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Americans for Prosperity-PA says it has 117,000 Members who Protest Every Day. How Many Actually Show Up June 4?

Look for actual photos of Americans for Prosperity’s “Paycheck Protection Rally” in Harrisburg Pennsylvania tomorrow. The “Paycheck Protection Rally” stands up for the right of workers to be paid less and the right of corporations to rake in bigger profits.

Why do I suggest you look for actual photos?

Reason #1: Americans for Prosperity calls itself a “grassroots movement” but is actually a professional corporation operated by paid staff and funded by the ultra-conservative billionaires Charles and David Koch. If AFP lies about this, it can’t be trusted on its other claims — like the claim that it has 117,000 members in Pennsylvania alone, members who are “taking action every day.”

Reason #2: There’s no sign of actual grassroots support for the rally. Only three bloggers (source|source|source) have posted sympathetically on the subject of the rally in the entire internet blogosphere. The billionaire funders of this rally have hired 8 busses to bring “Pennsylvanians” in (some from New Jersey), but have managed to fill only three of the busses. A grand total of one person has signed up to go to the rally on AFP’s Facebook page for the event, and only only four people have “liked” AFP’s Facebook posts today on the “grassroots” rally. Americans for Prosperity asked its supposedly hundred-thousand-strong supporters in Pennsylvania to post messages on Twitter about the rally. Today, only four actual people have mentioned the “Paycheck Protection Rally” on Twitter, and one of those people is trying to organize a counter-protest:

So when the billionaires roll into Harrisburg tomorrow with their few busses of questionable “supporters,” count ’em if you can, then compare the count to 117,000 — the number of daily-active “grassroots” members Americans for Progress says it has. The result will tell you just how “grassroots” — or just how fake — the whole affair is.

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