vote whether to confirm David Barron in the position of a judge on the First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

david barronDavid Barron is best known as the architect of the legal theory that the President of the United States has the right to execute American citizens, without trial, merely by asserting that those citizens are guilty of crimes. in Barron’s legal opinion, the people who are to be executed by the President of the United States don’t need to be warned and given the chance to turn themselves in, so that they will have the opportunity to defend themselves in court. David Barron thinks that the President can simply send remote-controlled flying robots to kill them.

This isn’t an abstract legal issue. Barack Obama hired David Barron in order to craft this bizarre, unconstitutional legal opinion, and then put it into action. President Obama has actually declared American citizens guilty, without trial, and then sent remote-controlled flying robots to kill them.

Democrats like to chastise liberals who vote for Green Party presidential candidates, saying that we need a Democrat like Barack Obama in office in order to nominate progressive judges. Yet, here we are, with a Democrat as President, and that President has chosen to nominate David Barron, a lawyer with extreme anti-progressive opinions, to a powerful judicial position.

Yesterday, almost every Democrat in the U.S. Senate voted to move the nomination of David Barron forward to a final vote. That vote is expected to take place today. It represents a final chance for the Democratic Party to take a stand, and oppose the dangerous policy of extrajudicial executions.

It’s a moral test for the Democratic Party – for its elected leaders, and for the voters who support them.

Will they have the courage to stand against their party’s own leader, and defend the Bill of Rights, in which the Fifth Amendment promises that no one can be executed without due process of law and the indictment of a grand jury – or will they help Barack Obama expand George W. Bush’s attack on the Constitution, consoling themselves with the thought that it’s okay, because Obama is a Democrat?

Will Democratic voters confirm this attack on the Constitution by voting to re-elect U.S. Senators who vote to confirm David Barron?

One thought on “Moral Test For Senate Democrats In David Barron Vote”

  1. Peregrin Wood says:

    The Senate will reconvene in 15 minutes in order to take the vote on whether to confirm Barron. I am particularly concerned about how Senator Bernard Sanders, a liberal independent, will vote. The way he votes will indicate a great deal about the manner in which he intends to run a presidential campaign in 2016.

    …and there are about 12 minutes left in the Roll Call now…

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