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Theological Whiplash In Congress From Alisa Lasater-Wailoo

Yesterday, Reverend Alisa Lasater-Wailoo was invited to conduct a religious ritual of prayer as part of the official agenda of the U.S. House of Representatives. It was the fourth time in the last three years that she was given the chance to do so.

We’ve been waiting over two hundred years for Congress to allow a single Wiccan or atheist invocation, ever. It seems “civic religion” only allows access to some kinds of beliefs, while casting out other Americans. While Christian preachers like Lasater-Wailoo are invited to conduct government-established religious rituals over and over again, leaders from religions that don’t enjoy the approval of government officials shouldn’t even bother to get in line for their time at the State Pulpit.

After the Greece v. Galloway decision by the Supreme Court, Americans are given to understand that it is no longer their place to question these things. We are merely to accept that it is the holy Word of the 5 to 4 majority that we engage in Christian religious rituals every time we want to interact with our own government!


How can we have a First Amendment that prohibits government establishment of religion, while at the same time having a state-sponsored Civic Religion?

Praise the divine mystery!

In the spirit of the new American way of meek acceptance of the blending of church and state, we acknowledge that it is not for us to criticize the inconsistencies or double standards of any religious leaders, and celebrate the absurdity spiritual enigmas offered to Congress by Reverend Alisa Lasater-Wailoo in her Civic Religion ritual yesterday.

We celebrate the religious vision that called Lasater-Wailoo to “give thanks for all in our Armed Forces” even as she sermonized that politicians should “love our enemies, serve the weak, seek peace”.

Hail, the ambiguous bloody and peaceful ways of Jesus!

Yes, we see that the U.S. House of Representatives is a democratically elected body with the mission of representing the agenda of the human beings who voted for them. But, far be it from us to object, when Reverend Alisa Lasater-Wailoo promised her chosen divine being that Congress would “obey Your commands”, through the power of supernatural intervention in the politicians’ brains that would “make us obedient”. It’s religion! Just go with it!

All bow down before the heavenly incoherence! Obey the One True Contradiction That Unites Us!

alisa lasater wailoo

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