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6 Days Before Kickoff, Americans for Prosperity “Grassroots” Rally has 4 Supporters

It’s now 6 days and counting before the billionaire-funded Americans for Prosperity holds its “grassroots movement” rally against worker unions in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Americans for Prosperity says that it has 117,000 activists in the state “taking action every day.” How likely is it that 117,000 activists will show up in Harrisburg on June 4?

If actual empirical trends are any indication, the “grassroots” claim by “Americans for Prosperity” is more hype than reality. Over the last 24 hours, only one person has responded to AFP’s request for its followers to spread the word on Twitter. Absolutely nobody has signed up to go on AFP’s facebook event page. Only 3 people have even bothered to like Americans for Prosperity’s Facebook posts promoting the rally. Only 28 people are listed as “talking about this” on the AFP Facebook page, meaning that only 28 people have liked, shared or commented on the group’s many posts over the last 7 days.

What this means, looking forward to the rally that’s happening in less than a week’s time, is that there is no viral excitement about the event. People aren’t talking about it. People aren’t spreading the word. No one’s signed up for the event online and hardly anyone has even “liked” the announcements that have been made. If there really were 117,000 activists for Americans for Prosperity “taking action every day,” this is not what we’d see. If a small group appears at this fake-grassroots “rally” with a screen-printed t-shirt and a professionally-made sign, reporters shouldn’t credulously record their words for rebroadcast. Reporters should ask them how much they got paid to show up, or who they’re interning for.

2 thoughts on “6 Days Before Kickoff, Americans for Prosperity “Grassroots” Rally has 4 Supporters”

  1. Bill says:

    Wow! Looks like this could be even bigger than Operation American Spring!

    Not to worry. AFP has undoubtedly contracted with one of the many consulting firms that cater to astroturf orgs, and which specialize in delivering plausible looking ‘just folks’ by the busload, for a price. I believe they charge by the pound.

  2. Jim Cook says:

    Update: On the event’s Facebook page, there’s still nobody who’s signed up to attend. Only one actual person tweeted about the Paycheck Protection Rally yesterday (AFP-Pennsylvania sent out a reminder tweet 4 times).

    If you attend the “Paycheck Protection Rally,” you won’t just be selling your soul to a billionaire’s cause; you’ll be donating your likeness: “By attending this Americans for Prosperity event, you irrevocably consent and authorize AFP and its affiliates, related companies, and contractors, to record, film, photograph, or capture during the event and related events your likeness or image in any media whatsoever and to distribute, use, broadcast, or disseminate into perpetuity such media for any purpose whatsoever without any further approval from or any payment to you. The images in all media will constitute AFP sole property.”

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