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Can Unity Among Political Independents Be Genuine?

The state of Massachusetts bestows upon us a little bit of Friday morning grist for our mental millstones. Ballot Access News reports the formation of the United Independent Party.

The United Independent Party is running a candidate for the position of Governor of Massachusetts. That candidate, Evan Falchuk, introduces himself with the observation that, “In politics today, loyalty to the party line comes before finding real solutions to tough problems.”

united independent party falchukSee, the problem with politics is that people are so loyal to political parties that they don’t think for themselves, independently. The obvious solution? Form another political party!

The contradiction of forming a political party in order to combat the excessive influence of political parties runs throughout the United Independent Party phenomenon. People who wonder how people can be independent and united at the same time will scratch their heads even more when they consider the relationship between the United Independent Party and Evan Falchuk. Go to the domain name for the new political party,, and you’ll be automatically redirected to the Evan Falchuk campaign page. The United Independent Party doesn’t appear to be an independent entity – just a tool of the Falchuk for Governor campaign.

Also running for Governor of Massachusetts this year are two other independents: Scott Lively and Jeff McCormick. Apparently, the independents of Massachusetts aren’t really as united as Evan Falchuk and his partisans would like to suggest.

A final note: The United Independent Party is being established in Massachusetts, but nowhere else. So, all of you Americans who live in other parts of the country aren’t being invited to join the unity.

One thought on “Can Unity Among Political Independents Be Genuine?”

  1. Korky Day says:

    Evan Falchuk is not alone in his definitional confusion. Quite a few of US Americans, including journalists, illogically say that any party other than the Democrats and the Republicans is an ‘independent’ party, as are their adherents!

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