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What Is And Is Not Newsworthy

Made the news today: Two 12 year-old girls claimed to be motivated by legends of a mythological character called Slenderman when they stabbed a friend of theirs in an attempt to murder her.

Did not make the news today: U.S. Senator Carl Levin introduced legislation, S. 2410, that would pay for programs designed to give the U.S. government enough power to kill millions of people.

Made the news today: Lindsay Lohan’s mother had her driver’s license suspended for a year after she was caught driving drunk.

Did not make the news today: U.S. Senator Rand Paul has taken a payment from a political action committee called Liquor World.

Made the news today: McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams will be selling cones of frozen delectables at the Grand Central Market in Los Angeles starting in July.

Did not make the news today: The National Snow and Ice Data Center shows that the extent of ice on the Arctic Ocean continues to be much smaller than has historically been typical, with an even smaller surface area today than was present on this same day two years ago, the year when the Arctic Ocean’s sea ice shrank to an area smaller than ever seen before.

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