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Volunteer Trees: Birch, Ash, Dogwood?

In gardening there are annuals, there are perennials, and then there are the plants that could outlive us. In the last group are the trees, and I’m lucky to have many of them where I live in Maine. I have three volunteers this year that I could use your help identifying.

Birch, I'm pretty sure

I’m pretty sure this is a birch, although I’m not sure what kind. There are paper birches nearby, but also gray birches.

Ash tree, I think

I think this is an ash, but again I don’t know what kind. White, Brown, Green?

Is this a dogwood?

Here I’m really stretching: is this a dogwood, maybe?

Mostly I’m just grinning with the prospect of future growth, but I’d like to know what to call these new neighbors. I’d appreciate your help.

2 thoughts on “Volunteer Trees: Birch, Ash, Dogwood?”

  1. Dave says:

    The middle one looks like what we call wild cherry here in the jungle. If it is, you want to get it out — takes over and is a magnet for nesting caterpillars.

  2. Jim says:

    Dave, thanks for the tip. The “dogwood” turns out to actually be a viburnum.

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