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5 thoughts on “What’s Missing From These Photographs”

  1. Tom says:

    Disconcerting, isn’t it? We’re steadily losing habitat.

    1. J Clifford says:

      Actually, this instance has little to do with habitat, I think. There is plenty of habitat around where I live where bees may nest, and I grow many flowering plants that provide food for the insects.

      Something else is going on to cause this local population extinction of pollinators. Did someone near us spray pesticides? Did it have to do with the extreme cold experienced by most of North America this winter, while the rest of the globe was unusually hot?

      I don’t have the answer to that. I do know that habitat isn’t the issue here, though.

  2. Tom says:

    You remove comments now?

    1. J Clifford says:

      Tom, Irregular Times has a spam removal system that catches automated comments designed to direct traffic to commercial sites or scams. If we didn’t have that, our system would be overflowing with junk.

      Also, very occasionally, we manually delete a comment. Very, very rarely, we do so when a commenter becomes extremely belligerent, turning into a troll. On other occasions, we manually delete comments that are clearly crass attempts at self-promotion without engagement with Irregular Times.

      I put into the second category long rambling comment posts that are copied-and-pasted and have nothing at all to do with the subject matter of the article supposedly being commented on. We give you special indulgence in this regard, Tom, because we know that you’re a regular reader and that you actually will engage in discussions here.

      However, yesterday, someone using the name “David Marshall” posted a long, rambling comment that had nothing at all to do with the article it was posted on, with formatting showing that it probably wasn’t written in the comment box before it was posted (brackets where clean line breaks should have been).

      These kinds of random comments are the online equivalent of walking up to a collection of people you don’t know, standing up on a chair, and delivering a three-minute pre-written speech about a topic totally disconnected to what the group had been talking about. It’s disturbing and disruptive, and in violation of commonly understood codes of Internet culture.

      That’s why I deleted the David Marshall comment yesterday.

      The records of deleted comments show that the only other recent comments that have been recently deleted are:

      – 12 days ago, an automated pingback leading to a right wing conspiracy theory web site.

      – A week before that, another automated pingback.

      – A day before that, a piece of automated commercial spam from “Sexe Tapineuse” that had made it through our spam filters because it was written in French.

      There are no other recent comment deletions. Do you object to any of these deletions?

  3. Tom says:

    Thanks for your response J.

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